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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Heroes and Rogues Series by Destiny Blaine--Books 1 and 2 Review and Promo Post for Book 3

Sassy Road (Heroes and Rogues #1)

Book Blurb:

Sassy Road is tough, beautiful, smart, and looking for a little retribution against the stepfather who abused her.

Logan belongs to Heroes and Rogues, a small town renegade motorcycle club with a bad reputation. Only Logan isn’t exactly loyal to the MC. He’s an undercover cop who’s been in place for several years, and he’s days away from taking down rival club leader Damsel Road.

A new gal arrives at the H & R clubhouse and, after spending time with Sassy, Logan quickly realizes the newcomer is the stepdaughter of a man he is supposed to put away for life.

Unable to deny his infatuation with the lovely Miss Road, Logan’s life just became more complicated. To make the situation worse, vultures are circling. If Logan doesn’t claim Sassy as his old lady, club members will pass her around for their own twisted pleasure.

Logan refuses to see Sassy used, but when he discovers her true motive for associating with the Heroes and Rogues, he fears an intimate involvement could destroy them both. Then again, losing Sassy is a higher price than he’s willing to pay.

Angie J's review:

I received this book from the author for a review.

I actually give this book at 3.5 star rating but rounded up :)

Ok I am a a biker girl.  My ex hubs was a biker looking guy who rode a bike soooo yes if he was a DB he would have been perfect:)  Well I love to read biker books or watch biker shows (hello Sons of Anarchy.  Chibs is my boyfriend...just saying).  When Destiny asked if we would review I jumped up in full attention when I saw a biker series.  Now these are very short, quick reads and I was disappointed.  I wanted LONGER!!!!!  Now was I disappointed int he book...no freaking way...just the length.

So here is the story in a nut shell.....
Sassy is out for revenge against her step dad.  She has a fellow biker trainer and help hide her "true self" whiles getting her up with a biker "boyfriend".  The only problem is Sassy grew up with the pretend boyfriend!!!  *cue ominous music*  Anyway, Sassy gets herself hooked up with Loga...have I mentioned he is an undercover cop also looking to bust Sassy's step dad?  Yep AND he is mega alpha and hot!!!  The two find themselves "connecting" *snickers* on many levels. 

I don't want to tell to much because like I mentioned it is a short. quick and sexy read. The book ends and totally sets up book 2 in the series which i am going to be reading as soon as i finish this review!!!

So If you like hot, naught bikers and sassy, strong heroines then read this book.  I took me 2 hours to read it and it was a good couple hours of time I passed.  Now this book isn't as "in-depth" as i would have loved to read but since it is novella length you will understand what I am talking about.

Victory Rising (Heroes and Rogues, #2)

Book Blurb:

 Months of longing eliminate the need for foreplay once Victory Rising decides to play for keeps. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it, even if her choices cost those around her.

Devon Kardashian has turned over a new leaf. The Heroes and Rogues club once profited from illegal operations, but no more. As leader, Devon has implemented legitimate business practices. Now, it’s time to claim the woman who owns his heart.

When he invites Victory to his clubhouse, Devon risks breaking the truce with the Devil’s Angels. What’s worse, Devon’s club members don’t trust a woman who used to sleep with the Angel’s chapter president.

Will Devon choose professional obligation or personal gain? Is Victory trying to settle old scores for her former club or has she taken the long way home and finally found a man who cares for her?

Angie J's review:

I received this book for a review from the author.

I give this a 3.5 star rating.  This book was also a quick 76 ebook page read and i did enjoy it. 

Ok so this book takes place a year after the last book ended.  Devon is out of jail and has been waiting for the day he can rescue Victory from the apposing MC.  Well her tires are slashed by her VP's wife??  Guess who comes to save the day?  Devon.  He takes Vistory back to the clubhouse where alllll hell breaks out.  Cara, the HR Club Mama, isnt going to have it.  The women and men argue with Devon to kick her troublesome ass to the curb.  When the other MC President shows up, there is a mini scuffle.  All is settled and that is when it gets good and hawt.  Devon is a dom and he wants Victory to submit to him.  Most o this book is the two of them with 2 other people have an HR initiation to the club orgy style.  If you dont like hawt sex theeeen this is not the book for you!!  LOL

After the sexing is done, Logan from book 1 goes to check in with some people...trying not to spoiler it and we find out the opposing MC President is like Logan...GASP!!!!  There are some issues for sure planned for book 3.

Summer Pain (Heroes and Rogues #3) 
Book Blurb:
 Agent Summer Pain is going undercover in a Federal investigation of two of the country’s biggest Motorcycle Clubs. It’s an investigation that’s bound to go haywire, but she takes the assignment and sets her sights high. Only Summer’s objective isn’t the same as her handler’s, and she soon lands in bed with the very man who has haunted her dreams. Unfortunately, the reality is much better than her fantasies, making the task of completing her assignment nearly impossible.

Tigger is the VP of the Heroes and Rogues, one of the MCs being investigated by the Feds. He’s a man with passions that his relationship with the MC’s sheep hasn’t fulfilled. That relationship takes a turn for the worse the minute Summer walks into the clubhouse. Tigger suspects Summer is a woman with secrets, but he never suspects she has the potential to expose another undercover agent, one with close ties to Tigger and the Heroes and Rogues.

Now, Summer has to make a choice: should she work with the Feds or follow her heart

About the Author:

International bestseller Destiny Blaine writes award-winning e-books and trade paperbacks using numerous pseudonyms. An erotic romance author, Destiny writes western contemporary, paranormal and romantic suspense.

Multi-published with some of the most respected publishers in the industry today, Destiny is proud to have multi-book contracts with Siren-Bookstrand, Resplendence Publishing, and eXtasy Books. She has a single title available through Passion in Print. In 2012, several books will also be published by Secret Cravings Publishing.

Additionally, Destiny created her own label for the purpose of publishing backlist titles as well as new work she considers misfits, those books unable to fall within the normal submission guideline parameters and written specifically for Destiny Blaine Productions.

Destiny and her husband live in East Tennessee and spend a large portion of their free time on the coast. When she’s not pounding away at the keyboard, Destiny enjoys spending time with family and friends traveling to casinos and beach towns throughout the country.

 To stay in touch, visit her on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/DestinyBlaine.


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