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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bullet #2 - Rock Bottom by Jade C Jamison

Rock Bottom (Bullet #2)

 Ethan Richards has fought depression and a host of other demons all his adult life, and it’s caused him to lose everything—his wife, his son, his friends, and he almost loses the one thing that means the most to him—his band. He hits rock bottom and believes there is no way out.

Enter Jenna McCormick, a feisty drug and alcohol counselor, a woman with her own share of troubles. She finds Ethan intriguing but keeps him at a distance while trying to help him face life without crutches. She feels a spark but denies it, knowing that a relationship with unstable Ethan could be dangerous for both of them.

Ethan knows what he wants, though, and isn’t used to being told no. Jenna isn’t willing to risk Ethan losing his tenuous grip on sobriety, however, and is prepared to deny her deeper feelings to help Ethan climb out of his hole, but he learns how to let go of his pain when he finds that someone is prepared to walk with him through the shadows. Can he convince Jenna that they should take a chance on love or will they forever deny their feelings in an effort to keep Ethan on the straight and narrow?

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Angie J's Review:

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

So If you know me then you know I am totally Team Daddy Brad and am a huge Ethan HATER!!!!!  (Sorry Brenda but he was a Douche Bad of epic proportions!!! ) So to say I was excited to read this book and find out why he was such an asshole would be an understatement.  Jade kept saying I would love him by books end and I laughed.  Right?  Who loves a Douche Bad like Ethan?  *Raising my hand* Apparently I do now.  I am still totally team Daddy Brad but I guess me and Ethan are gonna be friends after all....shaking my head.... Jade, I have no clue how you did this to me!!!!

I love the way the book starts.  Ethan basically cussing me and allll the other haters out.  I was cracking up and let my husband take a peak.  He said "Wow guess you had it coming then huh??"   Yeah the hubs was there to dry my eyes during my reading of Bullet and believe me he was damn tired of hearing about perfect "Daddy Brad" and "Asshole Ethan" for a few weeks.....snickers.......

 I will say, I was ready to read about Ethan being a total dick and screwing around while trying to charm the panties off poor Jenna.  Boy was I wrong.  He was really likeable, kind and *GASP* genuine.    Yeah we see him still angry over losing Val and finding out that her and Brad are together.  So yes, he does act out like the Ethan we know and hate.  As the novel progresses, we see him really owning and accepting his mistakes.  He really did impress me ALOT.  There was a scene where I even messaged Jade and said my icy heart for him had melted.  The scene was between him and Jenna and she was telling him all about her terrors.  (People she is a mess as well but way better at hiding her hot mess.)  When this scene took place, I ached for him and her.  I wanted them to make this work.  Ethan was still ETHAN...cocky, smart ass, and sarcastic BUT he was also tender, hopeful and wanting to make a life for himself.  Every time Jenna tried to push him away, he would counter her arguments.  He refused to let her go.  When Ethan started to fall into his depressive states, Jenna saw through his bullshit and helped him stay the course.  She was the one who helped pick him up.  She knew her love was strong enough to help him pull out of the darkness that was tempting him to his old "lover" heroine.

The ending of the book was great.  Ethan talks to the readers and his tone is completely different from the beginning of the novel.  He is finally at peace with everything.  Yes he is still in recovery because ,lets be honest, years of addiction wont end in one pretty little novel.  However, you can FEEL his change.  You can SEE his changes. I,  for one, am happy for the resolution to the novel. I cannot wait for JETT's book next......

Well Twinsie Angie and I normally agree on most everything....HOWEVER, agreeing on what "team" we were on in Bullet, was NOT one of them.  I have been Team Ethan since the beginning.  I just knew he was misunderstood and was soooo controlled by drugs and depression that he was lost under all that ugliness (as if Ethan could be ugly!!!)  But being on Team Ethan, it was me against the world.  But Jade kept telling me that once everyone heard HIS story, I'd have more team members.  Yep!!  Now, I know I will!! 
After I finished the book, and after I composed myself, I posted a note on Jade's facebook page, blaming her for the puffy eyes that I would be having.  This story was so emotional.  I could actually feel all of the pain and suffering for both Ethan and Jenna.  In Bullet, I really wanted it to work out with Ethan and Valerie, but Ethan explained it best.  He said that although there was love, they were incompatible.  And looking back, it's so true.  They both cared for one another, but they ended up being more hurtful to each other. 
Rock Bottom is just as it sounds...Ethan hits his Rock Bottom and fights and fights and fights his way out of this addiction!  Luckily he finds his soul mate and perfect match in the process!  Jenna, may seem to have it all together, is also broken and trying to figure out her life.  They find each other and wow!  sparks fly.  They both fight it at times, but as it should be, they fight for their love.
And I'm going along good...... reading.  Thinking oh good, it's going well and them BAM!  I WAS SOBBING!!! (yep, got that look from my hubby again! - you know the one ladies!!) OMG what was happening!! I was really panicking and stressing out!  Sorry, Jade, but I do believe I MAY have said a few swear words directed at you! I apologize!!
At the end, I was so proud of Ethan.  He finally found the self-confidence to stand up for himself.  I teared up with pride for my man! 
So I guess I'm saying that I loved this book!  If you have read Bullet, then you will need to read this story.  Whether you hated Ethan (Angie) or LOVED Ethan (ME) - you will love this story.  And to all you new Team Ethan Fans -- Welcome to the club!!  but just remember, I was here first!!!

Melinda's Review:

I received this book by the Author to give a truthful review. 

I wanted to read this particular book because in Bullet I loathed Ethan for the way he treated Val and his band.  I have never read a book that started like this one did.  It was Ethan yelling at the reader, who knew that would really sucked me in like it did.  Yes, this is one of the books I stayed up tell 1:30am to finish on a work night I could not put it down.  One of those I’m going to read to the end of the page, ok I’ll read to the end of the chapter, well the next chapter, oh well I only have 30 more pages I have to finish it kind of things.  

Ethan is still an ass but he does change and a big part of that change is because of Jenna McCormick.  Ethan decided he wanted Jenna and pursued her hard but she was having no part of it especially since she was his counselor.  Jenna also knew both of them had issues and didn’t feel that it would be good for Ethan’s recovery to get involved.  When Ethan saw his usual tactic wasn’t going to work with Jenna he had to revise his entire game plan to get her to see things his way. 

Ethan opens up to Jenna and with the group. You see a change in Ethan, oh he is still Ethan but there is a change.  As I was reading I felt my opinion of Ethan change, I didn’t want it to but it did.  He started to become the man I so wanted him to be for Val in Bullet, and now I understand why he couldn’t.  I saw a side of Val that I never saw before, here again it is understandable and I didn’t blame her.  However, how Ethan handles the situation with Val I give him kudos he did a great job. 

I won’t lie this was an emotional roller coaster ride for me.  Ethan was just like any person recovering from drugs and/or alcohol there was ups, downs, and oh my I need to get a box of Kleenex I cannot believe this is happening.

This was a great book I did like reading about why Ethan was the way he was.  I will say I’m still not Team Ethan, well because if you know me I’m a Team Clayton/Jet gal, but I did thaw toward Ethan and no longer loathe him.  Oh and did you know Jets book is next I so can’t wait for that one I don’t think it will come soon enough.   I give this book 4.5 star rating.

About the Author:

Jade C. Jamison was born and raised in Colorado and has decided she likes it enough to stay forever. Jade's day job is teaching Creative Writing, but teaching doesn't stop her from doing a little writing herself.

Unfortunately, there's no one genre that quite fits her writing. Her work has been labeled romance, erotica, suspense, and women's fiction, and the latter is probably the safest and closest description. But you'll see that her writing doesn't quite fit any of those genres.

You'll have to discover Jade's writing for yourself to decide if you like it


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