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Monday, May 27, 2013

Kilting Me Softly by Persephone Jones

Book Blurb:

Morgan Keevy is a woman hell-bent on revenge. She’s traveled thousands of miles to Scotland to kill Ciaran McCade, the man responsible for murdering her twin sister Megan. So she’s horrified by her lust-filled response to him at their first meeting.
All werewolf Conall McCade wants is a pint in the local pub. When he meets sexy Morgan at the bar, he believes he’s hit the one-night-stand lottery. Unbeknownst to Conall, Morgan thinks he’s Ciaran, his deranged twin brother—a fact he doesn’t learn until he’s tied to the bed…naked…with a silver dagger aimed for his heart.
The moon is full. Lust is in the air. And no one is who or what they seem.

Melinda's Review: 

Morgan’s twin sister, Megan, was murdered by Ciaran McCade.  Morgan is on a mission to kill Ciaran.  She believes she finds Ciaran at a local pub in Scotland.  She allows him to take her back to his place where she ties him to his bed, has his way with him, and then stabs him in the heart with a silver dagger. Only to figure out that she has tried killed the wrong brother.  She runs leaving all the evidence behind.  Conall wakes still tied to the bed, dagger still in his chest, and his brother standing over him. 
Now that Ciaran knows Morgan is trying to kill him he is on a mission to take her out but not after taking what she willingly gave his brother.  All the while Conall is on a mission to claim Morgan and save her from his brother.  I loved Morgan’s strong will to think she could take out Ciaran on her own (silly girl) and Conall’s dominating nature to make Morgan his.
My two favorite lines in the book:   “My name is Morgan Keevy and I’ve come to kill you.” and “My name is Conall McCade and I was put here to love you.”
Check out this book to see if Morgan gets revenge for her sister and what happens to the brothers. 
About Persephone Jones
Persephone Jones lives in the piney woods of east Texas with her computer geek husband, two dogs and one cat. The only child of divorced parents, she learned early on to entertain herself by inventing imaginary worlds where the dragons are tame and the damsels don’t stress. She spends most of her time reading, writing, and listening to those pesky muses. Apparently they like horror movies, eighties music and Tex-Mex. Unfortunately muses don’t do housework. But always just in the nick of time they swoop in and rescue her with a hunky hero, a smartass heroine and a happy ending

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