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Wednesday, June 12, 2013



My review for this book is posted earlier.  Please check it out!!

For the first stop of the tour, I had the HONOR and PRIVILEGE of interviewing Taz and Lindsey.  Check it out!!

Hi, It's Twinsie Brenda -- I have been soooo excited to sit down with Taz and Lindsey (OK, so mostly Taz, but Lindsey is a sweetie). I haven't been able to sleep for a few days!! OK....gotta go, don't want to keep my man....I mean Lindsey's man waiting!!! Wish me luck!!

I’m walking into the room and there’s Taz sitting there gazing at Lindsey....awww he loves her so much. And I think that makes him look a tad bit hotter than he already is!!  How am I going to get through this interview?!? 

Hi Taz and Lindsey, I'm Brenda from Twinsie Talk Book Blog! I am SO happy to meet you both. I am very excited to be your OPENING blog for your very first blog tour!! How does it feel?

Lindsey:  I'm really nervous, Brenda, I mean to go public with our private lives is just something -

TAZ -[Interrupts]: No big deal, Brenda.  In my line of work it's routine to make public statements and answer questions.  Lindsey and I are just really happy to be here talking to you and everyone that follows Twinsie Talk Book Blog.

ME:  Well I’m very honored that you could take the time to sit down and chat.

Lindsey, how are you feeling? I know that you had a full-recovery....but how are you really doing with a new man and a new baby?! It's a lot of work!

Lindsey:  Oh, Brenda, as a mother yourself, I'm sure you know all about juggling responsibilities with respect to the home, the kids, and the man in your life.  Harper is such a good baby, though.  She breastfeeds and sleeps. I mean to be perfectly honest, Taz is way more demanding than the baby right now.

Taz (Looking wounded):  Hey, c'mon, baby girl.  I help you out a lot at home.  I'm just, you know, anxious for the six weeks to be over , , , what can I say?  I'm a man. . .(Winks)

ME:  (OMG...HE JUST WINKED AT ME!!!  I think I’m blushing....)  Yes, Taz, I’m sure......You are a man, by the way... (I wink back!) 

Taz, or can I call you "Trace" (giggles....that's such a sexy name!) -- How much do you love being a daddy to the adorable Harper? I imagine you are very protective of her!! Do you change diapers? Lindsey - you feel free to jump in here!!

TAZ:  I can't explain the overwhelming feeling I had when I watched my baby girl give birth to our baby girl.  It was like nothing I ever imagined, you know?  Lindsey was a bit of a wimp during labor, but aside from that, it was beautiful.

LINDSEY (jumps in):  Whoa, hold up right there, G-Man!  I'd like to see how well you would handle labor and delivery.  You know what they say, Brenda, if men had the babies there's be no more than one child per family.  (giggles and smacks Taz)

TAZ:  Getting back to your question, Brenda, yes I am very protective of both of my girls.  As for diapers, I do my share of that too.

LINDSEY [giggling]:  He gags on the poopy ones, though.

So Trace (giggles again)... Are you ready for the onslaught of female fans that you are about to receive!! I know we met you briefly in Diamond Girl, but you were in your "Tough Guy Biker" mode. Now that we've met the REAL Taz, you are going to be a popular guy!! Are you ready for this?

TAZ [giving Brenda a dazzling smile]:  ""Well, Brenda, you know it's really always been about Slate with the chicks.  I mean he's my best friend that happens to also be my boss, so I've seen the way chicks gravitate towards him - not only when we're undercover, but even at the academy it was like that.  So, this 'popularity' thing is all new to me.""

LINDSEY [interrupts]:  ""He won't let it go to his head, at least he better not.  My man knows who butters his buns.""

TAZ: (Winking):  ""It's been a long 5 weeks and 2 days, Brenda.

Lindsey, how is your mother adjusting to having another baby in the house along with Bryce! I'm sure she's really busy! Are you able to spend time with your brothers?

LINDSEY:  Thank you for asking about her, Brenda.  She is doing great with the boys.  Of course, Slate is a big help to her at home.  We spent Memorial Day over there as a matter-of-fact and my newest little brother, Sidney, is so precious.  Bryce is a wee bit jealous, I think.  He was so used to getting all of the attention around there.  He clings to Slate now.  My grandmother lives close by so she helps Mom out alot, plus she helps me out when Trace is on assignment.

Taz, how is the FBI? Any updates you can give us on the status of Lindsey's father? Have you been able to find him yet? I'm sorry, Lindsey, does it bother you to talk about him?

TAZ:  Well, Brenda, we have some exciting assignments coming up.  Slate and I will be busy doing some undercover work here soon in The Big Apple.......

LINDSEY: [frowning]: How come this is the first I am hearing of it?

TAZ [smiling/pulling her close]:  On a need-to-know basis, babe, remember?  Anyway, that's about all I can say on that topic anyway.  As far as Lindsey's father - we still believe he will surface.

LINDSEY:  I still feel that my father is out there, Brenda.  I have very mixed emotions where he is concerned as you can imagine.  I just want to ask him why - why did he do the things that he did.  I feel he owes me an explanation at the very least.  I don't wish him any harm; I mean, he's my father.

TAZ:  Well, Brenda.  We need to hit the road now.  I have some afternoon plans for Lindsey since her grandmother is watching Harper for us.  We're on the bike since it is such a nice day out.  [Taz ties his do-rag on his head]  Ready, baby?

LINDSEY: [being pulled behind Taz] Thanks so much for interviewing us Brenda!  Trace and I LOVE Twinsie-Talk!

ME:  Bye Trace and Lindsey!!!  Thanks again for sitting down with me!!  Send me pics of the baby!!

AWWW that was so fun!!  I’m so glad that I did this!  Did you see him wink at me!!!  And how hot did Taz look in that do-rag!  Mmmmmmm I wished he would have offered me a ride on his motorcycle!!

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  1. Love the interview!!!! I am so going through Taz withdraws right now <3