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Monday, April 22, 2013

OFFSIDE by Biance Sommerland ***BLOG TOUR***

 Offside (The Dartmouth Cobras, #4)

Book Blurb:

A pace ahead of the play can send you back to the start. And put everything you’ve worked for at risk.

Single mother and submissive Rebecca Bower abandoned her career as a sports reporter to become a media consultant with her brother’s hockey team. A failed marriage to a selfish man makes her wary of getting involved with another. Unfortunately, chemistry is hard to deny, and all her hormones are dancing when she gets close to the Cobra’s sniper, Scott Demyan.

Zachary Pearce ‘came out’ to the world last season to shift attention away from a teammate. And his one night with Scott Demyan had been unsettling. There could be more there, if only Scott was a different person. Instead, a night of sensual BDSM play with Becky leaves him wanting more, but she thinks he’s gay and questions his interest. It’s been a long time since a woman has attracted him both as a man and a Dom, and he’ll do everything in his power to prove she’s the only one he needs. Or wants. His one time with Scott was a mistake.

Scott might have forgotten what happened in his childhood, but the effects linger, and he specializes in drunken one-night stands…until he meets Zach and Becky and sees what he’s missing. But neither one believes Scott can be faithful. Although he’s trying hard to clean up his act to avoid getting kicked off the team, they want more from him. He’s willing to make changes, but the most important one—putting their happiness before his own—means he’ll probably end up alone.

Book Excerpt:

Swiftly catching the ball and cradling it under her arm, Becky darted forward, heading for the trees. It took seconds for him to realize what was going on. To notice that she was the furthest from the trees. To remember the rules.
Zach took just as long, and they both reached the trees steps behind Becky. Just in time to watch her slam the ball into the dirt and do a little dance. Her cheeks were flush from the run. Her eyes sparkled. He really hadn’t pictured her as the competitive, sporty type, but there was so much he didn’t know about her.
So much he wanted to know.
“Nicely done, little doe.” Zach laughed as Becky gave him a high-five. “You’ve put us ‘pros’ to shame. I think we both underestimated you.”
“Damn right you did!” Becky laughed, twirling away from him to pick up the ball. “From what I just saw, my five year old daughter would put you both to shame. That kid has a wicked arm on her, and she didn’t get it from her father.”
Scott usually stayed away from kids. It was hard to see them, so full of life, after he’d gone to his niece’s funeral and watched that tiny coffin lowered into the cold earth. But, for some reason, he wanted to know Becky’s kid. Wanted to see her running around in the park, playing football, laughing, looking so like Becky his heart had stuttered when he first saw her. She was part of the woman he didn’t really know. The woman who didn’t hold a recorder in his face and ask questions he didn’t want to answer. The woman who smiled so brightly at him now.
He’d never really been interested in chick with kids. Something about it just seemed wrong. They were looking for daddies for their babies, and he couldn’t see himself taking on that role. He recalled a scene from the movie, Jerry Maguire. Something about not ‘shoplifting the pootie from a single mother’. He had the urge to take a full five fingered discount, but hell no. Not from Becky. His teammate’s sister. And a woman another teammate was obviously serious about. It didn’t matter how he felt about her. All he could give her was a good time.
A really good time.
Becky moved a few yards away from the trees. Zach jogged to the far point. Scott hauled in a deep breath and held it in. All right. He could do this. Maybe Zach was right. Maybe it was a good test. If he could be just friends with Zach and Becky, he could do anything. The ball was tossed back and forth a few times. He focused on the game. Found himself furthest from the goal and decided to make a run for it. Dodged Zach, then Becky. Arms wrapped around his legs and he pitched face first into the grass. Rolled with the ball and a curvy body in his arms.
He roared out a laugh as Becky straddled him and tried to wrench the ball out of his grip. “You don’t expect me to just give it to you, do you?”
Sitting up, Becky batted her eyelashes sweetly. “What if I ask really nicely?”
He grinned. “I might consider.”
“Pretty please, Scott?” She leaned down and whispered in his ear. “I’m a very sore loser.”
With her lips so close to his cheek, her breath warming his flesh, he forgot his newfound morals. His dedication to the team or anything else. Her name crossed his lips in a breathless gasp. He stared into her eyes, one hand on her arm, holding her in place. “Kiss me and I’ll do anything you ask.”
She bent down. Her lips brushed his. “Kiss you? Why? It wouldn’t mean anything.”
He held his breath. Flicked his tongue over her bottom lip. “We both know that’s not true.”
Setting her teeth into his bottom lip, she tugged lightly, then jerked the ball away from him. He felt her trembling, even as she pushed to her feet. “You’re right. It does mean something.” She tossed her hair over one shoulder, squaring her shoulders as she looked down at him. “It means I have the upper hand.”


“I believe we have some time to play, little doe.” He rolled her jeans down her thighs with her panties, a low growl rumbling from his chest as he grazed his teeth up her inner thigh. He picked her up as he rose, sitting her on a ladder rung. “Hands up.”

The metal of the ladder warmed under her bare bottom, and she licked her lips as he retrieved the tape from the floor, lifting her hands without question. Her whole body shook as he wrapped the tape around her wrists, and she watched him wrap the long length at the end around the ladder. The tape was thin enough to break if she tugged hard enough, but she wouldn’t. She would stay where he put her because there was nothing she wanted more than to let him have his way with her. He taped her ankles, parted her thighs, then restrained them to either side of the ladder rungs a few steps down from where she sat.

A rung dug into her back, and she shifted to ease the pressure. He observed her for a few seconds, slid a hand between her back and the rung, helping her arch away from it. Then he took a knee, sliding his scruffy cheek along her inner thigh, eyes on her face as he turned slightly to kiss her feverish flesh.

“I couldn’t go another day without tasting you, little doe. Every time you clenched your thighs, I knew your pussy was hot and wet and throbbing. It made my mouth water.” He let out a low, humming sound as he moved closer to her, inhaling deeply. “You smell so fucking sweet.” He used his fingers to part her pussy lips. His tongue slid from just below her slit, straight up to her clit. “Fuck, you’re delicious.”

She knocked her head against a rung, gasping as he licked along either side of her folds, trembling as he gently closed his teeth around her swollen nub. His tongue flicked over it once, then circled around it before sliding back down. As his tongue plunged into her, she cried out, fisting her hands above her head to keep from tugging at the restraints. Liquid fire spilled from her core, slicking his face as he thrust deeper. He used his fingers to stimulate her clit as he eased his tongue in and out. Her lips parted as the sensations coiled up within. Release was a breath away. All she had to do was let herself go.

“Not yet, pet,” Zach whispered, straightening just before she could surrender to the blinding rush of pleasure. He covered her lips with his, swallowing her cries of protest as he jerked his jeans down over his hips. The head of his bare cock pushed against her, and her brain snapped back into place. As much as she wanted him, she wouldn’t take any risks. He hushed her as she opened her mouth to tell him. “I have protection. I just wanted you to feel me, flesh on flesh, before something came between us.”

Groaning, she nodded, closing her eyes to absorb the incredible feeling of his dick sliding in her juices. She held her breath, slitting her eyes open as he stepped back and pulled out his wallet. He tossed it aside once he’d retrieved the condom. The sound of his tearing it open with his teeth had her quivering with anticipation. When he was covered, he positioned one hand behind her again. She hadn’t even noticed the ladder rung digging into her back until his hand cushioned her, his fingers smoothing away the slight dent the metal had made in her skin. All her focus was on his dick, slowing pressing into her.

“Becky.” Zach rested his forehead between her breasts, his breath coming out in a hot rush against her flesh. “You’re so fucking hot. So tight.”

She felt tight. Her hips shifted, the sweat dripping down her back mixing with the spill of her arousal, making the ladder rung under her ass wet. She hadn’t been with a man in so long. And the last time she’d been with one, she hadn’t had time to wonder how it would feel to be penetrated. Lost in a submissive haze, she’d relaxed into her restraints and just let it happen. Reveled in the pleasure she was giving. But Zach wouldn’t be satisfied with taking the pleasure she could give him. As he worked the head of his cock into her with slow, shallow thrusts, she knew it wouldn’t be enough for him unless she experienced the same level of pleasure as he did. Everything with him was give and take. And he would accept no less.

“I need you, Zach . . . I mean. I mean, Sir.” She rasped in air as he filled her, stretching her around him as he settled his hips between her thighs. “Oh, God! Don’t stop!”

He smiled against her lips as he kissed her. “I couldn’t if I wanted to. Brace yourself, pet.

Angie E's Review:

First I will say I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bianca Sommerland. Her writing style is so unique and different. She was my MENAGE` book and well she HOOKED me. The first book in this series had me guessing and wondering WAIT… HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE ??? But she is such a talented reader she always gives enough details to every scene that you aren’t left wondering for long. She gives such life to her characters and her stories. I love her passion for the game of hockey. I myself am NOT a sports fan and well HOCKEY is just MEH to me. Bianca totally makes me want to watch HOCKEY. Her players are so SEXY and MANLY. I can’t REALLY decide who I like best they are all so YUMMY.

This book did NOT disappoint me. I love series and this series keeps getting better. I got to catch up on some of the other characters which I’ve grown to love SO much. Getting a look into their current lives is excited . As part of a series a reader becomes STRONGLY attached to the characters. That being said I HATE when I don’t get updates after all they ARE like family RIGHT? I know SOME have been a bit disappointed with the side stories and character updates but me….. I FREAKING LOVED IT =) !

So this book is about Zach, Scott, and Becky…….

Becky has always put EVERYONE before herself. Her being a single mom she has a determined will and strong quality about her that makes her feel compelled to take care of everyone. She has that MOTHERLY instinct. She doesn’t realized until checking up on her brother and being more involved in his life what she’s missing from her own.

Scott is the COBRAS male whore, seriously I mean that in EVERY sense of the word. He isn’t too picky when it comes to WHO, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW. So to see a whole other side to him is a real treat. I definitely found that I liked him A LOT more than I originally thought I would. He definitely has more to him than his whore personality.

Zach is a COBRA, who likes to play both sides SEXUALLY. Him being a DOM can easily spot the submissiveness of certain single mothers. =) . However he finds him self also attracted to the current Cobra whore. He can have both RIGHT? Well this is a BIANCA SOMMERLAND book *wink*.


This book has so much going on. It was a bit overwhelming due to the size of the book BUT once into the story it’s one of those CANT STOP READING…*yawn*… MUST…*yawn* CONTINUE… *yawn* ….READING…. at 3 am in the morning knowing you have to be up for work soon. You will be taken in sooo many different emotional directions you will be left exhausted but that’s the best kinda book. IN MY OPINION ! Hope I didn’t SPOIL anything for you . DEFINITELY read this book if you haven’t already BUT first read the others in the series by order =) Game Misconduct, Defensive Zone and Breakaway.

When did you first discover you had a talent for writing?
Oh, I was really young. I’ve been making up stories since I learned how to write, but I didn’t realize I had a talent for it at first. It was my first love and my greatest passion. :)

What was it like to receive your first fan letter, email etc… ?
Incredible. The way I see it is like getting your first 100% on a test in school, your first kiss, your first ‘I’m so proud of you’ from someone you look up to. I’ve gotten many since then and that feeling hasn’t changed at all!

What are your MUST HAVE items when writing?
Nail clippers! Lol! I’m a little OCD about my nails and can’t stand to type with them long. I also have to have a cup of coffee and a few things to fidget with while brainstorming. I have a stressball hockey puck that I use while envisioning scenes and baoding balls I use while thinking over problems. I also have special soft triangular pencils when I need to jot down ideas or get away from the screen when I’m stuck. Little things that get me from the first blank page to ‘The End’! ;)

Who inspires you most in your writing?
I’d have to say my favorite musicians and authors. Reading a great book is a nice jolt to my muse and he gets all excited about diving into another world. Music just speaks to me and makes it so much easier to ‘see’ what’s happening with my characters, to understand how they feel. Tapping into the right emotions is the most important thing to me, because it’s the best way to understand anyone’s motivation. Singers have such a way of pulling their audiences heartstrings and I really admire them for their talent.

Who is your favorite author?
I have so many favorites I’d need to make a very long list. Cherise Sinclair is a dear friend and mentor. So if I was to name a favorite from actually knowing and respecting them, I would have to say her. :)

What's your favorite book?
Xenogenesis, which was renamed Lilith’s Brood. I’ve been reading it at least once a year since I was a kid. It’s such an amazing story and it has a bit of everything. If you’re into science fiction you should really try it! And even if you’re not, Octavia Butler was such an amazing author I think it’s worth giving it a try.

What’s one RANDOM fact your fans dont know about you =) ?
I’m pretty open, so I don’t think there’s much, but people might not know that I used to be a HUGE karaoke junkie! Lol! I’m actually not too bad. A few people told me to try out for Canadian idol, so I did! **blush** Obviously didn’t make it, but the judge thanked me for being the first person to introduce her to Taylor Swift’s ‘Tim Mcgraw’, so that was pretty cool! :)

Tell you about me? Hmm, well there's not much to say. I love hockey and cars and my kids…not in that order of course! Lol! When I'm not writing—which isn't often—I'm usually watching a game or a car show while working on promo. Going out with my kids is my only down time. I get to clear my head and forget everything.

As for when and why I first started writing, I guess I thought I'd get extra cookies if I was quiet for awhile—that's how young I was. I used to bring my grandmother barely legible pages filled with tales of evil unicorns. She told me then that I would be a famous author.

I hope one day to prove her right.

To find out more about me, swing by my website: www.Im-No-Angel.com
Twitter: BSommerland
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4605557.Bianca_Sommerland


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