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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mine By Katy Evans

by Katy Evans

Mine (Real, #2)


 He's mine, and I'm his. Our love is all-consuming, powerful,
imperfect, and real...

In the international bestseller REAL, the unstoppable bad boy of the Underground fighting circuit finally met his match. Hired to keep him in prime condition, Brooke Dumas unleashed a primal desire in Remington "Riptide" Tate as vital as the air he breathes... and now he can't live without her.

Brooke never imagined she would end up with the man who is every woman's dream, but not all dreams end happily ever after, and just when they need each other the most, she is torn away from his side. Now with distance and darkness between them, the only thing left is to fight for the love of the man she calls MINE

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Angie J's Review:

I purchased this book for a review.

When I first met Remy and Brooke I was blown away by their story. Now after reading the 2nd installment, I am even more in love with Remy. He is a true "survivor" in so may ways. He survives his awful childhood, his Bi Polar issues and the added stress of protecting everyone he loves. He cannot handle sadness with the people that are his "family". He does everything he can to make them happy even when they are being neurotic and ridiculous (Brooke) about things. Remy has given his heart to Brooke 110%. He will do anything, including medicate, for her and their life. I have to say , it made me love him more. He will not medicate but for the love of this woman, he would.....SWOON!!

In this book Brooke and Remy are still dealing with the ending of book 1 when Brooke leaves. They are together but Brooke is feeling guilty and Remy is doing everything he can to reassure her allllls good. I will say Brooke did annoy me a tad bit in the beginning because I was like "get over it sister!! he has!!!" Anyway, Brooke and Remy are thrown a BIG game changer and have to spend time separated after Brooke was attacked by Remy's arch nemesis....GROWL!!! Scorpion really does make you despise him even more this novel.

The whole novel is Remy and Brooke growing in their love and trust of one another....yes Remy is still mega protective alpha hottie and doesn't like anyone looking at Brooke...snickers....their "relationship time" is still amazing and hawt. I will say that with this novel you can really FEEL the love between the characters. When Remy goes black and gets depressed I was so sad for him. I was broken for Brooke with how Remy handles this situation. OMG the man is just amazing to me.

I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Remy's book to come out in a few weeks....squuueeeeeee.

Brenda's Review

Hold on a second while I grab yet ANOTHER tissue!  I just finished this book a few minutes ago.  I can barely see because I am still sobbing.....
OK, here it goes.... from PAGE 1...page 1.... I was enamored!  I felt every word of the book.  The first page was amazing!  I felt like I was watching the beginning of Grey's Anatomy, you know where Meredith Grey talks about some important meaning or lesson that we will learn in the show..... That is what it exactly was, too. 
"All I know is that I feel this love in every molecule in my body, every breath I take, all he infinity in my soul.  I learned that you can't run if your tear a ligament, but your heart can be broken into a million pieces, and you can still love with your whole being."
So the whole book I heard in Brooke's voice.... she was telling the  story of how you pick up the pieces and you must move on.  I loved it.  I cannot say enough how much I loved it!  I loved it as much as Remington loves Brooke! This story had so much raw emotion that you could actually feel every one of them.  EVERY.   ONE.  OF.  THEM.  The sex scenes were so descriptive and HOT, I felt like I was there.  I felt so much respect and admiration for Remington for all that he does to control his bi-polar condition. He is the epitome of strength and love.  He loves with every bit of himself!  And you wonder how he can, with the way he was raised.  But he has found and created his own "family" and they all choose him! 
Sure, there were moments, when I was really frustrated with Brooke.... I wanted to smack her a couple of times.  But Remington handled her perfectly. 
"You," he says, his voice terse and commanding as he drags his web thumb across my lips, "are going to love me until I die. I'm going to make you love me even if it hurts, and when it hurts, I'm going to make it better, Brooke." 
This story shows the strength and hard work for true love.  I downloaded EVERY song mentioned and listened at the appropriate time...which brought on even more tears.  There couldn't be any more perfect songs than those....I think they were written for Remy and Brooke.

"It doesn't hurt," he rasps, then pulls me close by the ass and nuzzles me, "You.  Crying in my fucking arms.  Because I fucking hurt you.  That hurts.  You...not touching me.  Not looking up at me like you do, with those sweet little happy eyes. Hurts.  I'm hurting like a motherfucker and not one piece of me hurts on the outside like it does when you make it hurt."

and here come the tears again.......  So if you haven't guessed it, I give this 5 stars time 100!  If you've read Real, then you've probably already bought Mine and have read it or are about to!  If you haven't read Real.....get to clicking and join the rest of us RIIIIIIIIPTIIIIIIIIDE fans!!!

Here's my playlist, if you want to take a listen...

Melinda’s Review:
I don’t even know where to begin this was an emotional ride for me, with everything Remy and Brooke go through and especially when you listen to the music that they play for one another while reading this.  I loved Remy in Real and wanted to shake Brooke a couple of times well this was no different only I fell more in love with Remy.  I do have to say that as it went on even though I wanted to still shake Brooke sometimes she did step up and I loved her by the end too.   

Brooke once again has to overcome some trust and hurt issues when she learns about things that happened while they were apart.  I love how both are so jealous and protective of one another.  Seems like once an issue is solved something else rears its ugly head.  With everything else going on Remy and Brooke still have to deal with his bi-polar disease. There are a few times I think Brooke is going to break but with the help of Remy’s “family” Riley and Pete she is able to pull through.  He loves Brooke so much that at one point states he will medicate if he ever gets out of hand and she wants him to.  How can you not fall in love with him? Remy is a true survivor with all that he went through as a child and still deals with as an adult; anyone who can overcome what he has is a true survivor in my book.  They still play songs for one another and every one of them was perfect in my opinion. 

As for Nora and Scorpion, well I wanted to jump in the book and shake Nora what are you thinking girl as far as Scorpion I was always taught if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all; Sooo yeap, nothing nice to say about him.  I thought it was great Remy hired female bodyguards for Brooke and I love Josephine what a great addition to the gang.  I love that Remy’s family is growing and everyone in it is people who chose to be there and really love him for him. Wouldn’t it be great to see Riley, Coach, Pete and now Josephine get their HEA.  Oh well, now time to wait for Remy. 

Here are some of my favorites from the book:

 “You. Crying in my fucking arms. Because I fucking hurt you. That hurts. You. . . not touching me. Not looking up at me like you do, with those sweet little happy eyes. Hurts. I’m hurting like a motherfucker and not one piece of me hurts on the outside like it does where you make it hurt.”  ~ Remy

“Every second that you and I breathe, you belong with me.”  ~Remy

“You’re a great fighter, but that’s not what makes you YOU. Remy, don’t you see how inspiring you are? You’re honest, driven, passionate, fierce, and tender. You protect and provide without and expectations. I’ve never heard you judge people, criticize. You live your own life by your own rules and do your best to protect those who surround you. You love even harder that you fight, and I’ve never seen anyone fight like you. Nobody taught you how to be like you—it’s just you.” ~Brooke

“Your family isn’t with you because of destiny or blood or because they have no choice. They’re with you because they love you. And chose you.” I gaze into his blue eyes. “I choose you.” ~Brooke

About the author:
Hey! I’m Katy Evans and I love family, books, life, and love. I’m married with two children and three dogs and spend my time baking, walking, writing, reading, and taking care of my family. Thank you for spending your time with me and picking up my story. I hope you had an amazing time with it, like I did. If you’d like to know more about books in progress, look me up on the Internet, I’d love to hear from you!

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