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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - Year in Review by Twinsie Angie J


Wow what a difference a year makes!!  The day me and my co-founder Angie E decided to make this page, we laughed thinking we will be lucky to get 100 followers.  Well we were so wrong!!  We can't believe how many people are following us....I mean it is just US!!

 When we saw how fast were were growing, the decision to add more reviewers was pretty easy.  Thanks to Jo-Jo, Brenda, Melinda and Jen for helping us make this blog even more successful!  I love how easy each addition to the blog has been and how great our friendships have evolved.  You ladies are my sisters!!!

So this year has been a blast for me and my travel partner/co-partner in crime Melinda.  We have gone to several signings and met a lot of amazing authors........

In April we got to meet and hang with Jasinda Wilder, Katie Ashley and Tara Sivec in Nashville....We had a blast and laughed alot!!!We also got to meet in PERSON our Twinsie Angie E!!  Yup this friendship was formed online so it was cool to hang out together!!
My favorite memories of this trip were dinner with Katie, Having an old man check out thongs and book covers of Jasinda's books and then running away, and getting a hi 5 from Tara cuz I told her when you look this good you don't have to swallow!!

 At RT I got to meet alot of authors but meeting CA Szarek,  Lisa Kessler, Jeaniene Frost, Lauren Stewart, Peyton Elizabeth and Heather Rainier topped it for me.  Plus guess what other Twinsie I got to hug?  Yup Twinsie Jo-Jo!!  I love my FS!!

Twinsie Jo-Jo

Chrissy Szarek

Heather Rainier--totally fan girled when i met her.  She is so sweet and kind.

Alannah Lynne--another author who is amazingly sweet and kind to her fans and loyal readers!!

Jeaniene Frost

Kallypso Masters--classy act of a lady!!!  This was the 2nd time I met Kally.  The first time we drove 6 hours round trip to meet her for a layover in Chicago for about 2 hours...yeah we are THOSE kinda fans!!!

Lara Adrain (Pretty sure that I scared the crap outta her when i grabbed her and asked for a picture.  Even though she tried to politely tell me she was running late, I  kiiinda ignored and said SMILE and she did!!  Seriously she rocked out.)

Lauren Stewart--Shut the front door....I love her and her humor!!!  She even sat with me and Melinda later while we ate lunch and we chatted with her.

Sorcha Black and Leia Shaw--these ladies are a riot!!!  and their books are really steamy!!

Lisa Kessler--OMG I was stoked to see her and she was stoked someone recognized her :)  She writes great paranormal but her shifters are my FAVORITE!!!

Peyton Elizabeth--LOVED meeting a new author and then finding out at one point we lived like 10 minutes from each other...insane!!

Robyn Peterman and JM Madden--These two ladies are a riot!!!

Ending the night having dinner with Kally was a blast!!!

 In June We went to Romfest.  The highlights for me were meeting Sandy Sullivan, Paloma Beck and also hanging with Melanie Codina.  Melanie and I have been friends for a bit so finally getting to hang and drink with her was alot of fun bbbuuutttt be warned because licking does occur when I drink...wanna know?  guess you better ask Melanie!!!

Melanie Codina--before the "Licking" incident of 2013

Joey Hill --I won a kickass prize basket of hers as well....totally made my trip!

Sandy Sullivan---I have sooo much love and respect for this lady!!  She writes some delicious cowboy novels!!

Paloma Beck--I was super stoked to meet Paloma.  She wrote an amazing story that still sticks with me today!!

In October Melinda, our local friend Penny and i went to Tennessee again.  We attended the IRC .  The main reason we went was to meet my favorite masked author Red Phoenix.  We got to visit with Red Phoenix and Mr. Red Phoenix, Seeing Kallypso again, and connecting with 2 new authors who I have grown to LOVE ...Michelle Lynn and Melissa Rolka.

Kally and Red

Melissa Rolka and Michelle Lynn--These ladies have mad writing skills....both their books made my top 10 from the 2nd half of the year!!

 Kallypso Masters--I just love her...I cant say enough about her!!  She helped Twinsie Talk get off the ground and going so we shall forever be in her debt :)

JM Madden

Eve Langolis--What a riot she is AND she cusses just as much as I do!!  SQUEEEE!!

Lunching it with Red and other fans was a blast!!

HUGE FAN GIRL of this amazing author.....
Red Phoenix is the REASON I went to this convention!!  

Her kind heart, gentle spirit and amazing loyalty makes her a real Jem for a person to meet.  I felt so privileged to  spend the weekend with her and her husband Mr. Phoenix.  

I was sooooo nervous to finally meet her but when we did get to see each other, the hug was awesome and genuine!!  

Red and Mr. Red invited us to their room for a chocolate party with a few of her fans.  We had a great time.  Here I am rocking my "I Googled it Sir" Shirt...don't understand?  Then read her book and you shall!!

We are super excited for next year.   We will be going to Chicago Authors Event with Twinsie Brenda and other friends to meet and hang with Melanie Codina, Melissa Rolka and Michelle Lynn.  But I gotta admit getting to meet the genius behind the Hard Rock Harlots books Kendall Grey will be super Fan Girlie time!!!  ANNND Meeting Jo Wyld (have you read Reapers Property???  HOLY HELLS BELLS)....Such a great year of fun planned already!!

 Melinda and I have already booked RomCon with Ashley Piscitelli !! Plus Angel Payne promised some fun wine drinking soooo how can a girl say no????   SQUEEEE!!!! 

 Look out we are taking our trips to the sky!!!

So in May we did a count down of our top 10 book from January 1st - May  31st.

Here is the link so you can see what they were again.....Click Here

My top 10 from June 1- December 31st will be the following in no particular order and yes I cheated by adding a couple "series" in my list but do you have any clue how hard this was?????  Serious!!  anyway here is the list:

1. Love Me Back by Michelle Lynn
Love Me Back
My review

This is the story of 2 small town brothers who fall for the same girl at different points in her life....tear jerker in a big way!!


2. The Perfect Distraction by Melissa Rolka

The Perfect Distraction (The Perfect Series, Book 1)

My Review

This story is about a girl who is stuck between a toxic love and a HEA kinda love....ANGST ANGST ANGST!!!  BE WARNED!!!


3. The Hard Rock Harlots Series by Kendall Grey
Strings (Hard Rock Harlots, #1)

 My Review


Beats (Hard Rock Harlots, #2)
*FYI I have a total love addiction to Toombs so stay away or I shall hit you with his drumsticks!!  thanks for understanding!!*
My Review

Nocturnes (Hard Rock Harlots, #3)
My Review
These books are about a rock band!!  OMG they are so naughty and crass  and I loved every second of them.

4. Lick by Kylie Scott
My Review

This book is about a plain, jane girl who wakes up married to  a hawt, famous rockstar and DOESN'T REMEMBER ANY OF IT!!!  Gotta love Vegas!!!


5. Sex Snob by Elizabeth Hayley

Sex Snob
My Review

This book is just what is says.  A girl who will not get hurt by love makes ridiculous rules  about the kind of guy she will date.  So hawt and super funny!!  I also suggest the book it is a spin off from called Pieces of Perfect.  You don't need to read POP to understand Sex Snob but the end will leave you screaming like I was!!!


6. Feverish by Jade Jamison

Feverish (Bullet, #3)
My Review

If you dont know what this book is about I will be stunned....but is it book 3 of the Bullet series about Jet/Clay.  Seriously hot and funny!!  But Brad from book 1 is still my book boyfriend!!!*Growls at any person who thinks he is theirs*


7. Double Full by Kindle Alexander
Double Full (A Nice Guys Novel #1)

My Review

This book is about men who find love at a young age to have it ripped away BUT can they find it again years later????  TEAR JERKER!!!!


8. Playing with Fire series by Ashley Piscitelli
Playing With Fire (Guarded Hearts, #1)
My Review

Breaking Through The Wall (Guarded Hearts, #2)

My Review
This series is about Carter *SWOON* James and Madison plus their friends Jason and Nic all trying to figure out love while dealing with major issues!!

9.Love Resisted by Melanie Codina
Love Resisted (Real Love, #2)
My Review
Amazon This is the 2nd book in the series.  It is about Allie refusing to believe she is worthy of love while Mike does his best to make her realize that resisting is futile!!

10. Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission by Red Phoenix

Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission: After Graduation

My Review
Amazon This books is the complete set of novella's that follow Brie and her Master during their journey together!!

However my top pick for the year is without a doubt.....drum roll please......

Bullet by Jade Jamison (but honestly the whole dang series is amazing)

Bullet (Bullet, #1)

My Review

This book is just amazing.  It is about toxic love and what a woman goes through with the man she loves.  I have never screamed at my nook, thrown my nook, Cussed at the characters and used as many tissues as I did with this book.  I am still in a book hanger when I hear Bruno Mars "When I was Your Man".....SIGH.....

Runner up for me is.....que music......

Love Me Back by Michelle Lynn

and my last choice for book/series pick of the year is.....trumps blaring......

Double Full by Kindle Alexander

I just noticed my top picks are books that made me cry...WOW!!  Guess I love a good gut wrenching story more then I thought I did!!!  And these books are tear jerkers with super sexy time!!! 

Please check out these awesome authors!!  I swear you will not be let down and will love them like I do!!

OK OK OK SOOO I have to add a couple "honorable mentions".......

1. Made Greater Stone by RJ Simpkin
Made from Greater Stone (Stone Series #1)

My Review
A burlesque dancer falls for an alpha male but a BIIIIIG twist ending!!  It left me totally saying "WTF!!!" and then "Holy Shit that was awesome!"

2. Pieces of Perfect by Elizabeth Hayley

Pieces of Perfect

My review
A woman who is torn between the hottie stud and the family man.....omg this book is epic!!!  I am going crazy waiting for the sequel!!!!

3. Bound by Brenda Rothert

Bound (Bound, #1)

My Review
The story of two broken people who find love while meeting for grief counseling.

4. The Protectors by Teresas Gabelman
Damon (The Protectors, #1)
My review
This is an awesome vampire series...i loved them all and am going nuts waiting for the next installment!!  If you like the Black Dagger Brotherhood and The Midnight Breed...you need to add these to your TBR list ASAP!

Twinsie Jen's year in review

Jen’s Year in Review
First, I’m just so honored to be a Twinsie. When Brenda asked me to help out I was just dumbfounded as I was a big fan of this blog. I’m still so new at all this but so grateful for the opportunity. These gals are like my family now and I am loving it. So I want to say a big thank you to all my Twinsie sistas!! I can’t wait to read all the new books with you all in 2014.
What a great year to read. This task was so hard. Try narrowing all the books and authors you love into ten books! It was such a fantastic year for my favorite genre-M/M! I promise if your book was not listed, I swear it was because we agreed on only ten books. So here we go:

The Current Between Us by Kindle Alexander: This was absolutely my favorite book of the year from my favorite Author. What can you possibly say bad about a book that makes you cry, laugh so hard you almost pee your pants, and fall in love with two hot hot guys! I swear Trent and Gage, how can you not just drool. It is such a strong story with a great family element and that twist you never saw coming…WOW WOW WOW.  I loved loved this book. 

Blind Obsession by Ella Frank: So my friend, Jen, introduced me to this fabulous author. Boy, I don’t regret reading everything she has written. This book just stands out alone for me. I was haunted for days by this tragic love story. It was so beautifully written. It is a story of two beautiful people who found each other only to be torn apart by a tragic accident. It is the story of a courageous young woman who is willing to lose her soul for just a small fraction of the magical love that they had. So awesome. I was speechless for days after this book.

Fall For Me by Ann Lister: Ann is currently one of my new favorite author and a super great friend. This book was so much fun reading, I read it in one sitting. This is Dagger and Ryan’s journey to love and book one in her Rock Gods series. Talk about some serious sexy steamy love scenes…Whew!! I am SERIOUS when I say….fanning and deep breaths the entire book. Oh, did I forget to mention that Ann paints a whole new picture of phone sex in this one!!

Stripped Bare by Susan Mac Nicol: I believe this was Susan’s first adventure into the M/M genre and boy did she not disappoint!! The story of Matty and Shane was written so beautifully. The hardships of being gay and rejected by your family was “spot on” in this book. Shane will steal your heart and Matty will have you swooning. What a gripping story and some serious sensual love scenes. I adored this one!

A White Coat in My Closet by Jake Wells: This book made my top five reads because it is such a realistic look into the trials and tribulations of “coming out” in all aspects of ones life both professionally and privately. It is an auto-biographical look into Jake’s life. Such a powerful and beautifully written story that I could not put down. This book doesn’t have the hot steamy sex scenes in it at all but I never really missed it. It is a romantic story that will have you crying and laughing on the same page. It was so raw and passionate. I truly loved it and if you missed it you might wanna give it a read.

Axel, Cage and Beck by Harper Sloan: Wow, I just had to include them all in this list. To pick just one of these would be so wrong. These are the first three books in Harper’s Corps Security series. These books are action-packed stories with the hottest alpha males ever!! You almost feel like you’re watching a movie while reading this series. The all-star alphas are just so mega hot…said drooling… What phenomenal reads. BTW did I mention they include one helluva fabulous gay guy that will have you rolling on the floor laughing!! Yep I’m totally TEAM SWAY!!! I can’t wait for the rest of their stories in 2014!!

Love Realized and Love Resisted by Melanie Codina: What can I say about my good friend Melanie Codina. She is super fresh and innovative. I loved Jake, Gillian, Allie and Mike. Their stories are just so real and engaging. I swear I could just hear me saying some of the things in this book. My favorite part of this Love series is the strong family theme. I love how consistent it is in both of these books. I will tell you all Melanie can write some romantic sexy scenes, too…yes, indeed!! These books are so romantic! I hope everyone finds love like these characters do!! I can’t wait for the next book in 2014.

Double Full by Kindle Alexander: This book was phenomenal and the partnership of Colt and Jace was fabulously told. I mean what’s not to love about the star football player and the gorgeous cheerleader, right? In this book, the homophobia on a family level and the intensity of it is hardcore. Did I forget to mention that Kindle can write some sizzling sex with some serious heart stopping scenes in this one…Well she DID!! I loved this!!

Collide by Riley Hart: ***sighing*** Noah and Cooper!! What do you do when you fall in love with your childhood best friend after years of not seeing them? Wow, did Riley answer this question with a very romantic storyline. Cooper doesn’t even know he could be bi-sexual and Noah just makes him swoon. Such a fun read with amazing attraction that was so well written. I simply fell in love with these guys quick!!


 Love, Life & Circumstances by V.L. Moon and JT Cheyenne: A book that had me on page one. What a fantastic book about a tragic loss in which love heals. Eli and Seth will just make your heart melt. I can tell you this..you will cry in this book. I felt like I was standing in the room with these guys many times. Such a great emotional read. A beautiful story that was just so heartfelt. I adored this one.

I swear this was so hard. If you managed to read any other great books in 2013 leave me a comment. If I haven’t read them I’m sure I will. I am always looking for new books. I hope to hear from you in 2014. Keep Reading!!!