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Monday, December 23, 2013

Release Day Blitz for Falling Into Place by Brandy L. Rivers

That's right, it's here. It's live. Falling Into Place, the next part of the Others of Edenton is available. Learn more about the Silver Council and the mages. This journey is darker and more heartfelt than the ones that came before.

~ Sometimes it all has to fall apart to fall into place ~

Robert would have done
anything for Liz, even let her go when she claimed she needed to be
alone. With his life in shambles, he dove into his work as a Silver
Council enforcer.

Liz never fit in, but to protect her first
love, she walked away when a wild burst of magic nearly killed him.
Tremaine found her, and helped her put her life back together.

 man who tore her world apart awakes from a 21 year slumber with revenge
 on his mind. Nothing will stop James from tearing the power from Liz’s

After learning James is alive, Robert rushes to Liz and
bands together with Tremaine to keep her safe. Facing her worst fears
Liz realizes she can only fall apart or fall into place.

Falling Into Place Release Day Giveaway

Falling Into Place Playlist

Have you read the rest of the series?
You can catch up with the Others of Edenton with these titles.

- New Beginnings -

 was tired of being under appreciated in her old pack. She took a chance
 and moved to Edenton. Slater is her new Alpha. He can't seem to stay
away. Neither were looking for someone, but they both found what they
needed in each other. There's just one problem. Someone wants control of
 the pack and he'll stop at nothing to get it. Sassy psychic werewolf,
hot Alpha, crazy second

- In Too Deep -

Fallon is a
brilliant tattoo artist with inherent magic. Tired of men and their
games, she climbs onto her Harley and leaves her old life behind. Brody
is a talented motorcycle mechanic and werewolf stuck in his painful
past. It’s just another depressing night until he’s attacked by
vampires. Thinking he killed them, he runs into the night and crashes
into Fallon. Sparks fly.

- Shadows Fall -

Amethyst Lakes
is a nymph with a problem. She left her ex-boyfriend when he started to
smother her. Nothing she says seems to keep him away. Carl needs
Amethyst more than he needs to breathe, but she just doesn’t get it.
He’ll stop at nothing to make her stay. An old friend and teenage crush
will keep her safe until Amethyst can decide how to deal with Carl once
and for all.

- Shadows of the Past -

Amethyst is a nymph
with regrets. She moves to Edenton to start over. Hayden is a suspicious
 Sheriff who hasn't been interested in women in ages. That all changes
when one of his officers drags Amethyst into his life. An old Fae
nightmare is after Amethyst, he needs her to take his old form. Hayden
will stop at nothing to protect Amethyst, but she may be the only one
who can stop the Shadow.

Brandy L Rivers

My name is Brandy L Rivers. I’m a wife and mother of three with an
overactive imagination. I’ve been obsessed with monsters and magic for
pretty much ever.  So I decided to write the stories that keep me awake
at night.

I started writing at a very young age. It probably didn’t help that I
 won the young author award in first grade, it might have started it

If you haven’t figured it out, I love to read. Those choose your own
adventures were an early favorite. Then I moved on to Stephen King at
10. Hey, my grandmother who I love dearly got me started on horror
movies at 5. Then by 12 I was reading Anne Rice. I read just about
anything, but I love my monsters and magic.

You can find me on my Website, Goodreads, AmazonSmashwords, Facebook, and Twitter.

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