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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Year in a Review by Jo-Anna Walker

This year has been such a fantastic ride for every Twinsie. One of us had a baby, one of us became an author and our Twinsie family grew and grew. When Angie SJ and Angie WE asked me to join their review blog, I instantly jumped on the chance to be a part of it and then we got so big, we needed 3 more reviewers. How amazing is that? Because of all of you, we're where we are today. So for that, thank you! To each and every one of you. You all rock our socks!

Back in May of this year, I was lucky enough to meet Angie SJ and Melinda in PERSON! It was like we hung out every constantly.

I talk to these girls every single day. I love our little tightnip family and because of them, I am where I am today as a person and as an author. Thank you my Twinsie sisters!! xx


Here are my top 10 favorite books for the last half of 2013! Do you know how hard it was to just choose 10? So here it goes.

1. I have to say that my favorite serial novel of all time is the Phoenix series by Michelle Stevens/Red Phoenix. They are just heartfelt, uplifting, heartbreaking...amazing stories all around.

2. Now number 2. This is a given since this series has my #1 book boyfriend in it. Gideon Cross. Swoon. Even the name gives me shivers. Entwined with You by Sylvia Day is one of the hottest books I have ever read!

3. Walking Disaster cause hello? It has Travis Maddox in it! #2 book boyfriend on my list of many BBF's!

4. I added these two books to my list back in the earlier months but I have to add them again. Desert Rice and Desert Flower brought me into a world I had never experienced before. It made me feel things while reading I've never felt and it made me message the author and rant and rave about how much I absolutely loved these books!!

5. Hers by Dawn Roberston. I read the blurb and was blown away! I read the book and fell in love! If you like hot, dirty, raw, real type books then this one is for you.

6. This book by far is the funniest I have ever read. I laughed so hard, I cried. Read this one for naughty dirty humor. Every time I think of it, I bust out laughing. So not cool when you're by yourself in public.

7. Okay so Angie J and Melinda and I'm not sure if any of the other twinsie's read this book but love the books by Kendall Grey. So I finally dove in and bought Strings in paperback signed and ebook. Strings by Kendall Grey is probably the dirtiest, most raw, gritty, in your face book I have ever read and I love it.

8. I've read almost 90 books this year but now that I have to choose my top ten, I can't seem to remember what I've read. Bullet was recommended to me by Angie J and I fell instantly in love. It's a long one but it's filled with so much stuff, it couldn't be written any shorter. I loved it.

9. Now I'd have to say that if you love Red Phoenix's Brie series, then you'll love the A Week with my Romanian series by Steffie Dawn. Meeting My Master (A week with my Romanian #1) has made my top ten list because it allowed me to meet a wonderful person, a wonderful author and a wonderful friend. The books are hot!

10. Epilogue by CJ Roberts...look at the cover. Need I say more?

So those are my top ten for 2013. Each book has affected me in someway or another. I can't wait for 2014 and for the awesomeness that these authors will bring us. Thank you all for your hard work and keep up the writing!! xx

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