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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Phoenix Rising (Phoenix #1) by Michelle Stevens

Phoenix Rising (Book 1 of 4)


Before the world of Facebook, Chat Rooms and Blogs, there were online communities called Bulletin Boards…

Beth Lynn, devoted teacher and animal lover, has terrible luck with men. That is until Scott Reiner, also known as The Keeper, enters her life through the most unlikely of places – her computer. Scott saves her from a humiliating moment and begins his pursuit of her. There’s only one problem, Beth has an admirer who isn’t willing to let her go.

* The first part of Beth’s journey begins with the two lovers finding each other in the 1980's. Obstacles lie ahead for the young couple and a tragic event stands at the end that will change the course of Beth’s life forever. For you see, she is a Phoenix ~ her future requires the flame.

Jo-Anna's Review:

This story is written under Red Phoenix's pen name, Michelle Stevens. I'm a huge fan of Red and NEED to devour every single thing she writes so I'm reading this story and can I tell you that I am now a HUGE fan of Michelle Stevens!!

This first part is set in the 80's and I love it. We meet Beth who is celebrating her 24th birthday and is dating Jim. After going through some bad relationships, Jim is good for her. He ends up buying her a computer am being a bit of a nerd and growing up around computers, I can totally see everything Beth is describing. The banter between Jim and Beth while he's teaching her the ways of a computer is simply adorable and then...the Phoenix has risen!!!! You'll have to read the story to find out what that means. ;)

So as I'm reading, I am typing up this review and let me tell you, Jim? Weirdo! And The Keeper?? Just his chat name sounds hot! Lol!

So we meet Scott who is The Keeper and already I am smitten.

Scott saves the day when Beth has a little too much to drink thanks to that idiot, Jim. And to be honest? I think I now have a crush on Scott. Beth's savior. *sigh*

Scott is just sweet, romantic and I just love him! He reminds me of my hubby so that could be a reason I love him even more. Lol!

Can not wait to read the rest of this novel! I know something is going to happen to make me either cry, throw my reader or curl up in a ball and sob. But I'm trudging on!!

Great job Michelle (Red) and you have a huge fan, right here!!

Author information:

Michelle lives by the beautiful Rockies with her husband and children. She grew up in the 80's and still has fondness for that era. She was a schoolteacher for many years, but always dreamed of writing.

"Enjoy life by embracing the sadness as well as the happiness. It's all a part of being on this earth."
~ Mrs. Pinkerton

Feel free to email me at: michellestevensauthor@hotmail.com

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