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Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 - Year in Review - Twinsie Brenda

Best of 2013 - by Twinsie Brenda

When I first started to think about my favorite books of 2013, I said OH THIS WILL BE EASY!!!  No problem.  Then I got an email from Good Reads with the list of books that I had read in 2013.  HOLY CRAP!  I then started writing down my favorites.......... I stopped myself at 50.  Then I narrowed it down. I started putting same authors together.  DAMN this is hard!!!  So then I waited for the last possible second to get this written up.

Now this is not to offend ANY book that I have read!!  I just simply had to try and narrow it down, or you would be here all day listening to me ramble on and on and on about the books I've read.  I am a huge indie author fan.  While I have read some amazing books that were by big publishing companies, I tried to stick to the indies in this list.

First of all, I want to thank Twinsie Talk for inviting me to be a reviewer!  I remember when Twinsie Angie Johnson asked me and I was totally floored!  I couldn't believe it!  I didn't think I could do it!  But I have loved every second of it!!  I have met some absolutely fabulous bloggers and authors!!!  

You might also see my name listed in some of these books.  2013 was a great year for me.  I was given the opportunity to edit and/or format many books this year.  It has been an amazing experience and I would love to be able to do it full-time!!  It's a great "job"..... job is not even a good word for it!!  It's something that I love to do!!!

These are in NO particular order!   Just a comment on why I liked the book and a link to buy from Amazon............drum roll please (hehehe I've always wanted to say that!)

In the Heart of Forever - Jo-Anna Walker
This is a young adult story dealing with many issues of trust and love.  I am so glad to have met Rave Black.... I wished I could have met him back in my early 20s!!!  hot!!!  It was released in several different parts but In the Heart of Forever is the compilation of all of parts, plus a bonus chapter not released in the other parts released.  Jo-Anna Walker is an amazing author and person!!  Proud to be able to work with her every day!  (yep, she's Twinsie Jo).

The Real Series - Katy Evans

No, I'm not cheating by putting three books up at once!!!  It' my game and I can change the rules to fit my needs!!  LOL!!  I loved this whole series!!!  And the final story, Remy ---- to relive the first two book in Remy's POV totally worked!!  It made me fall in love with him even more!!  What an amazing man!  He truly loved with all of him! and hot?!?!?!  holy crap!!  I know most of the readers already adore this series, so I don't have to tell you to read it, because you have!!!  

Try - Ella Frank

This was the first Ella Frank book that I read.  I was introduced to her by my good friend Jen.  She's  a huge Ella fan.  Jen knows that I read a lot of M/M books so she insisted I "try" this one (hehehe).  I was on Ella's blog tour and I truly loved this story!  The banter between Tate and Cole was hot, steamy, funny, sexy, blunt..... amazing!!!  and I have been begging Ella for the next book...SOON!!!  If you're reading this Ella Frank, just remember I would LOVE to beta read the next one for you!!!!  You would never know that this was Ella's first jump into the M/M world.  Very detailed and very steamy read!!!  Totally recommend it!!  I know it brought a lot of new readers into the M/M world and are now expanding their reading selections!!

Bound - by Brenda Rothert
ANNNND One more excuse to post this pic!!
I don't know a damn thing about hockey, except that there's a little black thing that is pushed around on the ice.  But DAMN, did I want to go to a hockey game after reading this book!!  HOLY CRAP!  can you blame me?!?!?  look at that man!!  I found this pic as I was reading Bound and I immediately sent it to Brenda Rothert.  She fell in lust with him too!!  We've been sharing it ever since.  And to make it even better..... we get MORE Ryke!!!  That's right Bound fans.... Brenda Rothert is writing "Captive" - book 2.  It will release on January 27!  I've read some sneak peeks and DAMN it's even hotter than Bound!!  Kate is a VERY LUCKY GIRL!! {wiggles eyebrows}

Saving Alexander - Susan Mac Nicol

This is another M/M book that I adored!  I would LOVE to meet Alexander and Sage!!  Alexander has a troubled past and Sage "knows" he can help him and does everything in his power to do just that!  This is also a very emotional read!!  You might remember my review when I was sobbing in the car with my hubby and kids.  He was going to pull over because he thought something was wrong...... IT WAS!!  These darn books just sometimes seem so real!!  Not to the hubby, but to me they do!!

Love At Last Series - Chelle Bliss
Kayden: The Past - releases on 1/2/14
I met Chelle Bliss when Twinsie Angie introduced us!  I am so glad that she did!!  We've been great friends ever since.  I loved beta reading Untangle Me and then Kayden.  This is a great series.....I've seen peeks of the next book (Throttle Me) and it's going to get even hotter!!!  Wow!!!  Chelle does a great job at getting you to love the troubled guy who is hot as hell.  Sure, you want to punch him at times and the next second, you'll want him to push you up against a wall (if you know that I mean!). I have an Untangle Me t-shirt that I wear often!  I get comments on it, and I tell them to "buy the book"  it will be worth it!!!  Kayden releases in just a few days!!  It's a prequel to Untangle Me.  It is beautifully written. I, at first, didn't want to know about Kayden's bad boy days....... but that soon changed!!  It helps you with some of the reasoning behind why he is the way he is!!  He was DAMN HOT before Sophia.... and even HOTTER with Sophia!!!  

Now Series - Brenda Rothert
Now and Then (have I mentioned it's free right now!)

 Yep, Brenda Rothert made my list again!  She's an awesome author.  More people need to know about her!!!  Now and Then is the first book -- Cole and Emma..sigh.........  You will love them both.  I'm a sucker for the underdog, and Emma thinks that she's just that!!  Layla, her "perfect" sister who always gets who she wants, DOESN'T get who she wants in Now and Then.  By the end of the book you really do not like Layla and you'll say "Why do I wan to read Now and Again, if this is about her?"  Well, kids...... you DO want to read it!!  If you don't you'll miss out on some of the hottest scenes ever!!!  Ben is a HOT AS HELL detective that gets under Layla's skin.....amongst other things!!  I think I love Ben even more that Cole!!  Brenda Rothert is currently writing Now and Forever!  It releases March 3, 2014.  I get to see more Ben!! (oh and the rest of the gang!!)  I get to beta read Now and Forever and cannot wait to get more!!!

Real Love Series - Melanie Codina
Love Required (releases 2014) -Click to add to TBR

 Melanie Codina is an amazing person, friend, mother, and author!!!  She writes stories with so much emotion and feeling that you swear you are watching a movie! It would have to be rated R, but still!! WONDERFUL STORIES!!  Each one is better than the last!!!  The first one (Love Realized) - when Jake says "Can I have you, Gillian?"  I totally melted!!  Seriously, Jake is one of sweetest, emotional, caring, and PATIENT man I've ever known.  (yes, I really feel like I know him).  Mike and Allie are in Love Resisted.  Again, so much emotion and love and drama and trust and (damn it, tears are coming again!)  This was a great story with two people that dealt with so much pain and suffering in their past.... but chose to overcome those with each other!  I'm beta reading Love Required and once again, Melanie is not disappointing!!  I cannot wait til this one is released as well!!

Corps Security Series - Harper Sloan
Cooper (Coming 2014) - TBR here
Locke (Coming 2014) - TBR here

Harper Sloan and I met thru a mutual acquaintance.  I helped her with her first book and could not believe that this was the first book she had ever written!!  Harper has some serious writing skills!!!  Harper has grown in popularity and many people are jumping on the Harper Sloan bandwagon!!  I am a very proud member of the Harper's Street Team!!   I consider her a close friend and plan to be forever!  These books are amazing!!  Each one just gets hotter and hotter!!!  Beck was just released last week and when I say I had a book hangover, I really had a bad one!!!!  It took me 3 days!!  many, many tissues.  I still tear up!!  Harper's books have been Twinsie's largest blog tours ever!!!  The Beck blog tour that starts on Monday has 151 stops!  Everyone is loving it!!  Even as emotional as it is!!  If you haven't yet jumped on the Harper bandwagon.....get to jumping!!! What are you waiting for?!?!?

Alluring Indulgence Series - Nicole Edwards
Ethan (coming soon) - TBR

I started this series before the Club Destiny series. Then I then immediately went back to the Club Destiny Series.  Nicole Edwards writes some hot stories!!  and GREAT stories!!!  She write M/F, M/M, M/M/F, you name it!!! There are twists and turns and so many things that you won't expect!!  I am a huge fan of Nicole Edwards!  Looking forward to more from her!!!  Ethan comes out in January!!

The Rock God Series - by Ann Lister

This is a hot series.  Fall for Me is a M/M book.  Take What You Want is a M/M/F book.  I was honored to be asked to beta read Take What You Want.  I was a huge fan of Ann Lister after I read Fall For Me and couldn't wait to get my hands on Take What You Want.  Both are amazing stories!!    And don't even get me started on Ann Lister!!!  She is one of nicest people you could ever meet!!  She's so thoughtful and open and honest, and she writes some great hot M/M stories!!  If you haven't read Ann Lister, you really need to!!

Bullet Series - Jade Jamison
Fully Automatic - Add to TBR

Sigh........ Where do I begin with Ethan Richards?!?!? I fell in love with him in Bullet.  I know a lot of people (hush Angie!!) tell me that I am crazy  because Ethan could be an ass.  Yes, BUT he was sick.  He needed help!  He was troubled.  He was misunderstood!  I stood by him and didn't waver!  Then when Rock Bottom came out we got more of his story.  We learned how much he also suffered with the whole Valerie situation.  Ethan moved on to find a new woman.  What a story!!  I know that there are a lot more Ethan fans out there now after reading Rock Bottom.  Feverish is Jet/Clay's story.  I liked him in Bullet, but didn't love him.  After reading Feverish, I now LOVE Clay!!  Just ask Twinsie Melinda about Clay!!  She's a huge fan!!!  Fully Automatic comes out soon and then Twinsie Angie will be out of commission while she reads Brad's story!!  hehehe  

Mourning Series - by Adriane Leigh

Tristan.....mmmmmmmmmmmmm.  I don't condone cheating.  I don't like it...at all!  But, if your boyfriend, hubby, SO, or whoever is an ass and cheats on you and then you find someone to treat you like a princess..... YOU GO GIRL!!!  Tristan was the guy I didn't want to like because he was going after a "taken" woman. But things he did........you couldn't NOT love him!!  I was seriously crushing on him.  At the end of The Mourning After, I bawled for him!!  How could Georgia do that?!?!?  I was counting down the days until Light in Mourning came out!  I fell in love with Tristan even more!!!  Now don't let the "mourning" part scare you.....it did me at first.  But it's not that kind of mourning.  Go check these out!!!  Let me know how you liked it!!!

Texas Pride and Double Full - Kindle Alexander

Now these books are not a series...... but I just couldn't pick just one...  First off, Kindle Alexander writes an amazing M/M story.  Holy crap!  You would think that she actually were a gay man.  The first book I read from Kindle was Texas Pride.  I loved it!  LOVED it!!  I then got to know Kindle Alexander as a person.  Her story is heart breaking.  I am not sure I could have survived what she has survived and excelled at.  When people tell me that they don't read M/M or couldn't read M/M, I suggest Kindle Alexander.  Her stories are more like love stories where the main characters just happen to both be male.  It doesn't focus on the sex (although it is there!  wow!) but the love and the emotion and the feelings!!!  I have suggested these books to many people and I believe I have converted a few people and heard back from some saying how much they now enjoy reading M/M books.  

So if you're still reading this post, wow!  thank you!!  That was a lot to read!  I am honored to be able to share my favorites with you AND for you to even care what my favorites are.  I also edit/format books on the side and have been able to work with many authors.  Some you met above and some I will list now.  When you edit a book you get a sense of belonging to the book, characters and authors.  These authors trusted you with their "baby".  All I do is fix a few typos or set some margins and help make it look pretty, but it's a great sense of accomplishment to be involved.  Some other books that I loved and would also like to mention:

Atlanta Affair Series - by Isabella Rae
Veiled - L. Chapman
It was Always her Choice - Susanne Lovely
Kink the Halls - Dawn Robertson
Fire in His Eyes - MJ Nightingale
Chrissy Szarek

So I am hoping that 2014 is just as exciting in my book reading world!!  I couldn't ask for anything more!!!  Thank you to all of our loyal fans that follow us and trust our opinions on what we read!  I always write what I feel.  It may not always be what's popular, but it's always my true feelings.  I love finding a new author that I love and then sharing with you.  I value your feedback too!  If you read a book that I suggest, let me know what you thought?  I'd love to hear from you!!!
Twinsie Brenda


  1. Thanks for posting.. added a lot of new books to my to be read list.... the never ending list :)

  2. I love this list! Thank you Brenda Wright. You have helped me so much this year. I'm so glad to know you and I can vouch for your editing skills, you caught things no one else did. Thank you for everything. When I look back on the greatness of this year, you will always hold a special place! Love you!

  3. Interesting list! You have Nicole Edwards, but she's not listed as one of your favorite authors? I love, love, love her books! I have many of the above included in my TBR already, so I'll move them up the "stack". Thanks!