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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Safe Heart by Kenra Daniels

Safe Heart (Blood Dragon, #1)
Book Blurb:
When vampire Jaden Beayer is kidnapped and tortured, weredragon Enforcer Kiellen Henley is assigned to find her. After her recovery, Kiellen agrees to help Jaden track down the humans responsible and exact revenge on them. The problem is, Jaden feels Kiellen is the missing ingredient for her complete recovery – even if he is a weredragon, and off limits. After all, who can resist a guy so hot the ground he walks upon steams.

Kiellen believes Jaden has mistaken gratitude for attraction, and despite his overpowering need, he rejects her attempts at seduction. As they face violence and betrayal, and Jaden's quest for revenge becomes one for justice, Kiellen's resistance evolves into acceptance and love. But a relationship between them could endanger the fragile truce between weredragons and vampires, and could mean the death sentence for them both
Angie J's review:

OMG seriously where do I even start?  I started this book Friday morning and finished it Saturday night in between work and children!! It was amazing.  I cant even begin to tell you what I didn't like because honestly there wasn't anything.  I loved the intense sexual chemistry and cheered when they finally, well YOU KNOW.
Ok I am a huge BDB fan and all I could think of when Kiellen was being talked about was Rhage. So naturally Jaden became a kick ass version of Mary for me. (If you don't know what i am referring to then ...sigh....I am sorry but you are missing a great love story there between them BUT back to Kenra's book).   I also loved the politics this book presented.  The fact there is a Council there to protect the different species of Paranormal persons. I enjoyed the friendships each character brought to the story even if they were back stabbing bitches....sorry but we all know we have friends like that in our life.  I liked the respect that Jaden and Kiellen gave to each other most of all .  He respected what she had been through and she respected his ideas and concerns.  I  was glad that the 'trama" Jaden received at the hands of the Mortification people was skimmed over. To me, my imagination made it much worse that any writing could have made it.

Ok so why did I like this book?  It was literally on the edge of your seat suspense and then hot ass sexual chemistry filled with alot of laughing...like the scene where he drops her because his jeans are still around his ankles and he is carrying her to the bed.  The the inn keepers bust in thinking something is wrong..........soooo damn funny.  So I would definitely give this book a thumbs up.  I cant wait for book 2 and already was harassing the author about it!!  This could definitely become a favorite series of mine without a doubt.

Below is the link for this book and another of Kenra's books you can pick up for less then a buck off Amazon.  We hope you do read these books because Kenra is a great paranormal novelist.  She also writes with Azure Boone on the Archangels Creed novels.  They are a favorite new series for me as well.  We have a review of the first book Kassern up as well if you are interested!!  Thanks!!

About the author:
A writer since early childhood, Kenra only turned to writing fiction for publication as a serious goal in the past couple of years. Currently, she writes Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Erotic Romance, but has plans for Historical Romance and possibly Young Adult Paranormal. If time and energy allow, there's a Western and a Suspense novel on the back burner, too.

Kenra lives in a TINY little town in rural north eastern Kentucky (one stop light TINY) with her very own Romance Novel Hero/Husband of 26 years. They have one adult daughter, and are raising their 3 grandsons (1, 3, & 4yrs).

When Kenra isn't busy with the boys or writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, sewing, crafts, gardening, hiking, camping, and horses. She is interested in a broad array of subjects, but not celebrities or sports

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review "Safe Heart"! I'm glad you enjoyed it - and Book 2 is on the way, LOL!