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Monday, November 4, 2013

Blog Tour Kick off and Giveaway - For the Love of a Cowboy by Sandy Sullivan

For the Love of a Cowboy


Paige Tyler didn’t want to be the preacher’s daughter anymore. She wanted the freedom to live her own life, do what she wanted and find the man of her dreams. What she didn’t expect to find was that man drunk off his ass and needing her assistance to handle three guys wanting to beat him up in a bar fight.

Jacob Young’s life was a mess. Finding solace in a bottle of booze was the answer to his guilt ridden conscious until an angel in leather pulls him up by his boot straps, brushes him off and convinces him life is worth living.

Do opposites really attract? Can a cowboy with a wounded heart be the answer to her prayers? It’s all in For the Love of a Cowboy.
Flashes of memory pounded his skull, bombarding him with pain like he’d never felt before. It almost brought him to his knees. A brown-headed woman in a leather bustier and skin tight leather pants flew before his closed eyelids. What the hell? Green eyes the color of emeralds glinted dangerously as she glanced over her shoulder at him.
He massaged his head trying to bring the memory into clarity.
Booze. Lots of booze.
Pool tables.
The Dusty Boot.
It all came back with a sharp stab to his head.
The woman jumped into the fight of three on one to save his ass. The big guy had punched him in the stomach, pushing him halfway across the bar on his butt. She’d taunted the guy while Jacob sat there on the floor like a pussy. He was the pussy like she’d called him, not the big guy. He’d let a woman defend him. How could he do that?
His life had come full circle. Jacob Young used to be someone to fear in a bar fight. Now, a woman took care of him.
Oh God! He remembered where the puke on his shirt came from. After the punch to the stomach, he’d rush for the bathroom only to make it to the door before he threw up all the alcohol in his system as well as the nachos he’d eaten for dinner.
How humiliating.
Jacob turned off the water and wiped his face off. What the hell have I done? I’ve resorted to a woman havin’ to defend me in a fight when I should have been defendin’ her. “I need to find out who she is and at least apologize.”
He’d never seen her before though. Who was she? Did the bartender know her? Maybe he could help him or maybe he would run into her again, but that meant going into the bar. The one place he needed to avoid.

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Angie J's Review:

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

What a great addition to the series.

Jacob and Paige have so many personal obstacles to go through to have a HEA.  I had tears a few times because it seemed like every time they got it figured out...BOOM another issue.  Jacob, who you meet in the other books of the series, has a major drinking problem but you don't know why.  You presume it has to do with a girl BUT you don't know EXACTLY  until this book.  I was so sad for his heart.  When he reveals makes me really love him all the more.  I am really torn as to which brother is my favorite.  I love the alpha's Joel and Jeff but I have to say sweet, sensitive (and uber sexy ) Jacob MAY be my favorite Young Brother so far.

Paige is a sweet preachers daughter who likes to wear leather and corsets while driving a Harley.  She is a nurturer and when she sees Jacob in trouble she helps out.    She falls head over heels in love with him but her daddy doesn't like the "devil" who has lead his daughter astray.  Since Paige's mother is gone, she really wants to make daddy happy.  However, his is not a Jacob fan so the relationship suffers a few times.

 Paige is MEGA HARD HEADED and a few times I wanted to see Jacob go all caveman on her.  I wanted to see him drag her off to the cave and claim her as his own.  Jacob is so persistent but patient at the same time.  He definitely knows what he wants even when he chickened out at saying I love you to her when he wanted too.

The ending "plot twist" was a good one and I could kiiinda see it coming but I was sooo glad for it.  I think it was the perfect ending for this couple.  i also loved checking in with Jeff and Terri and Mesa and joel throughout the book.  It makes me happy to see them still excited and as in love as they were during their novels.   As with ALLLL Sandy books, they are great quick, funny, hawt, and sexy reads that you cant put down.  I read this book in one day people!!!  So what are you waiting for...download it already!!!

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 About the Author:

Sandy Sullivan is a romance author, who, when not writing, spends her time with her husband Shaun on their farm in middle Tennessee. She loves to ride her horses, play with their dogs and relax on the porch, enjoying the rolling hills of her home south of Nashville. County music is a passion of hers and she loves to listen to it while she writes. She is an avid reader of romance novels and enjoys reading Nora Roberts, Jude Deveraux and Susan Wiggs. Finding new authors and delving into something different helps feed the need for literature. A registered nurse by education, she loves to help people and spread the enjoyment of romance to those around her with her novels. She loves cowboys so you'll find many of her novels have sexy men in tight jeans and cowboy boots.

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