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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Knights Game by CeCi Gibbs

UK VERSION--Available now
Knight's Game (All or Nothing #2)

US VERSION--Releasing December 2013
All He Needs (All Or Nothing, #2)

 When her tryst with handsome billionaire Dominic Knight gets out of hand, Katherine Hart resolves to cut all contact for good. But Dominic won't let his object of fascination escape so easily: when they cross paths in a plush hotel in Singapore, their steamy affair is reignited.

But can such exquisite pleasure last?

Kate knows her lover is a man who lives entirely for the chase. Is this reunion a rushing climax before an inevitable fall, or could Kate possess the keys to finally taming the untamable Dominic Knight?

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Angie J's Review:

I received this book from the author for a truthful review.

OK SOOO  I kinda had the major hots for Mr. Dominic Knight in book 1.  I will say that this book really slowed down alot.  Dominic and Kate had broken up in book 1 but were still pining for each other.  The two jump back together very quickly and I was kinda like "where is the action".  But then I sat back and watched their relationship evolve.  They finally started to ADMIT their feelings and grow together as a confident couple.  Kate and her insecurities at having a total man-whore want to be with her.  Dominic worries that because he was a man-whore he would lose innocent Kate.  I was loving the growth between the two.

Throughout the book you get glimpses of side characters and how they react to Dominic and Kate's relationship.  The lawyers and business partners and family either love what Kate has done to brooding businessman Dominic or hate her for taking him off focus.  It is actually sad that the business people only see Dominic for his shrewd business and don't care about how he is as a person.  While his family and close friends are happy he is embracing life again.

So there is a side plot from book 1 that is shows up in this book.  Kate found a ton of money from book 1 and the people who stole the money from Dominic are kiiiinda mad.  They also kiiiinda want her dead.  Leave it to Dominic to keep her in the dark while he is trying to figure out how to save her and him.

I am in love with the ending of the book.  There were some tears but mainly I was thrilled withe the direction of the story.  Dominic and Kate both get a huge shock but I think it is a shock they both need.  I can't wait for book 3 (the last one) in the series.  Dominic and Kate are a couple I have enjoyed to read about and will be sad when they are done...but hey that is what re-reads are for right????

About the Author:
This is the first book in a trilogy from this author. 
She lives in the United States.
She writes under the name Susan Johnson.
Connect with her:

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