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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Run the Risk by Lori Foster **GUEST POST BY MELINDA B**

Guest Post by Melinda B:

Book Blurb:

When Detective Logan Riske goes undercover to find Pepper Yates, a potential link to his best friend's unsolved murder, he vows to gain her cooperation by any means necessary. But the elusive beauty is more suspicious—and in far more danger—than he expected. And the last thing Logan needs is to start caring for her.
Pepper has spent years dodging the corrupt club owner who will stop at nothing to keep her silenced. She can trust no one, not even the handsome new "construction worker" who's moved in next door. The heat between them is undeniable. But will surrendering to passion bring her the safety she so desires—or will her feelings for Logan draw them both into a killer's crosshairs?

Melinda's Review:

Run the Risk by Lori Foster is book # 1 in the new “Love Undercover” series that has action and romance. I enjoyed all the twist and turns this book went on. I was never able to truly figure out which carters were good or bad until the end of the book. Right when I thought I had it figured out there was another twist thrown my way. I loved the relationship that Detective Logan Riske and Pepper had, both falling for each other and neither one really wanting to admit it. There were some very strange love scenes due to Pepper wanting to keep her identity a secret. I am ready for the next book to come out.
The second book of the series Bare it All is due out April 2013 which is about Reese Bareden, Logan Riske’s partner, and Reese’s neighbor who is also seen in Run the Risk. She dog sits for Reese while he is out on assignment with Logan. The third book of the series is Getting Rowdy due out in September 2013 which is about Pepper Yates brother. 


Invincible by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book Blurb:

Nick Gautier’s day just keeps getting better and better. Yeah, he survived the zombie attacks, only to wake up and find himself enslaved to a world of shapeshifters and demons out to claim his soul.

His new principal thinks he’s even more of a hoodlum than the last one, his coach is trying to recruit him to things he can’t even mention and the girl he’s not seeing, but is, has secrets that terrify him.
But more than that, he’s being groomed by the darkest of powers and if he doesn’t learn how to raise the dead by the end of the week, he will become one of them..

Jo-Anna's Review:

  I'd have to say as far as YA series go, this is probably one of my favorite for paranormal/supernatural type stuff. I just absolutely love Nick in the Dark Hunter series and to learn about him when he was a kid is even extra fabulous. I'm looking forward to reading about how things turn out cause for any of you that have read the DH books, you know some things happen to make life difficult for Nick. My prediction is that he's going to try and change certain events. Can't wait to see what those changes bring. Sherrilyn always has a way of keeping me on my toes with her books. :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

A Beautiful Lie by TE Sivec PROMO BLITZ TOUR


He saw her first, but his friend made the move.

She settled for the safer choice, but her heart knew the truth.

They love, they crave, they lie.

Garrett McCarthy, Annabelle Parker, and Milo Roberts were as close as friends could get. They shared in each other's joy during graduations, promotions, and engagements. They consoled one another through heartache and loss.

When one of the friend's life is tragically cut short, it's up to the two left behind to pick up the pieces and find out the truth - no matter the cost. As they slowly start to uncover the nature of his deception, and the very powerful people behind it, they begin to question everyone and everything, even themselves.

Everyone has secrets - some do it for love while others do it for power. Those secrets can change perceptions, alter reality and sometimes destroy lives.

What do you do when you find out your whole life has been a lie?


"If you were mine, I would never be able to walk away from you. If you were mine, I’d worship every inch of your body with my hands, lips, and tongue. If you were mine, I wouldn't be able to stand in the same room as you without running my hands over your skin and tasting your lips. If you were mine..."


We can't say much at this point BUT you DONT want to miss this book... IT'S A MUST READ !!!!!!!!!!!!


T.E. Sivec is the pen name for Tara Sivec. Under T.E. Sivec, she delves into a more serious genre that is her absolute favorite to read - romantic suspense. She loves reading a book and feeling her heart speed up with anticipation and wanted to be able to give that feeling to her fans.

T.E. lives in Ohio with her husband and two children, living the dream of being a full-time writer.



http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16085614-a-beautiful-lie = GOODREADS BOOK





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Thursday, January 3, 2013

WOUNDED by Jasinda Wilder

WoundedBook Blurb:

War has taken everything from me. My family. My home. My innocence. In a country blasted by war and wracked by economic hardship, a young orphan girl like me has very few options when it comes to survival. Thus, I do what I must to live, to eat, and I try very hard to not consider the cost to my soul. My heart is empty, and my existence brutal.

The one impossibility in my life is love.

And then I meet HIM.

War is hell. It takes a chunk out of a man's very soul to do the kinds of things war demands of you. You live with fear, you live with guilt, and you live with nightmares. If you haven't been through it, there's no understanding it. War leaves no room for love, no room for tenderness or softness. You gotta be hard, closed off, and ready to fight every moment of every day. Lose focus for a split second, and you're dead.

Now the only thing that can save me is HER.

Angie's Review:

This book is unlike Jasinda’s other stories. This one is DARK , TWISTED, and VIOLENT… YET….BEAUTIFUL, SENSUAL, and INTENSE. I loved the way she gets so INSIDE the characters head. The way Jasinda lets the readers inside of Rania’s head lets them FEEL and UNDERSTAND more of who she is ? why she has done what she’s done? The way Jasinda tell’s Rania’s point of view it’s as if you ARE Rania. You feel her emotions. She does the same for Hunter. Hunter has had a troubled past and is just looking to move on with his life. He didn’t count on falling for one of the local girls. Jasinda does the same with Hunters point of view. She lets us in on EVERY aspect of his pain, emotional ties and the journey of trying to resist Rania. There story had me all over the place emotional wise. I felt sorrow, pain, love, angst, and romance. I was SURPRISED by reading this. I was not expecting to like it as well as I did. It started off slowly but after Rania and Hunter finally meet…..it held my attention through out to the end….GREAT JOB ON THIS JASINDA !



**Guest Posting By Amee P** Dark Lover By JR Ward

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)
Book Blurb:

In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there's a deadly turf war going on between vampires and their slayers. There exists a secret band of brothers like no other-six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. Yet none of them relishes killing more than Wrath, the leader of The Black Dagger Brotherhood.

The only purebred vampire left on earth, Wrath has a score to settle with the slayers who murdered his parents centuries ago. But, when one of his most trusted fighters is killed-leaving his half-breed daughter unaware of his existence or her fate-Wrath must usher her into the world of the undead-a world of sensuality beyond her wildest dreams
Amee's Review:
As I sat down to read Dark Lover for the second time I only felt excitement. This book is so much to me, I can safely give it credit for opening my eyes into a whole new genera of book, one I never would have figured myself enjoying. Also, it has given me a new love for reading that I never had before. When I first picked up Dark Lover about a year and a half ago it was by total accident. I was not an avid reader to begin with, I had just gotten a nook and had started to read a little more often but nothing like what I do now. This book was one my husband had loaded on my Nook along with a lot of other "vampire" books. I had decided to join the rest of the world and read a series called Twilight LOL, and I have always loved Vampire stories so when I finished that series I had asked him to find me some more along the same lines. Well, while at the gym on the elliptical one day I was reading something else that was not really keeping my attention so I decided to give another book a go and Dark Lover was calling out to me...."read me Amee"....so I opened it up. That day I spent almost 2 hours on that elliptical from the moment I opened this book I could not stop reading it. Like I said this was the beginning of something wonderful for me. I had never read anything in the romance or erotica category and you can say that I was blushing more then a little bit but the story behind the love story is what made me want to keep going, not that the love story didn't also hold my interest cause IT DID *fans self*! It started my journey into a love for reading I never thought possible!! Reading has become an outlet, and everyone needs a little escape sometimes, so I would like to thank J.R. Ward for giving me such a wonderful gift!

This is the story of the Blind Vampire king who is rough around the edges, an alpha male in every sense of the word, but you will see he has a heart of gold. As he finds himself and his place in the world he also finds love through a half breed vampire female, Beth, who he has to help through her transition from human to vampire. He doesn't think he will fall for her but there is no stopping the inevitable bond that is meant to happen. As all of this is happening you also get a glimpse of the other Brothers of the Black Dagger Brotherhood who you will see have their HEA's in future books and you begin to see the complex world of Vampires and Lessers that J.R. Ward has created for all of us. J.R. Ward is a master at writing, her words are poetry and you can not help but get pulled into the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

This book is hands down number one on my list of recommendations to anyone who wants a good read. There is erotic romance but these books are so much more then that, there is action, humor, friendship, heartbreak and a world you feel like you are a part of. Once you finish Dark Lover you will want more right away but don't fret there are 9 more books waiting for you. Reading this on round 2 only made me fall more in love with this story and it's characters. If you are looking for something to totally 'suck' (pun intended) you in please read this, you will have no regrets!
Buy Link: 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Akira Tong for Christmas by Azure Boone **GUEST POST by Susan**

Akira Tong for Christmas

Book Blurb:

At twenty-four, Sarah Shelby twiddles her thumbs on a Mississippi farm while her identical twin, Anna, parades the world as a prestigious Tour Guide. But when her sister falls ill and her job is on the line, Sarah sees an opportunity for an adventure she's often fantasized about. Ecstatic, she sets off for New York City where she'll impersonate her sister as a tour guide, and spend two weeks at an extravagant hotel at Christmas time!

Things quickly take a disastrous turn when Sarah learns she'll have to stay in the same suite with her assignment, Akira Tong. One of Japan's richest bachelors and heart throbs, the obnoxious scrooge has no respect for her or her carefully laid out itinerary. And without the cheat sheet, she's sure to blow her facade.

But that turns out to be the least of her problems. Akira strutting around half naked in his god-like body lights Sarah's hormonal fuse. Soon she's a sexual time bomb, saying and doing scandalous things. Before long, having the sexy Akira Tong as her first is all she can think about. Only there's a lot more to Akira than Sarah perceives. And by the time she discovers the secret, it's a lot more than a job that's on the line.

Susan's Review:
This is a real roller coaster of a book (in a very good way). Amazing chemistry, great humor, annoying siblings and an amazing backdrop. Akira and Sarah have fabulous chemistry. The massage scene alone should come with a fan. There is a lot of humor and it is enhances the story even more. It has the rare gift of making the reader feel invested in the story. You really want this relationship to overcome all its obstacles. The author has a real gift for writing characters that feel very real. I was extremely surprised with the twist at the end. This is a couple you won't forget and I know I will reread this book. The end left me smiling and wishing for more.

Rock Stars Do It Harder by Jasinda Wilder

Rock Stars Do It Harder
Book Blurb:

***Rock Stars Do It Harder is the pilot story for a Big Girls spinoff-sequel series. It is best to read this after the Big Girls Do It books 1-5 to avoid major spoilers.***
Chase Delany is a rock star. Rock stars are expected to rock hard onstage and party even harder offstage. Chase is living up to those expectations, and then some. He leaves everything he's got onstage, and drowns the ache in his soul at the bottom of a tequila bottle. And then there are the girls. They throw themselves at him nonstop, a never-ending train of hot girls who want in his signature tight leather pants. The problem? Nothing, no amount of booze and no amount of backstage sex can heal the cracks in his heart left by Anna's rejection. And then he runs into Jamie. Anna's best friend. The one girl in the whole world who is off limits to him. The one girl who happens to be the one thing that seems to soothe the hurt inside him. Forgetting her proves to be impossible.

Jamie Dunleavy has always been an enthusiastic practitioner of the sexual arts. She's never apologized for it, and she owns it. She's been known to admit--to her best friend Anna Devine, at least--that she's a bit of a slut. Her deep, dark secret? She's tired of it. She doesn't want to be that girl anymore. She wants love, now more than ever, having watching Anna find her own happily-ever-after. So who does she find herself falling for? Chase Delany. Anna's very recent ex. A rockstar, and the one guy she knows she can't ever, ever be with. You don't bang your best friend's ex. You just don't. It's the one hard and fast rule of best friendship. Except, no matter how hard she tries to forget him, she can't seem to shake the image of his dark eyes and sexy tattoos and those lips she wants so badly to kiss and kiss until neither of them can breathe. She can't forget him, and she can't ever have him.
Angie J's Review:
I was given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review.

OMG I loved this book. It is a very quick but hawt read. Chase is one naughty boy who is so caught up in his heartache for Anna he is blindsided by a quick and passionate kiss with her best friend Jamie. The book is about the 2 of them trying to ignore the passion they are feeling because of the "Anna issue". It was hawt how Chase dealt with it while Jamie and 'Big Ben" not so much but kinda funny!!! I will never forget that scene and neither will she for that matter!  Curious aren't ya????

I think this book did a great job getting Jamie and Chase all kindas of confused about what they want with the other person. I love the ending and the set up for book 2!! CANNOT WAIT!!

Jo-Anna's Review:

Wow!! This book was hot!! It was short but super spicey. I loved it! I love rockstars and Chase? Oh. My. Gosh. SWOON!! A certain scene involving 4 people after a night of playing Strip Poker, was...let me just sum it up in one word..WOW! 
Also, I freaking love Jamie! Her and her trucker mouth rules!

This is my first story that I've read of Jacinda's and I'm glad and thankful that I had the opportunity to read it. I look forward to reading her other stuff and I CANNOT wait until the next book!!!
Book Clip that is rated PG!!! 
 (We like naughty clips but are saving the GOOD ones for the book!)
Jamie lifted her chin to gaze up at him, her palms caressing the stubble on his scalp at the back of his head.  She knew she shouldn't be here.  She knew this couldn't be, couldn't happen, but it already was happening.
She lifted up on her toes to kiss him, and something deep in her heart caught, tripped and shattered. His lips were tender on hers, tasting her mouth, not demanding more but exploring, treasuring.
His palm slid down her ass to pull up the skirt, and she desperately, frantically wanted him to lift it, to touch her bare skin.
NO she couldn't do this to Anna.

About the Author:
 Image of Jasinda Wilder

Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women. When she's not writing, she's probably shopping, baking, or reading.
You can often find Jasinda drinking sweet red wine with frozen berries and eating a cupcake.

Web Page:


Buy Link:

To buy Big Girls books 1-5 here are the links as well!

Monday, December 31, 2012

The Cuvier Widows By Sylvia McDaniel

Hey wanna read some fun and exciting drama...oh snap you know you do!!  Well here is a fun new series by our girl Sylvia McDaniel we want to share with you all.  It was just released YESTERDAY!!!  Well check out this series......
Until the day of Jean Cuvier's death, his wives had no idea that he had promised until death do us part to more than one woman. Now, the Cuvier Widows must deal with his duplicity, while wondering who poisoned their wayward husband. Can they ever learn to trust and find love again?

Book 1

Wronged (Louisiana Historical) Book 1 (The Cuvier Widows)
Book Blurb:
Marian Cuvier didn't know how to react when she learned that the man she called husband and father to her children, Jean Cuvier, had been murdered. Yet, the biggest surprise was when the detective informed her that she's not the only woman Jean married. There are three Cuvier Widows and one is suspected of murder.

When Marian learned of her husband's death, humiliation, shock and anger were the only emotions she felt for Jean. For the last several years, their marriage has been in name only. Now she's determined to safeguard her children's future and save their only source of income, Cuvier Shipping. Jean's handsome business partner, Louis Fournet thinks Marian's should not be leading her husband's business. The man has a way with women that Marian finds alluring and arouses feelings she's never experienced. Louis Fournet is a temptation she finds hard to resist.
Book 2

Betrayed (Louisiana Historical) Book 2 (The Cuvier Widows)
 Book Blurb:
Nicole Cuvier went to New Orleans to share the most wonderful news with her husband only to discover him in a hotel room murdered, with two other women claiming to be his wife. It seems there are three Cuvier Widows and one is suspected of murder.

For years, Nicole Cuvier had tried to erase the shame of her illegitimate birth and start the family she longed for with her husband, Jean. As the mistress of Rosewood, she owns one of the largest plantations on the River Road in Louisiana. Now, she's pregnant, unmarried-a widow with a plantation dependent upon the sugar cane crop to survive. She needs a temporary husband. Handsome Maxim Viel, a drifter, comes to her rescue and marries her, but unbeknownst to Nicole, Maxim wants more than a temporary arrangement. He has the power to heal her shattered heart, but could his past be intertwined with Rosewood?

Book 3

Beguiled (Louisiana Historical) Book 3 (The Cuvier Widows)

Book Blurb:
Jean Cuvier forced Layla's father to sell his shipping company and marry his daughter, or so she believed. Until the morning the servants wake her with the news that Jean is dead and she quickly learns she's not the only Mrs. Cuvier. Jean has three widows, but Layla is the only one accused of Jean's murder.

The District Attorney has enough motive and evidence, to send Layla to the gallows. Forced to turn to the man she blames for the sale of her father's shipping company, she must trust Drew Soulier, to save her life. Though Drew's the best attorney in New Orleans, he doubts her innocence. As tensions mount, Drew and Layla face a passion they can't deny. Can Drew save her from hanging?

Boxed Set:

The Cuvier Widows Boxed Set

If you are interested in the series the box set is the way to go.  Each of the books are $3.99 but the boxed set is $5.99
Buy Links:

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chloe's Double Draw by Fiona Archer

Chloe's Double Draw (King's Bluff, Wyoming #1)
Book Blurb:
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Chloe Morgan fled to King’s Bluff, Wyoming, to start a new life. With a past that haunts her, the shy schoolteacher must make a choice. She can hide away and protect her secrets or embrace the acceptance of the small community.

Noah King and Flynn Taylor have traveled the world as members of Australia’s elite SAS. They’ve earned scars, both inside and out. Now powerful influencers in King’s Bluff, a town founded by Noah’s ancestors, the men have made a haven from the ranch Noah inherited.

One look at Chloe convinces Noah and Flynn she’s worth pursuing. Introducing her to BDSM and the ménage lifestyle accepted by the town will be a hard sell. She’s scared, skittish, and refusing their advances.

As the two Doms fight to gain her trust, Chloe’s past crashes in on them, threatening their futures. When a man obsessed with her tracks down his prey, nobody could have imagined how high the stakes would go.
Angie J's Review:

We were asked by the author to review this novel and give a truthful review.

TRUTH: This book was amazing!!  TRUTH: I read 85 % of this book in 1 days because I couldn't put it down!  TRUTH: I cannot wait for more books for this series.  TRUTH: I cannot wait for more books from this author.  TRUTH:  This author may become an auto buy for me!!!

OK so I guess you get the picture that I liked...strike that...loved this book.  I loved how the Australian author used Aussie words and teased the American versions of the book.  I loved the uber hawt alpha males Noah and Flynn.  I loved Chloe and her fear of this type of relationship and fear of losing independence because she had ZERO clue about menage/BDSM lifestyle.  I think the author did a great job breaking down the truth to having and living a menage/BDSM relationship.  We, the readers, were along for the ride in Chloe's self discovery to this lifestyle and major life change that goes with it. 

The other plots to the story were "secrets" all the 3 characters were dealing with internal.  Chloe feared she had killed someone.  Flynn feared he also killed someone and let his family down.  Noah feared his inheritance.  You see all these people work together to try and deal with the emotions but finding that being together, as a family,  was the only way it would work.  I loved the plot of Chloe's insane in the membrane step brother Trent.  Let me tell you, I was SHOCKED at the showdown they had with him at the end of the novel....well crafted there madam Fiona!!! 

PG Book Clip:
Hang on. Had she missed something? She glanced at the meals in front of Noah and Flynn.
“You have your orders already?” She studied two plates piled high with eggs, bacon, sausage, grilled tomato, and toast.
Ryan’s soft chuckle snagged her attention. He slid the paper further away from Chloe, making way for a small jar with no label, its contents nearly black in color. “Guys, if I didn’t have a kitchen to run, I’d stay around to watch how this turns out. I reckon Chloe might give you a run for your money.” With that, he turned, leaving his two friends to face her on their own.
Noah sprinkled pepper over his eggs, his moves unhurried. “Ryan knows our usual order. And before you ask how he guessed we’d be stopping by, we’d arranged for him to ring us when you came in this morning.”
“You planned this?” Shock and, if she was honest, excitement filled her, warring with her constant need for distance.
“Right.” Noah scooped some egg onto his fork, then lifted his gaze to hers. “We’re a couple of stubborn bastards, Chloe. Best you know that from the start.”
“We plan to wear down your resistance one way or another.” Flynn nodded before taking a bite of his bacon.
“Well, in the interests of full disclosure, maybe you can tell me how many people in town you’re going to involve in whatever scheme you’ve devised to get me on a date.”
Noah lowered his knife and fork and captured her left hand in both of his. He turned her hand over, exposing the soft cushion of her palm. His finger circled her sensitive flesh. His touch was firm. He wanted her to feel his strength. Somehow, she found that reassuring even as her pulse went all giddyup.
Flynn traced a finger up her other arm, burning a trail through her sweater. A two-pronged attack. Do. Not. Squirm. What was wrong with her? She should snatch her hand away. Tell them to get lost. Guilt knotted her stomach. She lowered her gaze to her plate.
“Chloe, look at me.”
Noah’s forceful decree sent another rush of moisture straight to her panties. For a second she closed her eyes. She could handle this. They were just two men, not superhuman. She lifted her chin and met his gaze.
“Let’s clarify a couple of things. We don’t have a scheme to date you. We have an absolute commitment to make you our woman.” He ignored her sharp intake of breath. “As for tactics, we’ll use whatever’s necessary, barring anything that would cause you actual physical or mental harm, to achieve our goal. That includes asking a friend to ring us when you’re in his diner for your regular Saturday morning breakfast. You should know we have a lot of friends in this town and we’re not above calling in favors.”
Flynn sipped his coffee and leaned back against the booth. “Luv, I’m guessing you don’t know the motto of the Special Air Services Regiment. It’s ‘Who Dares Wins.’ Never underestimate the thrill of the chase. You can run all over town, but eventually we’ll catch you.”
Chased by these men…these strong, lethal men. And, when they caught her? Her mind whirled with the possibilities. Flynn would hold her against his hard body, her desperate struggle no match for his overwhelming strength. She envisaged Noah walking toward her, his stride slow, deliberate. Wearing a crooked grin, he would run a length of rope through his hand. She would kick out at him, try to gain—
“Chloe?” Noah’s prompt dragged her back with a thud.
Heat scalded her face. She ducked her chin. Was it possible to die from embarrassment?
“Little one, whatever it is that’s got you blushing so pretty, I’d love for you to share it with us.” Noah chuckled when she lifted her head and scowled back at him.
“Not a chance in hell. You don’t need my help to stroke your egos.” She snatched her hand away from his grasp and started in on her rapidly cooling eggs and mushrooms.
“So you were thinking about us, and it made you blush? Well, that’s made my day.” Flynn’s cheeks creased in apparent satisfaction.
“What makes you think you’re both irresistible? You’re not the only men in town.” She lifted her chin a little bit higher.
Precious seconds later, her smirk faltered as Flynn’s gaze turned hard. “If any other man in King’s Bluff gives you cause to blush the way you did just now, he better start running. You on the other hand, will be over my knee as I turn your bottom a sweet shade of pink.”
Like hell!
“Listen, you Neanderthal throwback, who do you—”
Noah pressed two fingers against her lips. Her clit pulsed at the forceful action. She forgot to breathe. It was as if he’d flicked on a switch deep inside.
Gently, he turned her face to his and stroked her jaw with his thumb before dropping his hand back to the table.
“I think what Flynn’s trying to say is we’re both developing feelings toward you. We want to take care of you and keep you safe as we get to know you better,” Noah offered.
“There’s a big difference between protective and possessive, Noah. Either way, I’m an adult who’s managed to take care of herself for quite a few years. Thanks for the offer, but I’ll continue to run my life without your assistance.”
She counted the beats as Noah stared at her long and hard before answering. “Since I don’t want to argue with you, I’ll let that slip go. But rest assured, sweetheart, you’ll be encountering our assistance in the future.”

The burn in her nipple morphed into a sweet throb. Desire shot straight to her core. Her control was slipping away from her, melting in a puddle at their feet. If she gave in now, she’d never be able to walk away.
“No, I can’t. I won’t—Oh. My. God. What’s that?” Pain gripped her other nipple. She looked down. Flynn kneeled in front of her, adjusting something—tweezer-like things with rubber ends—on her nipple. She rocked forward. A tiny bell, hanging from the clamp, tinkled.
Helpless, she watched Flynn lift a second clamp, connected by a chain to the first, to her other nipple, still caught between Noah’s finger and thumb.
“Nooo.” This was so foreign and delicious.
“Breathe and settle. Center you thoughts on your nipple. It’s not hurting anymore, is it? Burning, yes, but not hurting.” Noah’s free hand sank between her wet folds. He pressed against her clit just enough to drive her higher while denying her release.
Again, she let her head fall back against his chest, her eyes closing. He thrust two fingers deep inside her core the moment the sharp bite of the clamp bit down on her remaining nipple. She opened her mouth. No sound escaped.
Never, she’d never felt anything…It had hurt before, but now it went beyond a burn. It was more than she’d ever imagined.
Inside her warmth, Noah swiped his finger in a circle, grazing her sensitive spot. Yes. Right there.
A warm lick caressed her nipple. She jolted. Tinkling sounds filled the air. Their light pings contrasted to the heavy thud of her heart.
“How does it feel, sweetness, having your nipples clamped?” Flynn’s voice drifted over her as he skimmed the back of his fingers over her breasts.
She battled to center her thoughts. “It feels amazing, too much.”
“Poor baby. We’re just warming up.”
She opened her eyes in time to catch Flynn lift the thin sliver of chain connecting the clamps and give it a gentle tug.
An avalanche of sensation sparked from her nipples and ran down straight to her pussy. “I…oh, oh, I can’t—”
Noah lowered his head until his warm breath caressed her ear. “You don’t have permission to speak.” His teeth nipped her lobe.
She moaned at the sharp sting. How could she crave this kind of pain?
Flynn wrapped his hand in her hair and tugged, dragging her gaze up to his. “Do we need to gag you?”
Oh, hell! Her pussy clamped like a vise around Noah’s fingers.
“Flynn, she’s gripping me hard.” He used his head to press hers further into his shoulder as he licked a line up the side of her neck. “Your need for domination goes far deeper than you’ve confessed, doesn’t it, little one? You need to be taken, sometimes rough and hard. You want to scream and struggle and know that no matter what you say or do, you can’t get free.”
At Flynn’s cool gaze, she pressed her lips together. No, they wouldn’t let her speak. Not now, when she teetered on the edge of full capitulation. His denial jacked up her need, becoming even more frantic when Noah withdrew his fingers from her pussy.
Flynn kneeled between her legs. “She’s just confirming what we knew all along. It’s true, isn’t it, Chloe? You love it when you’re taken in hand.” His fingers spread her lips wide. She tensed as his breath fanned over her wetness. Fire raced through her as he licked the tip of her clit. “Weak men don’t attract you.”
“You want them strong, determined.”
“Prepared to wrestle you from your own fears.”
“Take you down, show you who’s in command.”
His mouth closed over her clit, sucking hard. A starburst of pleasure exploded from her clit. She came with such force that her heels knocked against the chest as her legs jerked with each wicked lick and suck from Flynn.
He showed no mercy, his tongue flicking over her swollen bundle of nerves as another orgasm, so quick after the first, shattered what remained of her composure and left her breathless.
“Nothing can hold us back now. Feel how your body reacts to our words. You’re on fire, luv.” Noah’s lips trailed kisses down the side of her face and neck.
They’d left her with nowhere to hide, utterly defenseless. Her hands curled into fists. She crumpled back against Noah. Her eyes widened. Something hard, very hard, was within her reach. A smile pulled at her mouth. She ran a knuckle over the bulge. Maybe she wasn’t so defenseless after all.
“Don’t you dare,” Noah warned.
Hot ribbons of excitement raced along her body. No way was she stopping now.
She rubbed her fist against the denim covering his erection. Noah’s sharp hiss drove her on, her strokes longer and harder. Could she make her hard-ass warrior come in his pants?
Too late, she saw Noah’s hand reach for the chain connecting her clamps.
She squished her eyes closed and panted against the clamp’s spicy bite. “Oh. Oh, Sir.” Breathe.
Noah finally released the chain, letting it thud against her hot skin.
Flynn’s next words had her eyes popping open. “Obviously, we’ve been too gentle.”
Aaaahh.” She cried out as Flynn slapped her pussy. Tiny waves of bliss rolled outward from her clit, not enough to allow orgasm.
“Silence,” Noah ordered.
Ready to beg, she clamped her jaw tight.
Flynn lifted up a black velvet pouch and pulled out a butt plug, held it up for her to see.
So big. Her back passage clenched in anticipation.
“See this? It’s nearly as big as me. We’re going to get you nice and stretched. Then I’m going to fuck your arse.”
“Right after I slide into that hot, wet pussy,” Noah said.
They wanted to drive her insane. That had to be their plan.
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I live in the sunny environs of Sydney, Australia, and share a house with my dog, Letty. Oh, and the flock of cockatoos that take over the back yard each afternoon, demanding their feed of Arnott's Milk Arrowroot Biscuits. Things get a little noisy around 3.00pm in our household.

My love of romance started back when I was twelve and my mum's stash of Mills and Boon novels proved too much of a temptation. At fifteen, I decided the life of a romance writer was for me. Some...ah...years later, I've clawed together enough gumption to make my dream a reality.

When not sitting in front of the computer, I can be found in the garden or enthralled watching a murder mystery DVD. I limit myself to reading other authors' work between writing my own stories. Books are my "shiny" distractions.
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