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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Jake's Lady by Dawne Prochilo *Review*

Book Blurb:

Willow Creek, Colorado, 1898

Ellora 'Ellie' Jameson arrives in town from back east, escaping a controlling father and adulterous fiancé. She meets Jake Butler in the restaurant while applying/begging for waitress position. Her shyness attracts Jake but it is his thoughtfulness and protective ways that makes Ellie realize he is man just for her. When Ellie's fiancé comes to town in search of her, Jake takes the lead and defends what is his now

Angie E's Review :

I was so excited to find out that Cody’s Promise was going to be a series. I loved it and didn’t get enough. So as soon as Author Dawne Prochilo sent me this ARC. I was ECSTATIC to say the least. I immediately dove right in to see where the BUTLERS were going to take me on this journey. I was introduced to Jake in Cody’s Promise. I fell in love with all the family in that book.

Jake is a hard working cowboy looking for his happily ever after. After watching how happy Cody (Jake’s brother) and bride Lydia are he wants this for himself.

Ellora Jameson is disgusted with the way her life has turned out and wants to get away from it all. She’s fed up with the way her father and ex Fiancé has manipulated and dominated her. She finds herself in a small ranchers town where she immediately looks for food and housing. Ellora takes up witnessing at Lowell’s under the name Ellis James.

This is where Jake and Ellie meet.

Through out the book it tells both Jake’s and Ellie’s points of view. I enjoyed getting into Jake’s mind and seeing that shy and sweet side of him. Everyone loves a MANLY MAN with a sweet sensitive side. Job well done once again to Author Dawne Prochilo. I can’t wait to read what’s next in store for the Butlers !

 Wanna read my review of Cody's Promise  Book 1 of the Butlers of Willow Creek ?  Click HERE

Author Info:

Dawne is a romance writer who recently changed her genre to erotica. She knew she wanted to be a writer while in high school and set her sights on becoming a published author immediately. She's been writing professionally since 1999 and has expanded her writing abilities to newspapers, web content and greeting cards verses.

She is a freelance writer for a local newspaper and numerous websites. She also contributes to five blogs weekly and is the administrative hiring editor for a freelance writers' website.

She spends her time in rural Michigan with her three children and family. She enjoys spending time cooking and baking, renovating her century old farmhouse and writing and reading. She loves hearing from fans and always responds personally.



Friday, March 8, 2013

His Dark Promise by K. R. Haynes

His Dark Promise 

Book Blurb-

 [Siren Classic: Erotic Classic Romance, HEA] Holly Shepherd is gearing up to leave New York for a yearlong transfer to the London office. So the last thing she needs is to indulge in her dark desires for her coworker Travis Kane. That won't stop Travis. He is a persistent man, one who never gives up on what he wants, and what he desires most of all is her. One night he whispers his dark promise to her, that he will make her his in every conceivable way by the end of the night. Taking a gamble, Holly loses her tightly held inhibitions. Just once she wants to know what it would be like to spend one night in his arms and in his bed. What Holly didn't expect, however, was that one night of unadulterated bliss to turn into many nights. Now days from leaving the country, Holly must make a choice. If she chooses incorrectly, however, she risks not only breaking her heart but his as well. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Book Clip-


Holly watched as Travis rubbed his thumb and finger across his chin as he considered their options. He stopped and asked her if she was hungry right now.

“For food no, for you then, yes.”

“Well I’ll be damned, my woman wants me.”

“Of course she wants you, especially after you taunted her all day with those damn messages. What else would you expect?”

“Oh for you to run off and pleasure yourself so I could then turn you over my knee and spank you.” He shrugged his shoulders as if what he said to her was an everyday occurrence between them. What the hell, he wanted to spank her ass. Yes, she allowed him to take her there, but spanking it, so not happening.

“On second thought I am hungry for food.” Grabbing his hand, Holly began tugging him out of the kitchen toward the front door only for him to pull up short.

“Nope, change of plan, darlin’. We’re staying in tonight and getting naked, right now.”


“Yes there will be a butt, yours to be precise. Come on, darlin’, the bedroom is this way.”

Holly stared after Travis dumbstruck as he now pulled her back down the hallway to her bedroom. Once again he surprised her by turning the tables on her.

Standing near her bed, she allowed Travis to undress her until she stood in just her sexy little panties and nothing else. She cringed inwardly when he shook his head at her and pointed a finger at her covered mound.

“Why are you wearing panties? I thought we had an agreement, darlin’, that you would go commando until you left for London?”

God help her, but she couldn’t hold back the sassy reply from falling from her lips even if she wanted to, which she didn’t. He may have started this little battle, but she would end it pleasurably she hoped. “You may have had an agreement, stud, but I certainly didn’t.”

“Well, well, well, that sassiness, darlin’, is going to cost that fine ass of yours tonight.”

Holly watched him stalk toward her and held her breath when he reached out and gripped the offending bit of satin and lace between his fingertips and tugged it until it fell away. Cool air may have brushed passed her damp pussy lips, but Holly was too far gone to notice anything other than Travis himself.

“Now that you’re nice and bare for me, sweet darlin’, I’m taking that ass right now.”

After following his orders to bend over and present her ass to him, Holly found herself in a highly vulnerable position and couldn’t help her body’s respond to it. She was beyond excited, to the point that if he touched that sensitive spot on her body she would most likely explode right on the spot. Feeling his warm, calloused hand wander slowly over the cheeks of her ass in a teasing motion had her holding her breath and forcing her need to orgasm back down.

“Good girl. I’m not going to spank this fine ass of yours right now, Holly, but I am going to fuck it. So I want you on the bed with your shoulders pressing into the mattress and knees spread wide. You will show me what I will be taking tonight.”

Holly jumped to her feet and hurriedly crawled onto the bed and got into the position he wanted her in, while Travis gathered the lube and condoms from the bathroom. When he reentered the room she had her hands gripping each ass cheek and spread them wide for him to see her puckered hole. The first dribble of lube on her heated flesh had her jolting forward. He gripped her hips with one hand to keep her still and continued to work the lube into her while at the same time stretching her anus for his entry.

Minutes later she felt the bite of his hard cock entering her. Holly gasped as he pushed into her further, making her accept his entry. She couldn’t breathe. The pleasure and the pain was too much, yet not enough. Hearing him tell her to breathe and push back on him had her settling back down. Just knowing Travis was there with her made all the difference. Holly knew that if it was any other man with her right now other than Travis then there was no way she could allow him to take her like this. Travis, though, made her feel safe and cherished, feelings she never wanted to lose.

Once he was all the way inside her tight back entrance he set up a devastating pace and before too long she found herself begging him to allow her to come.

“No, not yet, darlin’, hold it and let it build up more.”

More, he wanted her to wait until it built up more. Was he crazy? If she allowed that then she would combust into white hot flames of forbidden desire. Her body was already starting to shake violently as she fought against the need to come. “Travis, please let me come. I can’t hold it back. It’s too strong. Let me come now, please!”

Angie J's Review:

I received a copy of this fro the author for a truthful review.

W-O-W-Z-E-R!!  Yup that is how I am going to start my review.  Ok soooooo if you hang out on the Twinsie Talk Blog you kinda get the feeling we like...slash that....LOVE erotica.  Man, oh, Man this book is a grrrrreat fit for our blog.  It is a quick 90 page novella but holy hell it is a hot ass 90 pages.  It was a different novel for me to read because the dialogue was minimal.  The author does an amazing job of describing everything so we know what is going on and how the characters are feeling.

Oh so here is the DL about this novel besides it is a sexy erotic novella.  Holly is going to London and has decided to "treat" herself to a good bye weekend from Travis.  He has been hounding her for ever but she knew he would break her heart because he is Mr. Player....or is he???  Any way the novel is basically the two of them exploring each other in every conceivable way before she leaves.  She slowly realizes she is falling in love with him but knows he will reject her so she will leave and go to London to nurse her broken heart.

Travis saw Holly.  Travis asked Holly out.  Holly said "hell no."  Travis fell in love.  He pursues her for as long as he has known her and knew that she would be his.  She claimed his heart and he would do anything to have her say/scream/whisper that she loves him.

I would love to read more about this relationship and what is going on between them.  I will not tell you much about the "what happens" because I really think you will enjoy the story.   So peps be sure to pick up your copy!!! 

About the Author:
K. R. Haynes currently resides in Tasmania, Australia. Recently, she has turned her love of reading all types of erotic romance novels into her own passion for writing her own erotic suspense series, In Her Eyes. When not writing and brainstorming new ideas for future books and characters, K. R. Haynes enjoys cheering on her favorite AFL team, the Adelaide Crows, reading, and loves catching up with friends and family for a good laugh, a hearty gossip session with a glass of her favorite Tasmania white wine.




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Review and Author Interview - Trouble With a Cowboy by Sandy Sullivan

Trouble With A Cowboy 

Book Blurb:
  18 wheels had her heart until one hard-up cowboy found her kickin' up her heels and propositions her to take his bull to Vegas.

Jacie Hawkins drives big wheelers for a livin'. Something not a lot of women do. Littleton Oklahoma is just a dry stopover for a few hours of rest and relaxation at the nearest bar. Jacie needs to find a hot cowboy to release some of her pent up frustrations on for the night, but wannabe's aren't her style.

Tucker Marshall needs a big-rig driver to haul his prize bull to National Finals Rodeo and he needs one fast. Who would have thought he'd find one shootin' pool at the local bar dressed to kill and takin' numbers?

Can some slashed tires and an ornery bull bring two hard-headed people together for some fun in the sun and a little more?

Angie J' s Review:

I received this book from the author for  truthful review.

HEE HAW!!!  Man oh Man was this a great read.  I totally related to Jacie because I too am a very strong willed woman and was defo not looking for love when I met my current husband. I was definatley not looking to get married and all that jazz...been there and done that with a negative result.  Now Jacie was never married but she had her heart broken by an ex boyfriend/business partner.  Her plan was to find a nice piece for the night and move on the next day.  Well Kyle (town jackass) approaches her and she eats him alive.

 While all this is happening Tucker sees her and is like "HELLO There Darlin!!"  A little flirting, dancing and pool and then the 2 decided to have a fun night together.  Well damn Kyle for cock blocking Tucker and he is left hawt and alone.  Well Kyle isn't done being a "charmer" and causes more  issues for Jacie.  *drum roll* Tucker to the rescue.  The 2 make a business arrangement that is beneficial for both parties to get to Vegas.  Well business turns to pleasure...lots and lots of pleasure......Guess what kiddos??  They kinda develop feelings for each other.  NO you say?  Yes it is true :)

I love this story. It kept me on my toes and even a little teary eyed at the end.  I was like "Stubborn old bachelor and friggin' independent women!!  Admit the love already!!" I loved the epilogue but I tend to enjoy epilogues.  I think it is a great ending to the couple and you can see what is going to happen.

My fav scenes were in the Vegas hotel when the big boob chick hit on Tucker AND when the horse rider hit on Jacie.  It was classic Jealousy you see seeping out of the others pores!!!  It did give me a giggle.

Author Interview:

Hi Sandy!!!  Welcome to our crazy blog.  So we have a couple “hard hitting” questions (snort),  Are you game?  GREAT!!

Ok so when reading the book “Trouble With a Cowboy” I could totally relate to strong willed Jacie and confirmed bachelor Tucker.   This question is one I always ask authors because I have my idea for what I picture the people to look like but who do you see.  What celebrities would you cast to play these people in a motion picture?

  Oh wow. I never thought of it that way. I know who I picture when I write the characters but I'm not sure who I would put in the roles. Let's see. I don't do movies much so I need to think about it.
I think Carrie Underwood would make a great Jacie. She's spunky and pretty, but has the down home girl thing going on.
 For Tucker, I'd probably pick Chris Young. He's one of my favorites and he was my inspiration for Tucker.

What authors do you read when you have the time?

 Desiree Holt, Jayne Rylon, Mari Carr,  Cassandra Carr, Tonya Ramagos…just about anyone who catches my attention.

If you could pick any novel to be a New York Times Best Seller, which would it be?  It can be past, present or future novels?

 My favorite book so far is Wild Wyoming Nights but Trouble With a Cowboy is a close tie or second.

When you write do you plot or fly at the seat of your pants?  

I'm definitely a punster. The characters tell me where the story goes. It sucks sometimes, but that's how it goes.

If you could meet any author for “pick their brain session”, who would it be? 

 I've met so many great authors already and had a chance to chitchat, it's hard to pick one. I think I would like to do a brain-picking session with Desiree Holt. She comes up with some great stories.

For a newbie reader who hasn’t read anything of yours, What/where would you suggest starting???? 

I would say Wild Wyoming Nights. It's got a little paranormal and a great story line.

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us.  We look forward to reading and reviewing more of you in the future!!!

About the author:



Sandy Sullivan is a romance author, who, when not writing, spends her time with her husband Shaun on their farm in middle Tennessee. She loves to ride her horses, play with their dogs and relax on the porch, enjoying the rolling hills of her home south of Nashville. County music is a passion of hers and she loves to listen to it while she writes.

She is an avid reader of romance novels and enjoys reading Nora Roberts, Jude Deveraux and Susan Wiggs. Finding new authors and delving into something different helps feed the need for literature. A registered nurse by education, she loves to help people and spread the enjoyment of romance to those around her with her novels. She loves cowboys so you'll find many of her novels have sexy men in tight jeans and cowboy boots

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Relentless by Cassia Leo ** BLOG TOUR and GIVEAWAY **


 Book Blurb:
Claire Nixon is a twenty-year-old college dropout with a secret.To Claire, Adam Parker is just another flirty customer at the cafe, until a chance encounter and seemingly innocent comment spurs a bet between them. The bet is simple: If Adam can get Claire to reveal the secret that made her drop out of college, she has to re-enroll. If he doesn’t succeed, she gets to keep her secret and he has to stop stalking her at the cafe.Claire thinks she has this one in the bag. She’s perfected the art of forgetting her past. But she isn’t prepared for Adam’s relentless pursuit or for him to share his own secrets. And she’s definitely not prepared for her rock star ex, and her secret, to come banging down her door one year later.      
Tears from the beginning. While reading this first scene I found myself heartbroken for this kid. The more I learn from Claire about her past the more I find myself drawn to her. I sympathize with her. I find myself reliving similar past incidents of my own life and immediately want to comfort her somehow. Through out this story I was so involved with Claire’s life that I physically felt her emotions. I cried, panicked and laughed with her.

Adam Parker (AKA: Jack Dawson) is such a hot cocky mess. He’s the boy next door literally =). He melts my heart. I fell in love with his determination and his sex appeal through Claire’s eyes. His generosity towards Cora is so heartwarming. I think I shall add him to my list of book boyfriends *sigh*.

Chris Knight was Clair’s first love. He was her EVERYTHING. She gave up everything for him to pursue his dream career. What you don’t know is what EVERYTHING entails till the ending. Chris is seem mostly through Clair’s flashbacks of her time with him. He seems like he is as good a guy as any gal could hope for in a first love. To see how much she loved and cared for him only makes me love him just as much.

So FIRST off CONGRATS to Cassia Leo for a JOB WELL DONE…… Seriously this lady has awesome writing TALENT. This book kept me so into it that I didn’t want to put it away BUT I didn’t want to go through it so fast that I would forget so much of it..I also did NOT want it to end. I go so into it that I forgot to highlight important things for this review on my kindle. LOL… so lets just wing it. Now…..LOVE THE TITANIC REFERENCES……2nd all time favorite movie next to Gone With The Wind ( of course ) . Lets discuss the actual book and well if you NOT into spoilers you may want to stop reading about……. NOW....

The sexual chemistry is SWELTERING between the two characters and I for one couldn’t wait for Clair to get over her hang-ups and GET IT ON with Adam. Once they did I was like WOOHOO you go girl. Now as you all know I read A LOT of EROTICA however this book did NOT disappoint me. It had that PANTY wetting factor in it. Lets just say. I would love to be Claire for a night. I was very curious into the secret past they both had. I felt bad to learn of Adam’s secret. It hurt me to know he carried this around thinking it was HIS fault all this time when it wasn’t. When Claire finds out more about her past my heart broke for her to hear such details. Claire’s secret…………..BLEW MY MIND………I was floored… literally. I sat there shocked . I couldn’t believe it…. REALLY??????? WOW.. I felt like I needed a nice nerve pill cocktail after that one. BUT it only made me understand her character more. She is truly a STRONG person. To endure what she has can ONLY make a person love her more which is why she and Adam are PERFECT for each other. To go through the struggle of loosing the first love with her through her flashbacks gave me more understanding of her issues and hang ups she is having today. This book is going on my MUST read list of 2013 and I’m biting nails waiting for book 2.. =)


 The tires squeal, skidding across the asphalt as the truck plunges toward me. I’m frozen as I wait for the impact. I close my eyes and the first and only thought that crosses my mind is that this was inevitable. I’m finally being punished for my sins.

The squealing stops and my nose fills with the stench of burnt rubber. I open my eyes as I feel the heat of the engine against my arm. The grille of the truck is inches away from me and a cloud of smoke surrounds the front of the truck. I hear a car door opening, but I can’t see anyone approaching through the smoke until he’s right in front of me, Jack Dawson.

“Are you all right?” he asks. I’m shaking with adrenaline, but I don’t have a scratch on me. I nod and he grabs my arms. “You look like you’re in shock. I should take you to the hospital.”
“No!” I shout as I shrug my arms out of his grasp. “I’m fine. I just want to go home.”
“I’ll take you.”
“You almost killed me!”
He lets out a sheepish chuckle and it infuriates me. “Which is why you should let me take you home, so you don’t step in front of any more moving vehicles.”
“You think it’s funny that you almost murdered me?”
“It would have been manslaughter. And, hey, I saved you from that ‘roid junkie this morning. I guess this balances that out. Now everything is right with the universe.” I curl my lip in disgust and he smiles as he nods toward the cabin of the truck. “Come on. I’ve already tried to manslaughter you once tonight. I promise I won’t try again for at least another twelve hours. You’re safe for now.”

I roll my eyes as I walk toward the passenger door. He skips after me and opens the door for me to climb in. I step into the truck, using the handgrip to pull myself up, and bounce down into the seat. It smells like the coconut-scented sunblock I’ve had to purchase by the case since moving to Wrightsville Beach. He shuts the door and I flinch, still jumpy from nearly being mowed down by this monster.

He slides into the driver’s seat, but his hands make no move for the ignition. “Why were you running across the street in the middle of the night without looking both ways?”

“I was just walking home from a party. Can we go now?”
“A party? Are you drunk?”
“I don’t drink.”
He cocks an eyebrow as he studies me, as if his gaze is the equivalent of a Breathalyzer test.
“Hey, I’m not going to sue you, if that’s what you’re worried about.”
“I’m not worried.”
Ugh. This guy is annoyingly cocky.
“Let me take you to lunch today to make up for almost killing you.”
I turn to look through the rear window of the truck. Where are all the cars? Not that this street is exactly buzzing past midnight, but I’m beginning to think I’m never going to get home if someone doesn’t come along and force him out of this intersection.
“I’m sleeping in today.”

He tilts his head inquisitively. “What do you mean by sleeping in?”
“I mean curtains drawn, eye mask on, electronic devices switched off. Dead to the world sleeping in,” I say as I pull the house keys out of my purse and set the purse on the floor next to my feet.
“Sounds serious.”
“Sleep is serious.”
“What are you some kind of health nut?”
“I like getting my rest after a night of partying.”
“You just said you weren’t drinking.”
“Are you going to keep asking me questions or are you going to take me home? ‘Cause I can walk.”
He smiles as he turns the key in the ignition and pulls the truck forward. “Cora was right about you,” he says, then reaches across the console and shakes my knee.

I slap his hand away, accidentally jabbing him with the keys in my hand. “Hey, there’s this thing called personal space. And how do you know Cora?”
“I don’t believe in personal space. Separateness is an illusion. We are all connected.” He turns to me and flashes me a cunning smile as he pulls into my apartment complex. “Welcome home.”
There is only one way he would know where I live and also know Cora.
“You’re the new tenant?”

He continues to grin as he guides his truck into the parking space next to Senia’s empty space and kills the engine. A million sarcastic remarks about living underneath the person who nearly murdered me whiz through my brain, but I keep them to myself. If there’s one thing I hate it’s getting on bad terms with a neighbor. I never had neighbors growing up in the middle of nowhere with my mom. When I stayed with Senia for a few months after dropping out, I couldn’t believe how friendly her family was with their neighbors. They have parties almost every weekend together. Cora has practically become a surrogate grandmother to me. The least I can do is show her new tenant some courtesy.

“Well, then, welcome home to you, too,” I say, determined not to let our neighborly relationship get any more awkward.

He glances down at the steering wheel, unimpressed with my attempt at easing the tension. “Don’t you want to know what Cora said about you?”

I open the car door and slide out of the truck, letting out a small grunt as I land on the pavement. “Nope. I think I’ll let Cora tell me herself. Goodnight….”
“Adam,” he says. “I’ll tell you my last name at lunch.”

Top Ten Favorite Things – Claire Nixon
  1. Meditation
  2. Adam’s jokes
  3. The way Chris toys with his tongue piercing
  4. Music
  5. Living with her best friend, Senia
  6. The way Adam smells
  7. Water
  8. Cora’s Midwestern wisdom
  9. Adam’s face scruff
  10. The beach

Adam's POV:

Claire watches me watching her as she undresses next to the creek. She has the kind of body that begs to be taken. Most of the girls I dated in high school were surfers who ran in our circle. They had strong bodies. Claire is tiny compared to those girls, almost fragile. But nothing about her personality is fragile, which is why I’ve fallen so fucking hard for her.
“You look like you’re ready to devour me,” she says once she’s removed everything but her yellow bikini.
“Devouring you is the least I’m going to do to you,” I say as I grab her hand and lead her into the creek.

The bank of the creek is muddy and we both slip as we reach the water’s edge. She screams as she flails and throws her arms around my waist. I laugh as we both fall sideways into the water.
She screams again and kicks away from me. “Oh, my God! Something just brushed up against me!”
Julia and Locke burst into gut-busting laughter as they watch her freaking out. I lock my arms around her waist before she can climb out of the creek. Her skin is slippery and we both fall back into the water again.
“You asshole!” she shouts as she attempts to push me away, but even as my arms weaken with laughter she can’t fight me off.
“It’s just a fish. It’s not going to kill you.”

I pull her further into the water and she stops fighting when the water reaches the top of our chests. The water is nice and warm, having been warmed by the summer sun all day long, but it has a stagnant briny smell that’s not as refreshing as the smell of the ocean. Claire grabs my hands and I loosen my grip as she turns around in my arms. Julia swims past us and I splash her. Locke climbs out on a tree limb until he’s dangling over the creek.
“Get a life!” Julia squeals as she splashes me back.
Claire’s brow furrows, but she doesn’t even bother to block it as some of Julia’s splash attack hits her in face. She’s mad. If she could only see the mucky weed tangled in the back of her hair she’d be even more pissed.
I brush a bit of mud from her cheek and she turns her face like a stubborn child. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to freak you out with our hillbilly creek,” I say as I try to keep myself from slipping my hand inside her bikini. “I promise if you feel something nibbling your foot you can leave.”

“You’re so funny.” She swipes her thumb across my bottom lip to wipe away what looks like a soggy piece of a leaf. “This creek is disgusting.”
“It’s the lack of sunlight that makes it look gross. It’s really not that dirty.”
“I don’t believe that.”
“Okay, how about a joke to calm your nerves?” She rolls her eyes and I turn toward Julia. “Hey, what’s the joke about the melons?”
Julia swims back toward us. “What does it mean if life gives you melons?”
I turn to Claire and she cringes as if she’s anticipating another bad joke. “It means you’re dyslexic.”
After an hour or so of mucking about in the dark and trying to convince Claire not to leave, she’s had enough.
“Come on, Claire, the critters are half the fun!” Locke hoots as he dangles from the same tree branch. “They’re harmless so long as they don’t slither into your swimsuit.”

I grab Claire’s foot before she can swim away and yank her backward. “You can’t leave yet,” I say as I wrap my arms around her waist and press my chest against her back. “We haven’t even played Marco Polo yet.”
I slide my hand over her stomach and down toward her bikini bottoms. She spins around to face me and I expect her to slap me. Instead, she throws her arms around my neck and wraps her legs around my waist. I smile with surprise as she squeezes her legs tightly, crushing herself against my growing hard-on.
She leans in and whispers in my ear. “If you take me inside, I’ll play Marco Polo with you upstairs.”
I slide my hands inside her bikini bottoms and take both her sweet ass cheeks in my hands. I let out a groan of frustration as I kiss her neck, tasting the muddy water on her neck. If it were just the two of us out here I’d be deep inside her right now.
I tear my lips away from her neck and pull my head back to look her in the eye. “Not here. I want our first time to be perfect and this is not the right place or the right time. Not that I don’t want to take you upstairs and destroy you. Just not tonight.”
“I can see your boner from here!” Julia shouts at me from as she attempts to pull Locke off the tree branch.
I shake my head and set Claire down on the creek bed. She doesn’t look disappointed with my reaction to her offer, but it only takes a second for her to squeal at something in the water.

“Ouch!” she screams as she reaches down to grab her foot.
“What happened?”
“I kicked a rock. Fuck!”
She swims for the edge of the creek and this time I don’t yank her back. My heart pounds as I follow her out of the water and onto the muddy bank. I race toward her as she plops down and tries to get a look at her foot. It’s covered in mud and it’s too damn dark out here to see anything.
As soon as I reach her, I scoop her up in my arms. “Let’s go clean it up.”
“Put me down. I can walk.”
“Fine,” I say as I set her down on the grass.
Her face screws up in pain as soon as her feet hit the ground, but she holds back her screams and curses this time. She’s too fucking stubborn. I reach for her again and again she pushes me away.
“You’re not carrying me. The house is like a quarter mile away. It’s too far. I can walk.”

I turn my back to her and look over my shoulder. “Hop on my back. I’ll be your horsey.”
She shakes her head as she climbs onto my back. “In case you couldn’t tell, I’m trying not to make several comments about riding you.”
I smile as I hook my arms under her knees and trudge forward. “In case you couldn’t tell, I’m trying really hard not to ride you.”
Top Ten Favorite Things – Adam Parker
  1. Surfing
  2. Making Claire laugh
  3. Family
  4. Architecture
  5. Competing
  6. MTV
  7. Making Claire scream
  8. Sunset
  9. Pretending to be a celebrity chef
  10. Traveling

Chris's POV:

I toss the empty Capri-Sun pouch into the waste bin under the kitchen sink then gaze at Claire across the kitchen island. She’s sitting cross-legged on the barstool. Claire is the only person I’ve ever known who has to sit cross-legged at all times. It’s one of the quirks I love the most about her.

“What are you grinning at?” she says as she looks up from the magazine she’s reading.

“Why do you read that shit? None of those girls are as beautiful as you.”

“I read it for the articles.”

I round the island and stand behind her as I wrap my arms around her waist. “I know a few articles I’d like to do away with today,” I say as I bury my face in her neck and taste her skin. “Happy birthday, baby.”

“Stop. What if your mom walks in?” she says as she pries my arms off her and pushes me back.

“They just left. They won’t be back for at least three hours. Come upstairs with me.” I spin the barstool around so she’s facing me. “Please.”

She narrows her eyes at me as a smile curls her lips. She grabs the front of my shirt and pulls me toward her.

Her lips hover over mine as she whispers, “Okay, but only if you promise not to sing the birthday song.”

I laugh before I plant a quick kiss on her lips. “Asking me not to sing to you on your birthday is like asking me not to breathe. Not gonna happen.” I grab her hand and pull her off the stool. “Come on, babe.”

I grab her hand and she follows me upstairs to her bedroom. My mom doesn’t know shit about us, but I’m going to tell her as soon as Claire gives me the all-clear. I can’t stand keeping this kind of secret. I want to everyone to know how much I love Claire.

We get to her room and she starts straightening up, putting away clothes and straightening the pictures of us she has tucked in the frame of her mirror. I come up behind her and press my body against her as I reach for a picture of us. I slip the picture out of the mirror frame and hold in front of her face. It’s a picture of us in front of the movie theater the day we went to see Iron Man 2. She was wearing a T-shirt I bought her and I remember how hard it was to not touch her as Jake took the picture. Of course, inside the theater the “no touching” rule didn’t apply.

I hold the picture up in front of her face as I kiss the back of her neck. “This was one of my favorite days. This is the day you told me you loved me.”

She spins around and looks me in the eye. “Yeah, but I loved you for a long time before that.”

I toss the picture onto the floor and grab the back of her neck as I mash my lips against hers. Her tongue slides over mine and I instantly get hard.

“Fuck,” I whisper as I pull her toward the bed and lay her down.

She wraps her arms around my neck as I put one of my legs between hers and lie on top of her. I slip my hand under her shirt and her skin prickles with goose bumps. She’s so fucking soft. I slide my hand farther up and her body goes rigid.

“I love you,” I whisper against her lips and she immediately pushes me off.

I sigh as I lie back next to her.

“I’m sorry,” she says as she stares at the ceiling. “I’m just scared that it’s going to hurt and then I’ll feel different about you. I don’t want to feel like you’ve hurt me.”

I flip onto my side and kiss her cheekbone as I slip my hand under her shirt again, eager to feel her skin again. I try not to be possessive with Claire. That’s not what she needs. And I’m pretty good at knowing what Claire needs. I trace my finger around her bellybutton and she smiles.

“I could never hurt you. You’re my Claire-bear,” I say. “But I can’t fucking lie. I want to be inside you so bad.” I continue tracing a light circle, imagine my fingers between her legs and this hard-on is getting unbearable. “I want to make you feel as good as you make me feel.” I lift her shirt and lay a soft kiss on her belly. Her skin is warm against my lips. I want her so bad. “But I’ll wait as long as it takes.”

She brushes my hair out of my face as my lips hover over her belly. “I love you,” she whispers and I scoot up to plant a quick kiss on her temple before I spring off the bed.

“I’ll be right back, babe,” I say as I leave to get my guitar.
Top Ten Favorite Things – Chris Knight
  1. Claire
  2. Music
  3. His guitar, Lucille
  4. His dog, Mr. Miyagi
  5. His tattoo artist, Shayla
  6. Seafood
  7. Jimi Hendrix
  8. Japan
  9. Racing motorcycles
  10. Reading
Want more CHARACTER inspiration? Check the Relentless PINTEREST page out . Or you can check out the song inspirations playlist on the YouTube page.
Author Contact Information:

Cassia Leo grew up in Florida and moved to California after graduating with a degree in journalism. She worked at two small newspapers before discovering her passion for writing romance. Her favorite color is lavender and her dream is to one day score a record deal based on her awesome shower singing skills.

Ten Fun Facts About Cassia Leo
  1. Favorite movies: The Jerk and Waking the Dead.
  2. I'm four degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon.
  3. Favorite books: The Book Thief, Nineteen Eighty-Four, and Perks of Being a Wallflower.
  4. I'm tri-lingual and I've lived in three different countries; most recently, I spent six months in Portugal last year.
  5. Favorite movie quotes: From The Jerk, “My mother gave up everything to put me through cosmetology school,” and, “What’s happening to my special purpose?!” If you’ve read Relentless you won’t be surprised to know that I wrote a techno remix consisting of my favorite lines from Titanic. The first line of the song is, “I see the iceberg and I see it in your eyes.” Maybe someday I’ll record it and post it on SoundCloud. ;-)
  6. My favorite word is wanderlust.
  7. Favorite music artists: Adele, Florence + the Machine, Agnes Obel, The Beatles, Rage Against the Machine.
  8. I can do a one-handed cartwheel.
  9. Favorite TV shows: Sex and the City, Homeland, Revenge, So You Think You Can Dance.
  10. I drink my coffee black and with a pinch of salt.
There is 2 giveaways. WHUT??? YEP.... YAY.... SO every person who comments on this post will be entered to win an autographed paperback of Relentless. AND yes there is MORE.... There is a GRAND PRIZE for the ENTIRE tour. Prizes include : One iPad Mini and $25 iTunes or Amazon giftcard; 5 autographed paperbacks. To Enter GRAND PRIZE you must enter RAFFLECOPTER !







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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Promo Blog Tour, Author Posting and Giveaway - Saved By His Submissive by Angel Payne

Saved By His Submissive (the W.I.L.D. Boys Of Special Forces) 
 RELEASED March 1, 2013

Book Blurb:

Garrett Hawkins is the most valuable asset to his Special Forces unit—because frankly, the guy doesn’t care if he lives or dies anymore. Since the love of his life, Sage Weston, was kidnapped and killed with her medical unit a year ago, Garrett has turned the shell of his soul into the impenetrable armor of a finely-tuned fighting machine. Being the first tapped for the unit’s craziest missions is just fine by him. The less time for memories, and the agony they carve into his soul, the better.

It’s a plan that works—until one night, deep in the jungles of Thailand, Garrett’s world is upended when memories become stunning reality. The unit is called to rescue a group of kidnapped aid workers, only the head count on the retrieval is unexpectedly doubled. Sage and her teammates, believed dead, are very much alive. Only now that Sage is back in his arms, Garrett doesn’t know what to do. He has changed in dramatic and daunting ways, especially in the darker tastes of his passion. If he touches Sage again, he’ll want to claim her, restrain her…dominate her.

Is Sage’s love strong enough to let Garrett back in not only as her fiancé, but her Dominant? Can she trust that visiting the new shadows of his life will lead her to ecstasy and not ruin? Or can it be that Garrett’s discipline is exactly what her own soul needs to find its way back to life—and love—once again?

Tour Schedule:

Wanna see Garrett??

Wanna see Sage???

Author Guest Posting:

“A Day in the Life of Angel Payne”

Ohhh, you twinsies!! You are funny with what you ask me to do! You really want to know what a day in my life consists of? Seriously? Well…I am a creative girl. And an avid fan of good sci-fi. So how about we have a little fun with the space-time continuum?


4:30am: Drag ass out of bed. (Yes, this is really what time I get up.)

4:45am: Insert caffeine IV into vein while letting dog out. Wait while dog roams the entire damn backyard picking out a place to pee.

4:55am: Settle onto couch to write.

5:30am: After getting in five paragraphs, get up because dog has barfed. Clean up said barf.

5:40am: Attempt to write some more.

6:40am: Wake up kid, shower, wake up kid again, try to tame hair, wake up kid AGAIN, attempt to slap on makeup (because I am SCARY without it), wake up kid ONCE AGAIN, tame kid’s hair, make nicey at kid’s school during drop-off, pick up dry cleaning, pick up cleaner for the carpet where dog barfed, scrub carpet again.

8:00am: Start day job. I’m NOT going to bore you with THOSE details! And actually, I really dig my day job on most days. I am a sales professional in the hospitality industry, and I am blessed to work from home. It’s a phenomenal business to be in. By the very nature of what we do, hospitality is filled with a lot of friendly, goofy, terrific people. Most days, if I HAVE to be NOT writing, this is what I’d choose to do.

3:00pm: Pick up kiddo from school. Attempt to hide my wicked smirk as I stand in the hall dreaming up a new book plot. Few of the other PTO moms know the secret identity under my Green Day T-shirt and blue jeans. Those that do usually sidle closer and whisper, “Hmmm, what are you thinking of NOW, girl?” Tee hee. If they only knew.

6:00pm: Day job ends. Peel off Green Day T-shirt and jeans (can I get another Amen? AMEN!) and hop into “mom mode.” Homework, dinner, and catching up on my favorite trashy entertainment shows. Hey, SOMEBODY has to care about Sean Lowe finding happiness, right?

7:00pm: WRITER HAT ON AGAIN! Yay! Sink blissfully into my newest work-in-progress!

9:00pm: Break for kidlette’s bath and bed time.

9:30pm: Back to writing until I pass out, which is usually around 10:30—if I make it that long.

Okay…so…*ACTIVATES SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM*…here is my fun little romp into another universe…

6:30am: Stretch gloriously in bed and sing a song while birds and mice get me dressed and fix my hair.

8:00am: After a breakfast of chocolate crescents (calorie-free, of course), settle into my writing nook to busily tap away at my newest best-selling tome. Lost in a world of hunks, heroines, and hotness for hours. Write 3000 words!

11:30am: Phone rings. Ohmygawsh, it’s Channing Tatum! What, Channing? You read “Save By His Submissive” and think it would be a great movie? Why yes, I think you’d be a GREAT Garrett Hawkins! Of course I’ll meet you at your mansion later to discuss!

12:00 noon: Celebrate the Channing deal during a triple-orgasm nooner with my STUD HUSBAND.

2:00pm: (Okay, so maybe the nooner went longer than we thought.) Stumble into the kitchen on noodle legs to get something to eat while birds and mice re-fix my hair and makeup.

3:00pm: Back to writing for a few blissful hours. Get in another 3000 words!

5:00pm: Meet Channing at his mansion and enjoy margaritas with he and Jenna while we ink the kick-ass movie deal. Watch him do flips into their pool, until Josh Groban comes by for a little visit. As Josh plays the piano for us, Channing reprises his Jimmy Kimmel picano hump too. Jenna and I clap in girlish delight.

7:00pm: Curtain time! Meet stud husband to get in the newest Broadway musical at the Pantages Hollywood, a gorgeous historical theatre.

10:00pm: Cross the street and check in at the W Hollywood. Have major monkey sex in our sumptuous suite, then sip champagne until I fall into a blissful sleep. Goodnight, world. It’s been another “typical” day in the life of Angel Payne….

Admit it. You all now love the space-time continuum as much as I do.

Author Bio:
Image of Angel Payne

Hi there! I'm Angel: weirdo, pop-culture geek, hopeless romantic, and totally OCD writer. I'm so glad you've found me, and I hope you like my stuff. It truly comes from my heart.
I've loved reading all my life, and have been writing nearly that long, too. I think it started when I penned an 80-page novel about a time-traveling family for a 5th-grade school project. You could say I was hooked. In middle school, I moved to the hardcore stuff: the paragraph-at-a-time "swap-stories" with all my besties. (C'mon...don't lie...you remember those too!) Needless to say, the stories featured lots of French kissing, mindless groping and angsty drama - but I knew I'd found a niche when I was invited to participate in several more swap-stories on campus.
Some years, various entertainment writing gigs and a half-dozen historical romances later, I discovered the world of erotica - and home. (Not to mention a great place for all that angst I never gave up.) I love this genre - change that to love this genre - and hope my stories speak to your heart as well as your blood pressure, as well as your courage to explore new things and express your truth in beautiful new ways.
And where do I do all this? Well, if you ask my hubz, he'd likely say "on another planet," especially if I'm in story-brewing mode! The rest of the time, I live in Southern California with him and our gorgeous child, where I'm abnormally interested in travel, coffee, wine, shoes, super heroes, fetish wear, ridiculous pop culture trends - but most of all, hearing from fellow readers and erotica lovers like you. Drop me a line at my website or my Facebook page, or even here!

Contact Information:

                Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/angelpaynewrites

                Twitter: @AngelPayneWrtr

 The shoe site is myhotshoes.com sorry it didnt get put on the rafflecopter correctly
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