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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kassern by Azure Boone

Archangels Creed --Kassern
Book Blurb:
Twelve Archangels.

Twelve couples.

Twelve months.

Can they create the Holy Warriors needed to prevent the demon-spawned abominations from destroying the world.

Let the Summoning Begin.


Satan has found a loophole in the rules that govern his battle against Good. The Archangel Uriel sends twelve Warrior Archangels to Earth on a mission to even the odds.

Each Archangel has one month to find a couple, unite them, and use their union’s power to create the Holy Warriors needed to defend the world against Satan’s unholy creations.

But the mission isn’t so simple when inheriting Humanity comes with challenges beyond the Angel’s training, and every milestone in the couple’s relationship effects the triumvirate’s strength.
Angie J's Review:
OK so I have to start by saying I enjoy Paranormal so I was excited to read one because I have been very busy reading other types of books. I started reading this book Friday night and couldn't put it down!!!! I was so involved with the story line and the characters. Who in their right mind would want to make a celibate preacher's son fall in love with a stripping whore??? and who would buy it??? *raises hand* MEEEE!!!!!
The characters in the story and the plot: I loved the story line of Troy and Devyn. I also enjoyed the whole premise of the series...Satan finding a loop whole to take over the world.God will send down 12 angels to find a couple and make them fall in love in order to help save the world. They each have 1 month to succeed. Kassern was the first Archangel to try. I felt for all the characters but especially fell for Devyn. Devyn has been through alot and seen alot yet remained a good person who wants to help her friend. Troy, who is very shelter in comparison to her, feels so bad and wants to rescue her. Kassern and his unsuspecting lady love have a great story line and I was like HELLO Kassern feel free to try and help me outta a bad situation as well!!!
I would totally recommend this book because I thought it was a great beginning. The story building was easy to understand except for one part I was a little bit confused.....talking about the Lab and the experiments.....kinda unsure about it but I believe these "creatures" will be part of the bad things that will be chasing the angels who are trying to save the world. So anyway, IF you like Paranormal and if you are looking for some yummy, uber hawt angel "naughty time" then you prolly wanna try these books!!!

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