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Sunday, December 29, 2013


 So this year was a big year for me. It was crazy in all aspects of life. We (Angie J and I ) started this blog a little over a year ago. I remember her asking me and I was like HMMM well SURE. Never imagined it would grow this big. We are so grateful for all of our followers. The blog grew so fast that additions were needed and that how Twinsie Jo, Twinsie Brenda, Twinsie Melinda and Twinsie Jen became TWINSIES. They like trouble as much as Angie J and I do. Shhhhh Angie J is head trouble maker.. hahaha just kidding. LOVE HER !!!!! The friendships with these gals are great they have helped me not only through book stuff but real life situations. YOU GALS ARE GREAT !

So I started this year being being 3 months preggo. FUN FUN HUH? so you can imagine not much reading was accomplished ( I hear all those crying with me in understanding) THANK YOU. I did get to however read some AMAZING books in between all the baby books. I also got to meet some AWESOME authors and Twinsie Angie J and Twinsie Melinda =)

 What book signing wouldn't be complete unless Tara Sivic was groping someone. OK OK OK.... she was sweetly rubbing my belly.
So the Nashville book signing was a BLAST. I got to meet Katie Ashley, Tara Sivec, and Jasinda Wilder...and got some baby love <3 p="">
Ok on the books. Like I said this year reading have been SUCKY for me. Not enough reading time with the birth of Baby Girl.  So here are a few books that I did enjoy and will DEFINTATELY re-read.
Wounded by Jasinda Wilder
This book is so dark twisted and violent..... yet beautiful, sensual and intense.
Relentless by Cassia Leo
 This book was so amazingly awesome and filled with so much drama that I gushed about it for WEEKS afterwards. I totally found my girly crush love for Cassia with this book.
Reckless by SC Stephens
This book was the PERFECT ending to this series.
Falling Into You by Jasinda Wilder
OMGOSH ! This book was INCREDIBLE.... REMARKABLE...and literally BLEW MY M IND. Unlike Jasinda's other books. She took me on such a journey. It was amazing.
Lover At Last by JR Ward
I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK !!!!!  I waited so long and was NOT disappointed at all. To see Qhuay finally have their story and HEA was in my opinion BEST BOOK of the series
Because Of You by Tara Sivec
This book really showed Tara could do write ANYTHING. This book is special to me because well. I was mentioned in acknowledments. SHE LOVES ME.... SHE REALLY DOES... well love is such a strong word. =) Anywho.... This book like the first was a SEXY mystery till the end.
Break Me by Jo-Anna Walker
I got the AWESOME privaledge to BETA for Jo and meet Sebastion FIRST... For Jo's first book she done a great job. This book had so much HOTNESS it's a panty wetter.
Pieces of You by Cassia Leo
Another mind blowing book from Cassia. This series has me sooo hooked I was racing to finish it. I couldn't put it down. I NEEDED to finish it.  This had so many emotions wrapped up it was unbelievable
Watch Over Me by Tara Sivec
This book had my IFFY to read at first . Tara scared me. She's kinda scary. BUT.... I"m so glad I did. It was so emotional it drained me literally but it was worth EVERY tear I shed
Always Me by Jo-Anna Walker
Again. I LOVE Jo for letting me BETA this book. This series is awesome and gets better and better with each book. I love the TWIST this book had. Just when you THINK you had it all figured out. THINK AGAIN =)

This year was slow for reading for me I'm hoping to pick it up next year and look forward to my 2014 year end review. HAPPY READING

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