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Monday, May 27, 2013

Pieces of You by Cassia Leo ***BLOG TOUR/GIVEAWAY***




The story that began in the USA Today bestseller RELENTLESS continues. Which team are you on

In Relentless, college student Claire Nixon and surfer Adam Parker each had a painful past too heavy to carry alone. Claire tried to push Adam away, but Adam's relentless pursuit of her heart and her secrets made her walls come crumbling down.
Though their hearts will never be whole again, Claire and Adam now know they are stronger together than they are apart.

But now Claire's attending college a hundred miles away from Adam. With their relationship already hanging by a thread, Adam is sent to Hawaii on business.

And rock star Chris Knight is back in Claire's life.

Chris wants his ex-girlfriend back and he knows just how to get her: only he has the power to mend the final missing piece of Claire's broken heart. Now Claire must choose between a long-distance relationship with Adam and a second chance at love, family, and home.

New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language, drug use, and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


WOWSA…. I’m still mind blown by this book. I literally just finished it and I’m RACING to put my thoughts down. Cassia Leo has once again gave me EXACTLY what I need in a book. She gave me LOVE, EMOTION, ANGST, TURMOIL, TEARS, SADNESS, HAPPINES, SWEETNESS AND….. HOT SEX =) …. You can’t get any better than that. OH and when I’m left feeling as if I’m going to go into EARLY LABOR if I don’t read the next book like NOW…. That means this book is FREAKING AMAZING !

Claire had some HUGE decisions to make in this book. I have NO CLUE how she ever dealt with any of it. I was so exhausted reading her life. I felt as if I’d have lost it completely WAY EARLY ON. I do think she handled herself very well in this book. The decisions were hard yet I don’t think I could have done it any better.

“ Adam, I love you. I’ll wait six days or six years. Whatever it takes. Nothing, and no one else matters.” -Claire

Adam also had some HUGE decisions to make and while I wasn’t HAPPY with some of his I think in the end he made the right ones. I found myself falling soo much more in love with him. He is such the boy next door in that sweet protecting SEXY kinda way. His and Claire’s relationship has definitely been tested and I can’t wait to see the outcome.


“ If we break up forever, we’ll both probably move on. That’s just reality. But I’ll never the same. You changed me and I know I’ve changed you. You’re not the same scared girl hiding in a mediation cave all day long. You’re mine, and a piece of you will always belong to me the same way a piece of me will always belong to you” - Adam

Chris *SWOON* . So I wasn’t a fan of Chris’s in book 1 ( Relentless) but in this book he broke down those walls. I wanted to be Claire. I want him to fight for me. I wanted his love and affection. *sigh* Chris is still as determined as ever to win Claire back. I loved getting to know his character even more and shhhhhh don’t tell Adam.. But I’m kinda leaning a little more towards Team Chris…… SHHHHHHH

“I felt it in the curve of her mouth, the way we fit together, the way she leaned into me, seeking me. She still loves me and, despite the fact that she majorly f**ked me over, she’s still the one and only future I’m certain of. Claire and I were made for each other. I’m determined to make her remember that.” - Chris

About the book. The story kept me constantly going. I love it. When I couldn’t read I was thinking about it. What would I have done if put in their places in certain situations ? How would I have handled that? I also really enjoyed how Cassia lets you get inside the mind of all 3 characters. You understand them more and it makes the book that much more interesting. I so enjoyed this book and I’m so excited for the next book.. I’m hoping Cassia will take mercy on me and give it too me soon…. =) A gal can hope cant she ? So tell me ARE YOU TEAM CHRIS OR TEAM ADAM ?


USA Today bestselling author Cassia Leo loves her coffee, chocolate, and margaritas with salt. When she's not writing, she spends way too much time watching old reruns of Friends and Sex and the City. When she's not watching reruns, she's usually enjoying the California sunshine or reading--sometimes both.



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  1. Thanks for hosting Cassia & the great review. Thanks for the chance to enter the give away!! =)

  2. Great prizes :) Congrats on the release and the blog tour. THanks for the great review!