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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Surprising My Master (A week with my Romanian #5) by Steffie Dawn

In Bucharest as the fifth day of Ella’s adventure begins, the little sub is in for as many surprises as Master. Waking up alone near aggravates the submissive but gives her some time to prepare her body for him and a later lunch date sends her head first into a series of events that she wasn’t prepared for.

Master returns home from running errands to find his submissive waiting for him, he runs a scene he hasn’t planned on just because he can which in turn near makes them late for the surprise he has. We get together with Crina once again and meet one of Master’s long-time friends, his best friend and Ella’s given a little bit of freedom from Master, little does she know that it’s actually time for Master to prepare a scene that she wouldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams.

Jo-Anna's Review:

I got sent this book for an honest review so here it goes:

I am a huge fan of Ella's story! And I totally have a crush on Master. As each story is read, it gets hotter and hotter. Props to Steffie for that!

In this next installment, we continue on Ella and Master's journey at bonding, finding out what makes the other tick and seeing their love grow.

The knife play? Holy balls batman that was hot and intense. Makes me very intrigued at how it would feel. It was written very well. I felt like I was there. I could see everything that was taking place and I love when a story does that.

And when Ella gets a tattoo? All I can say without giving away any spoilers, it that I want a tattoo like that.

Also, I think this next installment has one of the best threesome scene's I have ever read. It was hotter than hot! So hot, that I couldn't stop thinking about it all day and that's very distracting when you're at work. Lol! I won't say what part of the book it's in or who it's between but wow. *fans self*

I heard that the next part is the last one and although I'm sad to see this story over, I'm excited to see Ella get the happiness that she deserves.

Great job again Steffie!! xx

About this author

Steffie Dawn is twenty one years old and was born in Bangor in Wales where she still currently resides. She published Meeting My Master, the first in a series of seven books in April 2013 and within six weeks it shot to #3 on Amazon's Erotica list. Steffie is a freelance writer and an award winning poet who is currently studying law at the further education college. In her teenage years, Steffie volunteered with a local group where they provided a safe place and activities for young people during the school holidays, she also, with one of the other group workers set up a drama group for underprivileged young people on the estate she lives. After studying Dance for two years at the local college Steffie changed direction and at university studied Education Studies and Sociology. Her hobbies include reading and taking parts in beauty pageants where she has held numerous titles her most prestigious being the national title Miss Braveheart Wales.

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