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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Translation of Love Blog Tour by Alice Montalvo-Tribue

Translation of Love (Of Love, #1) 

Book Blurb:

 Ellie Brooks has spent the past two years of her life building barriers around herself that are guaranteed to keep people out and her demons in. She doesn't want to get close to anyone for fear of being hurt again. When she meets Latin superstar Victor Garza, she is shocked at how quickly he is able to penetrate her armor. She doesn't want to let him in but can't deny the chemistry they have. He has the potential to heal her wounds and open her heart but she isn't sure she can let him. Will love be enough to keep them together or will Ellie's past prove to be too much for the pair to overcome?

Angie J's Review:

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

Uhm I must first start this by saying I am in love with Victor!!  Like mad, crazy, stalkery love...yes I know he is fictional but I can hope and dream to bump into him at a Barnes and Noble right???

Ok sooo review time.  I have to say I adored this book.  I loved how Victor and Elizabeth/Elle/ Ellie met.  She wanted to get a book for her niece.  She is standing in a line and finds out it is for some singers autograph.  She leaves said line and gets into the story but makes a quick trip to the ladies room.  When she leaves she literally runs into a hot guy going into the men's,  He asks if she is getting an autograph and she says " i have no clue who the guy is and no going to a party" and runs away.  She cant get the run in out of her head.  She wonders if he was interested in her?  Oh well.  She leaves adn who runs into her leaving the book store?  Yep the bathroom hottie.  So they have a drink and set a date.  Now the next day he texts her for directions and she freaks...a single girl should never give some mass murdered her home address.  (I was cracking up because i so thought that a time or two when I was dating.)  She offers to meet him at the hotel and he responds " I have GPS and i am not some murderer!"  I loved how Victor could always read Ellie's thoughts and could always calm her because she is honestly her own worst enemy.  Well they have an amazing time and the next morning Ellie finds out WHO this hottie is.....and being her own worst enemy she shuts down.  Victor does convince her to try with him.  They do proceed to date and have an amazing connection.  They have to deal with her and her trauma (which was very heart breaking when she tells Victor EVERYTHING that she has gone through), his SUPER AWESOME beeotch of a mother/manager who thinks Ellie is a gold digger, Victor's  SUPER beeotch of a ex-girlfriend (however when Ellie and her have it out in a restaurant I was rolling with laughter at what Ellie tells her......).  This book has its fair share of drama and it also has a love of heart warming moments between Victor and Ellie as he tears down her protective walls.

I loved how persistent Victor is.  He can read Ellie like noone else can.  He knows she is a nervous woman and wonders why.  He falls in love with her at the bathroom in my opinion.  He is sooo happy to meet someone who is into HIM and not the Rockstar he is in life.   Victor is so patient with Ellie when it comes to being intimate and emotional.  He only thinks in terms and "them" and a "future" with her.  I found his alpha male role so amazingly sweet.

Ellie is such a mess and when she FINALLY confesses all the trauma she has gone through I feel for her.  She sees her self as not worthy of him and can't understand why this hot guy who can have anyone he wants wants HER!!!  She has an amazing support system in her dad, brother and best friend Jordan but she doesn't think she is worthy.  Sigh.......

I have no clue who the next book in the series will be about but I have my hopes and dreams....I hope it is Jordan and a certain brother of Victors???????/  maybe ?  hopefully?????

About the author:
Alice Montalvo-Tribue


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Alice Montalvo-Tribue lives with her husband and daughter in New Jersey. She has a bachelors degree in communications and is currently working on her masters degree. She spends most of her free time reading, writing, and when the weather permits lounging out on a beach. 


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