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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Submission of Alistair Ingram by Kelli Maine

The Submission Of Alistair Ingram (Dolls & Doms #1)
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Book Blurb:
Book Movie star Alistair Ingram strolled into Dolls & Doms private men's club in Las Vegas for his bachelor party and limped out with a torn shirt, red welts covering his chest and a broken engagement splashed all over the pages of every celebrity magazine in the country.

A session with club Dominatrix, Black Betty, will do that to a man.

With Alistair's manager breathing down his neck and Black Betty's abusive ex-husband alerted to where she's been hiding for the past ten years, there's only one thing to do:


And get the hell out of Las Vegas.

But the real ruse is on Alistair and Black Betty, because despite both of their best efforts, they've gotten under each other's skin. Can their explicit dance of domination and submission end in anything other than disaster?

THE SUBMISSION OF ALISTAIR INGRAM is the first in a novella series from www.DollsandDoms.blogspot.com, where erotic tales from the Dolls & Doms private men’s club are told in weekly episodes.

Angie J's Review:

I was given this book as an ARC from the author for a truthful and honest review.

This book was so dark and sexy and I felt like I was Alistair a lot of the time.  Black Betty is such a mess of a woman.  She has been through so much abuse and has built herself up to be this Female Dom of a woman when in actuality she is a submissive.  She hides behind her whip so no one can hurt her....until the day Alistair arrives at the club she works.  Their chemistry is explosive and he tempts her right from the start.  When the story breaks and a lot of trouble ensues from his bachelor party he takes Black Betty home where she continues to lose herself to him.

Without a doubt my favorite part of the story is when Black Betty is "training" Alistair in the rest stop bathroom.  I have never giggles so hard as I did reading that scene.  I can only imagine what the little old ladies who entered and interrupted thought......

I am interested in the other stories of this series and can't wait to read them.

About the author:
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USA Today Bestselling author, Kelli Maine, spends humid summers and frigid winters in Ohio glued to her laptop keyboard. Taken, a USA Today Bestseller, Nook Bestseller and Indie Reader Top Ten Bestseller, is the first in the Give and Take series and Kelli's debut erotic romance. No Take Backs: A Taken Novella is Taken's follow up. Taken By Storm will be next in the series, followed by Given. Additional books and novellas are planned for the series.
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