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Friday, January 31, 2014

Countermeasures Blog Tour Promo by Chris Almeida and Cecila Aubrey

Countermeasure Synopsis:
COUNTERMEASURE--Book 1 in the Countermeasure Series--is The TBR Pile's 2012 Book of the Year.

COUNTERMEASURE is a recipient of the indiePENdents's Seal of Good Writing.

WARNING: Contains scenes of mature subject matter, graphic situations and language. Reader discretion is advised.

In the first novel of the COUNTERMEASURE SERIES, tenacious ex-CIA agent Cassandra James is in hot water. A cyber thief stole sensitive information from her father's top client - information she was supposed to keep secure - and now she could lose her job, even if she is the boss' daughter. The only person who can help her recover the stolen data is sexy NSA analyst Trevor Bauer - a computer mastermind who's broken through her personal security and might break her heart as well.

Trevor is on the hunt for answers to the mystery surrounding his parents' disappearance. Following a promising lead into the missing Bristol files, he accidentally gets on the radar of a woman too hot to handle...and a mercenary willing to do anything to keep both of them from recovering those files.

To track down the thief, Trevor and Cassandra must embark on a harrowing adventure that leads them across the ocean and into a world of intrigue, danger, and passion. But as they close in on their target, their relationship begins to boil, jeopardizing their mission as well as their very lives. Will they learn to trust their instincts - and each other - in order to survive?

The suspense driven COUNTERMEASURE SERIES combines full-length novels and Bytes of Life short stories about sexy, technologically inclined men and women. The series is filled with heart-stopping danger and enough twists and turns to make a hair-raising rollercoaster seem tame. In the series, Trevor Bauer, a tough as nails NSA geek, and his even more tenacious love interest, Cassandra James, are on a quest for clues in the mysterious disappearance of Trevor's parents. Joined by fate, their search drops them into the mysterious and violent world of data espionage, one that tests their love as they sweep the world with romance, sex, and ingenuity to find answers that will have the power to change their lives forever.

Random Facts About Who We Are – Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey

Funny how random facts impact the way we see the world and also seep into our writing. Life experiences also pave the road we travel. In our case, the road has also brought us together as partners in crime.

Cecilia –

1.       I'm cocktail—a mix of Irish (Father) and Spanish (Mother) with a splash of English (Father).
2.       I lived in Spain as an Air Force brat from the ages of 13 to 18.
3.       Many of the trials and tribulations Cassandra experience on the flight to Paris are based in real life. Bumps on the head and cookies included. I love to travel and have been lucky to have visited many countries and places: Canada (Vancouver, Whistler, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Milton ), Costa Rica, Nice, France, Monte Carlo, Italy (Portofino, Portoferraio, Sorento, Amalfi, Elba Island, Rome, Pompei, Camogli), Austria (Vienna, Salzburg), Portugal (Lisbon, Sintra), Germany (Wurzburg, Nuremberg, Rosenburg, Munich, Chiemsee, Füssen, Schwangau, Ettal, Rhine Gorge / Sankt Goar)
4.       Due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm sure it is the Empire and Darth Vader's doing, I saw STAR WARS for the first time in 1979.
5.       I consider Music, Reading, Movies, Pizza, and Tapas soulgasmic.
6.       For seven years I worked as a Lifeguard during the summer (yes, I have had to rescue a few including a cocky, weight lifting Air Force dude).
7.       Chris Almeida and I, along with a of couple friends, were tossed from an Irish Pub (granted we were only sitting at our table waiting to pay the tab, but the security guard decided we were a bit on the uhm…tipsy...yeah…tipsy…side.
8.       I have only attended 7 concerts.
9.       I drove a 15-seat passenger commute van (100 miles round trip) for 13 years.
10.   I'm the focus group for Chris's next shower singing recital *grins*

Chris –
1.       My father taught me to read before I was two. My mother continued his legacy by teaching me to read for pleasure. I never stopped reading since.
2.       Began learning to read in English on my own at the age of 5 using my sisters' old English textbooks. 
3.       Although I am a certified musicphile, I've never been to a big live concert.
4.       I have physically been to the address we use for our characters' home in Dublin. I was there every weekday from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm for close to four months.
5.       My favorite food of all times is a shell fish only found in the region I come from in Brazil. It's called Sururu and although it is mostly found in the Northeast of Brazil and considered a treat there, it's on the Global Invasive Species Team list in the US.
6.       I have lived in two different cities (in two different countries, different continents) that host massive Oktoberfest festivals each year. Yet, I don't drink beer.
7.       Once owned a HUGE collection of comic books.
8.       Have walked on coral reefs and stepped on sea urchins multiple times. Yep. It does hurt. 
9.       Surfing was a big part of my life during my teens.
10.   I don't burn. I tan. 

Countermeasure Play List
Music is a big part of our creative process. For each book or even each character, we assign a list of songs that serve as inspiration and drive to get the work done.
Some songs are applicable to all of the books in the series while some songs are specific to a situation and isolated to one of the books only.
We have a lot of songs that drove Countermeasure to its closing. For the sake of brevity, we’ll list the top 10 inspirational songs here in no particular order.
1- Poets of the Fall - War
2- Shinedown - If You Only Knew
3- Snow Patrol - Set The Fire To The Third Bar
4- Kings of Leon - Closer
5- The XX - Do You Mind
6- Staind - Tangled Up In You
7- Poets of the Fall - Heal My Wounds
8- Kings Of Leon - Sex on Fire
9- Incubus - Drive
10- Cold - Cure My Tragedy
You can find a more detailed list for Countermeasure as well as the other books in the series on the series’ YouTube channel:

Thank you for having us today!

Chris & Cecilia



UNCHARTED is now available in audio format from Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

COUNTERMEASURE (with bonus short story UNCHARTED)


COUNTERMEASURE is now available in audio format from Audible, Amazon and iTunes. 

COUNTERMEASURE: Bytes of Life Volume I (Anthology with three Bytes of Life - Books 2, 3, and 4)


ECSTASY BY THE SEA is now available in audio format from Audible, Amazon and iTunes. 


CUFFED AT MIDNIGHT is now available in audio format from Audible, Amazon and iTunes.


PASSION AT DAWN is now available in audio format from Audible, Amazon and iTunes. 


TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE is now available in audio format from Audible, Amazon and iTunes. 




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  1. Love this series. So good! Intrigue, suspense, and some hot romance! Ceci - I have to agree with you on Music, Reading, Movies, & Pizza being soulgasmic. I have never had Tapas. Anyway, congrats on the books, guys!

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    2. Great minds, Amy! Thanks for dropping in and a big thank you to Twinsie Talk from Chris and I for hosting us! <3