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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Providence by Jamie McGuire

Book Blurb:

Struggling with her father's death, Nina meets Jared Ryel, presumably by chance. However it soon becomes clear that he knows more about her than even close friends. When her father's former associates begin following her in the dark, Nina learns that her father was not the man she thought he was, but a thief who stole from demons. In searching for the truth behind her father's death, she stumbles upon something she never expected, and something Hell wants, that only she holds the key for. Jared risks everything to keep the women he was born to save, by sharing the secret he was sworn to protect.

Jo-Anna's Review:

Jamie McGuire does it again in the first book to her supernatural YA Providence series. I just love Jared and Nina! This book is filled with lots of action, funny moments and love. Nina gets thrown into a whole new world and has to deal with life and death situations and tough choices. Jared is hot and intense and totally swoon worthy. This book is a great start to what will no doubt be an amazing series. 

Author Information:

Jamie McGuire was born in Tulsa, OK. She was raised by her mother Brenda in Blackwell, OK, where she graduated high school in 1997. Jamie attended the Northern Oklahoma College, the University of Central Oklahoma, and Autry Technology Center where she graduated with a degree in Radiography.

Jamie now lives in Enid, OK with her three children and husband Jeff, who is a real, live cowboy. They share their 30 acres with four horses, four dogs, and Rooster the cat.

Books published by Jamie include the Providence trilogy, and The New York Times best seller Beautiful Disaster, a contemporary romance. When she’s not writing, Jamie spends her days letting her four dogs in and out.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Submission of Alistair Ingram by Kelli Maine

The Submission Of Alistair Ingram (Dolls & Doms #1)
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Book Blurb:
Book Movie star Alistair Ingram strolled into Dolls & Doms private men's club in Las Vegas for his bachelor party and limped out with a torn shirt, red welts covering his chest and a broken engagement splashed all over the pages of every celebrity magazine in the country.

A session with club Dominatrix, Black Betty, will do that to a man.

With Alistair's manager breathing down his neck and Black Betty's abusive ex-husband alerted to where she's been hiding for the past ten years, there's only one thing to do:


And get the hell out of Las Vegas.

But the real ruse is on Alistair and Black Betty, because despite both of their best efforts, they've gotten under each other's skin. Can their explicit dance of domination and submission end in anything other than disaster?

THE SUBMISSION OF ALISTAIR INGRAM is the first in a novella series from www.DollsandDoms.blogspot.com, where erotic tales from the Dolls & Doms private men’s club are told in weekly episodes.

Angie J's Review:

I was given this book as an ARC from the author for a truthful and honest review.

This book was so dark and sexy and I felt like I was Alistair a lot of the time.  Black Betty is such a mess of a woman.  She has been through so much abuse and has built herself up to be this Female Dom of a woman when in actuality she is a submissive.  She hides behind her whip so no one can hurt her....until the day Alistair arrives at the club she works.  Their chemistry is explosive and he tempts her right from the start.  When the story breaks and a lot of trouble ensues from his bachelor party he takes Black Betty home where she continues to lose herself to him.

Without a doubt my favorite part of the story is when Black Betty is "training" Alistair in the rest stop bathroom.  I have never giggles so hard as I did reading that scene.  I can only imagine what the little old ladies who entered and interrupted thought......

I am interested in the other stories of this series and can't wait to read them.

About the author:
twitter username
USA Today Bestselling author, Kelli Maine, spends humid summers and frigid winters in Ohio glued to her laptop keyboard. Taken, a USA Today Bestseller, Nook Bestseller and Indie Reader Top Ten Bestseller, is the first in the Give and Take series and Kelli's debut erotic romance. No Take Backs: A Taken Novella is Taken's follow up. Taken By Storm will be next in the series, followed by Given. Additional books and novellas are planned for the series.
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Passion For Him by Sylvia Day

A Passion for Him (Georgian, #3)Book Blurb:

Miss Amelia Benbridge is ready to leave behind a past filled with heartbreak for a sensible marriage. Until temptation itself comes calling, with an invitation to seduction...

She Loved and Lost Him Once...

Amelia Benbridge and the Earl of Ware are the most anticipated match of the Season. Lord Ware is handsome, wealthy, and kind, and he understands that her love will always belong to her childhood sweetheart, Colin. When Colin died, Amelia believed she would never feel such passion again. But her primal reaction to the brooding stranger who approaches her at a masquerade, coaxing her into a moonlit minuet and a single, sensual kiss, proves otherwise...

Colin Mitchell knew a pairing between a peer's daughter and a gypsy stable boy was impossible. Amelia's mistaken belief in his demise afforded him the opportunity to return to her as a man of means. But time has slipped through his fingers. She is preparing to wed another, and danger prevents him from revealing the truth. Colin can only bid her a secret farewell, but he underestimates her determination to unmask her phantom admirer. A forbidden kiss leads to her ardent pursuit and a soul-scorching affair. Amelia is perfectly attuned to his every desire, every thought—and hungry for stability he can't offer her. For deception lies at the heart of their love, waiting to drive them apart once again...

Angie E's  Review:

It took me a WHILE to get into this book. First reason was this was my first HISTORICAL ROMANCE. Second reason, this was the 3rd in a series and I didn’t know that BEFORE I chose to read it from NetGalley….I know BAD ANGIE…but it’s a HUGE pet peave of mine to not read a series in order. This could be a stand alone book EASILY but just knowing it was a series IRKED me…..Not saying it was the authors fault… NOPE I take full responsibility for NOT researching it before agreeing to the review.

Now on to the book. Once I did finally get into it (again my fault not the authors, it’s not my normal genre) I found that I enjoyed it. I liked getting the flashbacks into Amelia and Colin’s past. I loved the mystery that Sylvia creates with the “masked phantom” . The attraction between Amelia and her “masked phantom” is ignited from the very beginning of the book. It keeps you wondering for a bit WHO is this character. I didn’t like that it was revealed to early it kind of disappointed me to find out that early. BUT it didn’t hurt the story NONE. T

he internal conflicts that Amelia was struggling through was so life like and relatable. I love when I myself can FEEL the emotional turmoil the character is going through. THAT’S AN AMAZING TALENT ! The decision to either follow your head or your heart is a decision most women HAVE to make at some point in their life. I would give this book a strong 4 star review and definitely cant wait to go back and read the series from the beginning.



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blog Tour for Dark Promise by Julia Crane and Talia Jager

Book Blurb:

Rylie has it all - great friends, dream boy, loving family. But on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, her perfect little world shatters. A stranger claiming to be her real mother appears with a secret: Rylie is a faery whose powers will be unleashed on her birthday. Captured and forced into a new life, Rylie struggles to keep everything she loves and discovers a terrifying truth: some promises cannot be broken.

Jo-Anna's Review:

So when I finished this book, I actually said out loud to myself, "I want more!!" I love how this story played out. Could you imagine turning into a faery on your 16th birthday? I'm really looking forward to the next book and I hope hope hope, that this is going to be a series! 

I am dying to know what is going to happen with Kallan and Rylie. I really liked Adam, Rylie's human boyfriend but there's just something about Kallan that is very intriguing and mysterious. I think I'm rooting for him more.

Rylie is your typical teenager. Goes to school, has a boyfriend, has a lot of friends. She also actually gets along with her parents and likes them too. Then the night before her 16th birthday, she meets her real mom, a faery, and her world changes forever.

My favorite scene's are when Rylie and Kallan are taking their walks. Kallan is a tad mean at first and is kind of forced into taking these walks with her but then they start bonding and you see a romance bloom. Also, when Rylie  finds out that she's a faery, she seems to be in denial, so I'll be interested to find out how the next books are going to go. 

I think anyone who loves YA books, will love this one. It's a wonderful read for any age group.

Author Information:

Julia Crane:

Julia crane is the author of the Coexist: Keegan’s Chronicles. She has a bachelors degree in criminal justice. Julia has believed in magical creatures since the day her grandmother first told her an Irish tale. Growing up her mother greatly encouraged reading and using your imagination. Although she’s spent most of her life on the US east coast, she currently lives in Dubai with her husband and three children.

Talia Jager:

Giveaway: 5 eBook copies, 3 signed copies, $20 Amazon Gift Card (INT)

Tour Link:

Purchase links:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blog Tour for Stronger Than Magic by Melinda VanLone

Book Blurb:

Being attacked by a demon in Philadelphia shouldn’t have been a big deal. Tarian Xannon is, after all, heir to the Dolphin Throne and the strongest magical talent in generations.

Never mind that demons aren’t even supposed to exist. Never mind that the demon managed to swipe some of her blood. She’s never met her match before and she’s confident she can handle the situation.

She creates a plan to find the demon, and kill him, before he destroys her, or worse, steals her power and the Dolphin Throne.

Of course, she hadn't counted on the throne insisting that now would be a great time for her to provide the next heir.

She’s a modern woman with a demon to kill, and a baby to produce. What could possibly go wrong?

Jo-Anna's Review:

I really enjoyed this book. I'm really into magical type stories and this one was really good. It was a great start to a series and I hope more books are written. 

  I also feel that Tarian is a great female lead character. Her world changes when she gets informed that she has to produce an heir. She knew this was going to happen but having to find and fight a demon while trying to produce an heir? Not something she wanted to do at the same time.

My favorite scene's are probably the ones where everyone is fighting the demon. It was action packed and I couldn't put the book down. 
Melinda takes you into a whole new world filled with demons, magic, adventure and love. It's a fun filled adventure from the first page to the last. Absolutely a must read!!


Tarian took off her jacket and focused her magic on the wound in an attempt to heal it, but after a couple of minutes had to admit it: She sucked at healing. Even if she hadn’t just spent a lot of energy fighting the demon, she couldn’t have managed to heal this. When she tried to handle something as delicate as skin, she felt clumsy and awkward. The headache wasn’t helping, either. The best she was able to manage was a loose scab that she wasn’t entirely sure wouldn’t have formed on its own in a few more minutes. She surveyed the damage. It was angry and in-your-face, and it hurt like hell, but at least she’d managed to make it stop bleeding.
She put the jacket back on and winced as the stiff leather brushed against the wound. The torn section stuck out at odd angles. She tried to tuck it in so it was less obvious, then searched the alley for any scrap the lizard man might have touched. If she couldn’t track her own blood, for whatever reason, maybe she could use something he’d touched as a focus. She found nothing, not even a button or a scale.
“Lose something?”
A man stood on the sidewalk, surveying the alley. A strong magical signature emanated from him, plus a whiff of some sort of spice. She tested the air, ready to throw every ounce of magic at him that she could muster, which wasn’t much at the moment. She relaxed as she realized he wasn’t attempting to focus power of any sort. Satisfied that he wasn’t an immediate threat, she took a good look at him.
He had the kind of strong jaw she loved, and his messy black hair soaked up the afternoon sun. He wore jeans, a black wool coat and relaxed confidence. A shiver crawled down her back and settled in her groin. If they’d met in a bar, she’d have bought him a drink. Or three.
The stranger raised his eyebrows as his eyes passed over the slice in her jacket, then had the nerve to wink at her as his eyes traveled down her leather pants.
“You’re in some kinda trouble. Need help?” His smile stretched up and lit a sparkler in his eyes. “I felt that blast all the way in the coffee shop.”
“I’m doing just fine, thanks. I have a job to do, if you don’t mind.” Great, just what she needed, some magic citizen thinking he was a detective. She needed to finish her original mission and get the hell out of here.
“You’re anything but fine. Whatever job you think you’re doing, you need to have that arm looked at first.” His eyes didn’t lose the sparkle, but his voice took on a serious tone. “It smells wrong. If it’s what I think, you need to have it sealed. Fast. And then you need to catch the guy, quick, before he uses what he got.”
She couldn’t stop herself from putting a hand over the injury. He was right. The wound felt wrong, somehow. The cold inside her wove in and around her internal organs. She didn’t want to think about what it searched for. It pulsed in time to the throbbing in her arm. But surely the healers could handle this when she got home. No big deal.
“Look, I appreciate the concern, but I’ll be fine. I don’t have time to get it looked at right now.” She resolutely put her hand down and pushed past him. Her target couldn’t be far. She’d only been here for what, a few minutes? He was probably in the nearest bar.
The man put a hand on her good arm to stop her. The warmth soaked into her bicep and loosened muscles all over the place.
“Make time.” The sparks were gone from his eyes. “I’d hate to see someone so fine used by something that foul.”
“Just who are you, anyway?” She pulled her arm away from him.
He put a hand in his back pocket, fished out a card and handed it to her.
Daric Voltain, Private Society Investigations
The address was the building next to the alley they stood in, the home of her favorite coffee shop. No wonder he’d felt the backlash of spell power. He must live above the alley.
“I told you, I’ve had some experience with this. And it’s obvious you haven’t. That arm is bad news. He’s left a mark on you. And if you have some of him, it means he has some of you.”
Her skin turned cold as she remembered the lizard man tasting her blood.
“It’s no big deal.” She put the card in her back pocket and matched his know-it-all stare with a glare of her own.
“I’ll take that as confirmation. The clock is ticking, hun. If he’s a demon, the stronger he is, the faster it will tick. If he knows what he’s doing, I’d say you have a week, maybe less.”
A week before what? Before her arm fell off? She put her hand over the wound again. It didn’t feel life-threatening. Her head pounded. Dizziness threatened to drop her on her ass.
It was as if Daric read her mind.
"A week before he has control over you. Your powers. Everything. You'll be his to command. That would be a very bad thing, for you and the rest of us.”

Author Information:

Melinda VanLone writes fantasy and science fiction, freelances as a graphic designer, and dabbles in photography. She currently lives in Rockville, Maryland, with her husband and furbabies. When she's not playing with her imaginary friends, you can find her playing World of Warcraft, wandering aimlessly through the streets taking photos, or hovered over coffee in Starbucks.

Contact Info:

 Goodreads: http://www.amazon.com/Melinda-VanLone/e/B00APGNMA4

Guest Post from Melinda VanLone:

A book cover seems like a simple thing, right? Slap an image and some text on there and send it out.
In reality, like anything else that seems easy, it's a lot more complicated and complex. At least, if you want to do it right. A book cover is more than just the thing holding the pages together; it's a marketing piece. It's one of the tools in the toolbox that, combined with other things, sells the author and the author's brand.
If you're a reader, the first thing you see, in general, is the cover. It affects you in all kinds of ways and is a huge part of what makes you pick up the book or click that link. It's entire reason for being is to communicate to you not only what the book is about, but why you want to read it.
A heavy job.
It's also art. Something that hopefully catches the eye of the target audience and pulls them in. It's a hook, even more than the first line of the story. People notice images first. Even in the newspaper they'll look for the photo first, then read the caption, then read the article. Maybe it goes back to the days when all we had was chiseled pictures on walls. Whatever the reason, the image is vitally important.
If you want to sell the book, that is.
When I'm browsing for a new book, the cover tells me a story long before I ever read a word inside. If it's doing the job right, it tells me what genre the book is, the tone of the story, the overall theme...a hint of the drama inside. All that without a word. The title then kicks it up a notch. From those two things, the artwork and the title, I'll know if I want to pick that book up off the shelf and give the first sentence a chance.
The cover for my debut novel, Stronger Than Magic, hopefully tells the reader that here is a fantasy novel, one that has a main female protagonist, and by the look of her expression she's confident, and more than ready to take on whatever dangers lurk in her way. Her eyes draw the reader in. What's she thinking? Why does she look amused?
The title might refer to her...she might be the thing stronger than magic. Or it might refer to the thing she fights. Or maybe something else entirely. Hopefully it's a question the reader would like to have answered. Just what is stronger than magic anyway?
At the beginning of her journey, Tarian, the girl on the cover, would have said nothing was stronger than her magical ability. By the end, Tarian might have a different answer. I hope the cover is enough to pull the reader into the story, and that by the end the reader learns along with Tarian exactly what is Stronger Than Magic.



Sunday, February 10, 2013

GIVEAWAY, Guest Posting and Review of Spicy with a Side of of Cranberry Sauce by Rachell Nichole

Book Blurb:
Amy Easton's idea for the perfect Thanksgiving doesn't include giving up the last can of cranberry sauce to a stranger, no matter how sexy he is. She will make this holiday special for Dad even if it kills her. And that means getting everything on the shopping list.

Mason Rider is home to help his mom through her first postdivorce holiday, but when he finds the seductive blonde who body-checked his grocery cart standing in Mom's kitchen, he doesn't know what to do. Sharing Thanksgiving with this woman and her father wasn't part of his damned plan.

Who would've thought that a simple can of cranberry sauce could lead to holiday disaster? Or to happily ever after?
Book Clip:
Where the hell was the cranberry sauce?
Amy Easton turned down the baking goods aisle, searching for the last item Martha needed her to get. She had to find the damned can. This holiday would be perfect if it fucking killed her. The chains on her boots jangled as she hunted. The gallon of milk and box of stick butter froze her hands, but the store had been out of carts, and Martha needed both ingredients for first thing in the morning.
Amy dodged an older lady pushing a heavy cart and still didn’t spot the right display. The stock boy had told her it was on aisle six, and here she stood. Cranberry sauce-less. Sighing, she turned back around and headed up the aisle again, gazing left and right. She forced herself to slow down, fearing she’d miss the display. Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without cranberry sauce.
Martha was a domestic goddess. The way Mom used to be, the way Amy would never be. So when Martha had panicked after failing to get in touch with her son on his way from the airport, Amy had volunteered to go get the groceries. She would be useless in the kitchen tomorrow, so it was the least she could do. Besides, it got her out of the house and away from the smooching her dad and Martha kept doing when they thought she wasn’t looking.
It was sweet, really. Amy couldn’t be happier with the way her dad was slowly coming back to life under Martha’s tutelage, but she could do without seeing him making out.
She wanted to throw her hands up or punch something. Where the hell was it?
She spotted the display across the end of aisle six. One lonely can sat on the shelf, as if it waited just for her. She hadn’t thought Martha was the kind of person to leave the shopping till the last minute, but apparently a few items had slipped her mind this year. With her and Dad down visiting, she wouldn’t be surprised if Martha was a little worried about how the holiday would go.
A tall man with reddish-brown curls was heading down the aisle across from hers, his gaze locked on the can. Oh, hell. She didn’t know where else to go around here to find the sauce. She had to get to it first. She picked up the pace, and just as he turned the corner at the end display and reached for the can, she bodychecked his cart. The cart slammed into the shelf and pushed back against her. It bounced into her hip, and she fell back onto the hard floor, the milk and butter crashing to the linoleum beside her. The jug burst open, splashing milk all over. Okay, not the most brilliant idea she’d ever had. She glanced up at the man’s stunned face just as the can of cranberry sauce flew off the shelf toward her.

Angie J's Review:
 I received this book from the author for a truthful review.  Also can I say she rocks because she volunteered to giveaway copies of her books peps!!! 

Ok so this story I found pretty funny with the banter and very hot with the sexual chemistry.  Imagine finally getting to celebrate a holiday with your dad and his new girlfriend.  Well said girlfriend has you run to the grocery store.  You literally fall at the grocery store and "break your ass" but with a hottie there to save you and flirt with....then said hottie gives you his number because he is from outta town you and plan on hooking up in a week after the holidays.  When you arrive back to girlfriends house the hottie shows up and is her SON!!!  *Que the ominous music*   Well the sparks fly because hottie Mason doesn't know his mom is dating and isn't thrilled to spend the holiday with her new boyfriend AND his daughter.  Well needless to say Mason and Amy have more sparks on the stairwell of the family home....Giggles.  However, Mason's mom says "heck no to messing around with Amy"  Mom says Amy is off limits...well ya know how we want what we cant have right????  Anyway, the two of them keep fooling around that holiday weekend but then *Que ominous music again* mom finds out and allllllll hells breaks loose!!  Well the "getting caught in the act" causes troubles for Mason's mom and Amy's dad so the two of them have to come up with a plan to smooth things over for their parents. 
I have to say the best part of this book is the ending when Amy and Mason get to spend some "quality time" plotting their parents return to dating.  I fell in love with these two and the heart strings were pulled because they are both willing to forgo this "Love feeling" to make sure their lonely, miserable parents get a 2nd chance at love.  The scene is set for Christmas and it is a great ending. 
I must admit, I would love love love to see more Mason and Amy in another novella perhaps??  I just enjoyed their chemistry.
I really enjoyed this cute story and can't thank Rachell enough for letting me review her book.  I still have another book of hers that I will be reviewing in the next week or so.  I hope you give this amazing new author a chance.  This story was written and paced great.  I look forward to reading more of her books in the future.
Author's Posting:

Hello again! It’s me, Rachell Nichole.
I stopped by today to talk about my recent release, Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce. What a title, huh? I adore it. But I can’t take all the credit for its creation, it was definitely a group effort. My publisher suggested the hook of Cranberry Sauce, and from there, my mom said, yeah, it needs something Spicy in the title. And Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce was born! I can’t even take all the credit for the concept of this book either! Wow – that kind of makes me sound like a loser… I didn’t conceptualize it, I didn’t title it… what the hell did I do? Oh, yeah, I wrote it! And revised the hell out of it. And here I am promoting it… phew, okay, I feel better now.
At any rate, the credit for coming up with this concept (in conjunction with me) goes to my friend Tyler, who was another English teaching assistant with me in France. We were stuck on a train for a few hours and got to chatting. Tyler’s a screenwriter, so we got on the topic of writing and whacked out family trees and he says, “How screwed up would that be… falling in love with a girl and then finding out her father’s dating your mom?” And there ya have it – the concept was born. We plotted out a good portion of the book on that train, and for the most part, the overall structure stayed the same. Two people who fall for one another, locked in the same house as their parents over Thanksgiving, add in some sexual tension, and other disgruntled family members and you have one hell of combination. Then get them all together under one roof a month later for Christmas – Woohoo! This book was challenging and very fun to write. I came up with some interesting places and ways for Mason and Amy to get busy, spiced things up with some holiday madness, and wrapped it all up in a pretty little bow, just like a Christmas present!
I really loved writing this book and I hope you had at least half as much fun reading and reviewing it, Twinsie Talk. J 
For you readers out there, thanks for stopping by and hearing a bit more about the process of making this book for you. It was a blast and I hope you enjoy it. If you comment below with your e-mail address, I’d love to give away a free e-book copy of Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce to a lucky commenter!  
If hot holiday love interests you, Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce is on sale now at these locations:
Loose Id – http://bit.ly/TWjroi
All Romance Ebook - http://bit.ly/SPA4Xf
Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/WgZUkd  
Thanks so much for having me come by, it was fun.

About the Author:

Rachell Nichole is the contemporary erotic romance author of An Affair Across Times Square, Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce, and Queen of Hearts. She currently writes what she likes to call Sizzling Romantic Entanglements. She loves creating memorable characters and putting them through the paces on their discovery for and journey to love. Rachell lives in New York with a mountain of books, a loving family, and an evil cat named Godiva that she adores.