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Monday, October 21, 2013

Untangle Me Blog Tour Kick off, Author Interview and Giveaway by Chelle Bliss


Kayden is a bad boy that never played by the rules. Sophia has always been the quintessential good girl, living a life filled with disappointment. Everything changes when their lives become intertwined through a chance encounter online.

Hundreds of miles separate them, but the connection that draws them together is too much to be denied. As the layers of their lives peel back, Kayden keeps the dangerous parts of his past hidden to protect the woman who is becoming more important to him than he should allow. What starts as a pursuit of carnal pleasure turns into a complicated love story. His past is a tangled web filled with addiction, an obsessed ex-girlfriend, and problems with the law.

One mistake he thought he had left behind may end up ruining it all.

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Angie J's Review:

Wow!  I received this book from the author for an honest review.  I was also lucky enough to beta read this book for her.

First of all i loved the way the two in the story connected.  They met online through Facebook.  They had a mutual friend and BOOM they begin to chat.  In today's technology driven society, it is kinnnda the norm now.

So Kayden and Sophia begin to develop some feelings for one another.  Sophia flies to NOLA  for a quick trip to meet Kayden.  This man has really started to mean alot to her and her to him.  Their trip was amazing and they both were sad to see time end.  They text, skype and call each other daily.  Everything is going great UNTIL Kayden looses his job.  He begins to spiral out of control.  He is drinking, never around to communicate with Sophia and a mess.  Sophia has had it.  She tells him to sober up and she takes him to her house to live.  She will take care of him until he can find a job.  Kayden feels like a schmuck  because what man wants their woman to pay the bills....and pay his bills she does....she even pays his court ordered restitution.  What restitution you ask?  Oh from his psycho ex Lisa...what psycho ex-Lisa you ask?  Oh the one who keeps texting him and calling him and even sending Sophia pictures claiming that Kayden was with her...oh yes THAT ex-Psycho Lisa!!!  Needless to say, Lisa is a mega beeotch!!!!  She doesn't want Kayden but she doesn't want anyone else to have him either.  GRRRRR  crazy woman and their drama fetishes!!!

Melinda’s Review:

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I have to say this is one of those books I decided to read because of the cover.  I didn’t even read the book blurb before I jumped into this one.  WOW I’m glad I decided to read this one.  I fell in love with Kayden and Sophia they are so night and day.   This is a true love story where opposites attract. 

Kayden is the bad boy with a past.  Sophia is the good girl, navy blue as she calls her life.  Kayden reaches out to Sophia over the internet when he realizes they have mutual friends.  Sophia being the skeptic makes sure to check him out with her friends and brother.  After that the ball starts rolling and there is no stopping except maybe Kayden’s past.  Sophia has to decide if Kayden is worth fighting for or should she just let him go after finally finding him.  Want to know what Kayden’s past is that threatens to break them apart and if Sophia thinks he is worth fighting for?  That is all you are going to get from me you’ll have to get the book and find out.  I will say it is well worth it. 

I loved how Kayden and Sophia treated Suzy, Sophia’s roommate, as a little sister by giving her advice and included her in on things they did.  I loved how Kayden was tender and loving one time and then go all “caveman” and take what he wanted when he wanted it.  It was great to see Sophia come out of her shell by opening up to Kayden and letting him push her to do things she never thought she could or would do.   

Here are two of my favorite quotes:

“I’d follow you anywhere. My life is wherever you are, not a specific place, but you. You’re my home.”  ~ Kayden

“I love you for so many reasons. I love you for all of your imperfections. I love the man you were, are, and will be. I love you for wanting to be a better man, the way you love me, the way you look at me even after all this time. I could go on forever Kayden,” ~ Sophia

Twinsie Brenda's Review

I was also lucky enough to beta read this book!!  I always so honored to be asked to beta read someone's work. 

Well, Kayden.........what can I say..... DAMN HE'S HOT!  and that doesn't even cover it.  Sure he's had a rough life.  He's had some bad experiences with women.  He's reluctant to start a relationship with another woman.  But then he "friends" Sophia on Facebook.  They chat and get to know each other.  Sophia is a librarian and feels like she needs to live her life a certain way.  A way that she describes as "navy blue".  Their friendly chats soon become friendlier and more intimate.  Before you know it they have fallen in love with each other.....and still have not have met face to face. 

They finally meet.........wow!  that first meeting was UBER SPICY AND STEAMY!!!  No more "navy blue" for Sophia!!  She went straight to HOT PINK!!! 

There are hurdles that the hot couple have to get over....what relationship doesn't.... they go through some rough times, but finally true love wins out  because they cannot live without each other!

I give this 5 stars!!  5 hotness stars!!   A MUST READ!!!  I mean look at that cover!!  that alone will get you to want to read it!!!

Author Interview:

Hi Chelle and WELCOME to the Twinsie Blog.  We are a fun bunch of girls that like to be silly, naughty and rib each other a lot (but that is mainly behind the scenes).

So I, Twinsie Angie J and Brenda, have been super lucky to read your book while you are editing, rewriting  and finishing it up….*fans self*  Kayden is YUMMMMMMY ladies…...

 I have a few fun and light questions for ya.  Are you ready???

Here go your “book” related questions….

If a movie were to be made from your book, what celebrity would play Kayden and Sophia?
That’s a really tough question for me to answer, not because there aren’t a million sexy actors, but not one that has the look of Kayden. He has a shaved head, like the Rock or Vin Diesel, but they’re muscular and are missing the dreamy green eyes.
Sophia could be played Anne Hathaway or Alyssa Milano; someone that has the ability to have understated beauty, but a sexiness that is brought to light through her experiences with Kayden.

How did this story come to be in your head?  Who spoke to you first?  Sophia or Kayden???
Kayden spoke to me first. The imperfect perfection that he is. He’s unlike any man I’ve ever known. I wanted to write a great love story, tragically beautiful… gut wrenching and sexy. He’s been unlucky in love and life, and what type of woman would suck him in melting his heart and dissolving his hatred of relationships.

How many books do you think there will be in the series?
The book is not a cliffhanger… let me put that out there right now.  There could be any number of books to the series, but three come to mind; a second book about Kayden and his life before Sophia, and a third about their life where Untangle Me leaves off. 

Here are just silly random questions:

What author(s) would you love to meet and have a “pick your brain” session with?
There are so many fantastic Indie authors out there right now. I’d love to sit down with the writers that helped inspire me to write. It’s so hard to narrow it down, but if I had to pick they would be (in no particular order)… Tarryn Fisher, Jessica Park, Colleen Hoover, Kele Moon, and CJ Roberts.

What is your favorite color?
Red… It conveys passion and emotion. 

What is your vice?  Like what is your addiction…something you need to buy or have trouble not buying?
I have so many vices (don’t judge bitches)…
1. Coffee & Cream-I drink it from sun up to sun down. It’s a staple. I prefer CafĂ© du Monde coffee from New Orleans laced with Chicory. The cream is my downfall, I can’t get enough. I drain the bottles of Health Bar and Chocolate Caramel.
2. Cigarettes-Yes, I know they’re bad, so don’t bother to tell me.
3. Shoes-I always have to force myself to walk past the shoe department without stopping. I have a bunch of shoes I have never worn, but I love looking at them.

“Never trust anyone without a redeeming vice.” – Winston Churchill

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking of writing or in the process of writing their first book???
Think twice. The process has been the most stressful, soul killing experience of my life. The emotional rollercoaster has been never ending and will only increase on release day. Be prepared and able to deal with criticism and rejection of your hard word, sweat, and tears that you poured into each page.  If it’s not enjoyable… don’t do it.

Thank you sooo much for stopping by today Chelle.  We are looking forward to your release and blog tour in October!!!

Mad Twinsie Love,

Angie J and the other Twinsie Girls

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About the Author:

I have been a teacher for over ten years, and needed a creative outlet for all my naughty thoughts. I received a bachelors degree in History and a Masters in Education, which led me to becoming a high school history teacher.

I love to read, I can devour a book a day, when given the chance or having the time. I can't pick one favorite book, there are just too many that come to mind. I do have favorite authors though. My top five authors are: Colleen Hoover, S.C. Stephens, Tarryn Fisher, CJ Roberts, and Kele Moon. I agonized over the top five. There are so many fantastic Indie authors that help feed my quest for the next best story.

Writing has been a journey unlike; filled with anguish, love, fear, and creativity. I'm excited for the next step and to share Kayden and Sophia.

Contact the Author:
Website: http://authorchellebliss.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @chellebliss1

Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UQNFGRZfWU 

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