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Saturday, June 15, 2013

He's so into You by Roxy Wilson

Book Blurb:
Being badly injured in a plane crash and feeling responsible for losing his fiancĂ© keep Jordan Cooper from getting involved with another woman, but his best friend Caleb talks him into going on a blind date. He’s surprised that in a short time his feelings for Raina Abbott runs deep. Jordan wants more than just one night with her, but he has to convince her first.

Leaving an abusive ex and ending an unhealthy relationship with food still aren’t enough to help Raina Abbott overcome her feelings of insecurity, but her best friend Jayce convinces her that going on a blind date is the first step to boosting her self-confidence and feeling good about herself again. Jordan Cooper shows her that she’s beautiful, both inside and out, but can a date and one night of passion assure her that he’s really into her?

Melinda’s Review:
It has been 5 years since Jordan’s fiance was killed in a plane accident that he was the sole survivor of.  On the 5th anniversary of the accident Jordan’s cousin, Caleb, talks him into going on a blind date. 
Raina left an abusive ex and was doing a great job at losing some of the weight that she had put on.  She had made some off handed comments that if she hit her goal weight she would let her friend, Jayce, set her up on a blind date. 
Caleb and Jayce setup the date and Jordan and Raina enjoyed a private dinner at a Beach resort which led to Jordan’s suite.  In his room there were all kinds of emotions going on, romance, lust, love, and them facing their own demons (talk about taking you on a ride). 
I loved how sweat and loving Jordan was toward Raina, especially after she opened up to him about her past.  He was bound and determined that she was going to know how beautiful and special she really was.  Then Raina turned the tables on Jordan and made him open up to her about his injury and the accident.  It was her turn to make him see it was not his fault and he should not carry the blame any longer.  My heart went out to these two.  This is one of those books were when you are done you wish there is more.  I can’t wait to see if there is a Caleb and Jayce story coming.