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Friday, October 11, 2013

Their Luscious Dream by Mia Ashlinn (Love in Luscious, Kansas Book 2)

Their Luscious Dream (Love in Luscious, Kansas #2)


 Athena Xanthopoulos is on a mission. She’s moved to Luscious, Kansas to reconnect with the parents she doesn’t remember and meet the siblings she’d only dreamed of having. But she didn’t count on finding men like Sam Carrington, Ethan Bartlett, and Brett Monroe.

Sam, Ethan, and Brett love each other, and they’re committed to their marriage. Yet still, they dream of a family that includes a wife and children. Only they believe their dream is just that—a dream.

Then Athena walks in.

Now the men who’d felt their dream was out of reach see babies in the mysterious blonde’s eyes. And the woman who’s lived life as an outsider yearns to belong.

But Athena’s conservative childhood tells her what she craves is wrong. Can the men convince her sharing isn’t wrong but oh-so-deliciously right? Or will she hold onto what she knows, dashing the men’s dreams and dooming herself to a lifetime without the men she’s grown to love?

NOTE: This book is not a stand-alone. To find out how the dream began for Sam, Brett, and Ethan check out Luscious Beginnings (MMM) 

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Angie J's Review:

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Holy hotness Batman!!!  This book was a great story.  Again, I am going to say how much I lvoe a great love story.  To me, love comes in alll forms...traditional man and woman, 2 men, 2 women or ANNNY mix in between!!!

So this story starts right where book one finishes.  The guys are at their wedding reception when in walks this beautiful Greek Goddess!!!  The guys had all but given up thier dream of a wife and children until.......Well Brooklyn brings Athena to Luscious to do some work but really she can "see" the future she is supposed to have with the men.

The guys begin getting to know Athena separately and together...OMG the DATE night was Friggin hot!!!!  Like Fans yourself, drink some ice cold water and then reread cuz it was that good!!!!  Athena totally feels the connection but is freaked out.  I mean who wouldnt be?  One hottie is enough to be flustered over but 3!!!!!!  The 4 of them are doing everything they can to make sure they get their HEA!!

I was sad that some people didnt "like " the book because "intimate" relationships didnt take place until the ending part of the book.  First that is sooo incorrect but secondly if that is why you are reading this book, sad for you!!!!  This book is about a group of people trying to start a family.  It is about love and how far you will go to get it.  What you will do to make sure your mates/spouses/lovers are fulfilled.

The side story in the book is the secret that Athena has.  I loved it.  What a great way to also give her reason to stay in the town.  I don't want to give it away but it was really funny to see her with other town residents that hold a significant place in her heart.

Brooklyn is my favorite person in the series.  She speaks so trivial but at the same time so true.  She really wants to make everyone achieve their dreams and Happily Ever After!!


  About the author:
 Mia Ashlinn
Growing up in a single-parent home in East Tennessee, Mia Ashlinn wasn’t that girl—the one who couldn’t wait to fall in love and get married. She wasn’t the girl looking out for Prince Charming and his white horse. She had too many plans for her future. Besides, it wasn’t like she planned to get married. Just because some people got a happily ever after didn’t mean she would.

Mia’s anti-marriage stance was legendary amongst her high school friends. In fact, they voted her ‘Most Likely To Be The Cat Lady.’ They were absolutely convinced that she’d die old and alone. Well, Mia being Mia, she just had to prove them wrong. And of course, she did.

Mia married young. She was only nineteen at the time. Everyone in her life thought she was crazy for settling down at her age. They whispered about the possibility of a bun in her oven when she announced her engagement. And they ogled her stomach as she strolled down the aisle in a snow white dress and horribly uncomfortable high heels that she kept tripping over. But she didn’t mind. She knew they were all wrong. She was getting married because she’d found her soul mate, and she was ready start her life with him.

A couple of years later, Mia decided it was time to prove her friends wrong again. So what did she do? She got pregnant. While all her friends were graduating college, she was reading baby books and decorating a nursery. Then after nine months, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. And all of those friends who didn’t believe she would get married came to see her in the hospital. They made jokes about cat ladies, and they “oohed” and “aahed” over Mia’s newest edition. But like her wedding, Mia didn’t mind what they said. She’d found her happily ever after—with her wonderful husband and her sweet baby.

Since her daughter’s birth, Mia has been deliriously happy. She found a charming house by a creek, only miles from her favorite place—the Great Smoky Mountain National Park—to live in. She followed her dreams and became a published author of books that would make the people in her life blush and stammer. And as irony would have it, she wound up with a cat after all.

When not writing, Mia is amazingly easy to find. She’ll be cuddled up on the couch reading an erotic romance novel by one of her favorite authors, driving around in her car singing at the top of her lungs, or hanging out in the kitchen baking goodies galore.

Mia believes that everyone deserves their own fairy tale romance with the happily ever after of their dreams. Only her fairy tales are not your typical fairy tales. They are racy and risqué and, most importantly, they are for grownups only.


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