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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Keeper of the Key by Debra Smith

The Keeper of the Key
Book Blurb:
Kate, an everyday book store owner, is thrown into a world of danger after receiving a letter from her deceased husband. She follows the clues into the arms of Xander, a tough guy she can’t stop herself from responding to. Her body ignites from a single glance, and she is unable to control her passions. Despite her love they are doomed to fail, because a human can never survive a vampire's hunger.

Xander admires the fiery temper of the seductive human he’s determined to help follow the dangerous trail her dead husband sent her on, ending in the mythical land of Shangri La. In an effort to save her, Xander bonds them together, sentencing her to death unless he can undo the blood tie. Though he craves her touch, he's forced to push her away while they battle their way to the chaos at the heart of Shangri La. Can he protect her from her family’s secrets and find a way to be together, or will their love be lost in the pits of a crumbling castle.
Angie J's Review:

I was given this book by the author for a honest and true review of the book.

I am a huge Paranormal person sooo of course I was excited to get this book. I liked the idea that Kate's dead husband sends her on a mission that will change her life forever. He sends her into the arms of Vampire and major hottie Xander. Xander is your typical alpha male who is totally consumed with Kate and doesn't understand why. Due to a little argument, the two of them become bonded and he begins brooding. Can he get past his own stupid fear and can he just love Kate????

I enjoyed this story. I wish it might have been longer because I did like the way the story was paced and written. My only issue is that because the story was short, I felt that it was a bit jumpy in spots. I would have loved it to be longer for some of the scenes to flow better. however, that didn't take away fro the story at ALL!! The story was left with a sequel inevitable and I will defo be reading because I loved Crystal and Devon's impending relationship plus seeing more of Xander and Kate as they figure things out with her new "situation".....curious now aren't you!!??

About the Author:
Debra  Smith
I love reading, writing, and chocolate. I have two books coming out this year. One is a Post-Apoc to be part of Anthology due out December 6th with Pink Petal Books. The other is a PNR novel Releasing November 15th.

I grew up in the Colorado Mountains a place full of possibilities. I never found what truly made me happy until I discovered writing. I didn't really like to read until I tried something a little different. Then like a wildfire my passion grew into a career. I'm thankful every day to have found where I belong.
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