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Friday, January 10, 2014

Blog Tour Kickoff and Giveaway for Kayden: The Past by Chelle Bliss

Title: Kayden: The Past
Author: Chelle Bliss
Release Date: 1.1.14



Kayden Michaels has a past filled with sex, addiction, and heartache. A past that he’s avoided sharing with the love of his life, Sophia, and held close to his core not risking rejection. Needing to get his addictions in check and gain control of his life for the sake of his family, Kayden is forced to confront his past and make amends for the path he’s walked.

Kayden must recount every carnal act and the betrayal from those he’s loved to identify the triggers that spur his addictions and overcome it all to be worthy of Sophia’s love – his sole reason to exist.

This is NOT a novella.

Short Excerpt ~ Explicit:
“Hey, where ya going?” she asked. “What about me?”
“I’m sure someone here would be happy to give you what you want. I got what I was looking for, babe.”
“You had me suck your cock and you’re just going to fucking leave me here?” she asked glaring at me with hatred so pure I could almost feel the fist she wanted to hit me with.
“I got what I came for. You were a total bitch to me for years; you don’t deserve what I’d give, how good I’d fuck you,” I said with my arms crossed against my chest.
“You’re a total cocksucker, Kayden,” she said poking me in the chest with each word to drive the point home.
“No, that would be you, babe,” I said with a smile, “Oh, and by the way, you have a little on your chin,” I said pointing at her face chuckling softly at the situation. I watched as she wiped her chin and I turned and walked away, leaving her there like she deserved.

Angie J's Review:

I received this book as a beta and ARC reader for an honest review.

WOW!!  I am sitting at my lap top wiping the tears away from my face.  This book is a great story.  Now I have read Untangle Me before reading this story so I feel it  really helped enhance that story.  However, you don't need to read Untangle me before reading Kayden's story BUT you will get some backstory knowing about Kayden and why he is the way he is.

This story begins with Kayden writing in his journal about his "pussy parade" and failures at love.  I have to admit, I wasn't stunned but saddened by his experiences.  Kayden is a REALLY good guy who falls for all the wrong woman time after time. Getting to read about his life from High School to his thirties, was eye opening.  He goes through so many heart breaks from a cheating fiance, cheating wife and cray cray girlfriend.  I have to say Danielle and Bridget were just awful characters in his life but they also shaped the man he became and this path that put in on the road to meet Sophia.

The journaling is a great way to tell a story in my opinion.  We can "see" in Kaydens mind and he explains his emotion and his regrets to us the readers for his choices.  He does own up to his problems and faces them head on especially when Sophia comes into his life.  The end of the book when we see the two of them together and going through a very special moment made the tears flow freely.  I just loved the fact he is settled and in a loving relationship.

I was in complete and total love with Kayden in Untangle Me but after this book it is full fledged love.  I loved Untangle Me but this book is 10 Times better.  Maybe its because I loved the flawed man that Kayden is, maybe it is because he is finally happy, and maybe it is because he is uber alpha and i love those guys.......I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a great HEA story.  Kayden is sexy, hawt and a great story that will cling with you.

Melinda's Review: 
I received an ARC from the Author to give a truthful review. 
I was excited when Chelle sent me an ARC of Kayden’s story. I read untangle me and now that I have finished Kayden I understand and love him even more.

We get to take a stroll down memory lane with Kayden that begins in high school and ends in current time with Sophia. During this time he tells us more in depth about his past than he did in Untangle Me. We learn of his poor decision, poor choices in women, and ultimately things that just happen that end up making him the man he is today. In Kayden’s own words "My life was like an inescapable black hole. I worked hard and played harder, needing to lose myself in booze, women, and drugs." and he truly lived by them. I know I am be very vague here but I don't want to give spoilers away; Bridget, Danielle, and Lisa all have a different story with Kayden and each one tore a piece of his heart in some way.  However, he did in his own way get some type of revenge on each one.   

To be able to see a few things between Kayden, Sophia and even Suzy through Kayden‘s eyes was amazing. The epilogue was great. I'm such a suck sucker for a great epilogue. I cannot wait to read Suzy's story. Thank you Chelle Bliss for letting Kayden tell about his past. 

Here are a few of my favorites:
“I’m Game for anything, always have been. I’m kind of like Nike – just do it.” ~ Kayden
“I was hoping your motto is closer to the Energizer – it keeps going. And going. And going.” ~Carrie
“Just remember Timex took my phrase – takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin.” ~Kayden

“She’s my soul mate who I had to walk through hell to find. Sophia’s my kismet, the one worth everything I went through to be with in the end.” ~Kayden

The other women were meaningless and unimportant, although they helped me to realize what true love is and should be, and with Sophia, I found it and held on tight. ~Kayden

You’ve wiped the navy blue out of my world. Each day, I’m greeted by a world filled with a kaleidoscope of colors. ~Sophia
Brenda's Review
 I was also privileged to be a BETA reader for Kayden.  I was leery about reading Kayden.  Since I read Untangle Me and LOVED Sophia, I didn't want to go back and "see" Kayden with other women!  It just felt wrong!  But because I trusted Chelle, I did it!  AND HOLY CRAP am I glad I did!!!  There were times when I was saying "Sophia WHO?"  and was rooting for the girl from his past!  LOL  Kayden was SUPER hot!  You will definitely want to read this one.  It's not JUST his past.  This book starts with his past and then continues to AFTER Untangle Me!  You know you want to know about the baby! awwwww that was a great scene!!!  and the letters............. had me in tears!!!  If you read Untangle Me... READ THIS!  If you didn't read Untangle Me... READ THIS!!  then you'll want to read Untangle Me!  either way, you'll want to read both!  

OH and for a bonus, you get to read the first part of Throttle Me!! HOLY CRAP, City sounds like sex on a stick!!  get to writing faster Chelle Bliss!!
Listen to this song....It's PERFECT for Kayden and Sophia!  LISTEN

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Play List:
Kayden: The Past Playlist
Demons ~ Imagine Dragon
Crazy Bitch ~ Buck Cherry
Gorilla ~ Bruno Mars
Livin’ on a Prayer ~ Bon Jovi
Sex and Candy ~ Marcy PLayground
Love the Way You Lie ~ Eminem
Everything I’ve Known ~ KoRn
Bring Me to Life ~ Evanescence
Cold Hard Bitch ~ Jet
What Goes Around Comes Around ~ Justin Timberlake
Waiting for the End ~ Linkin Park
The Reason ~ Hoobastank
Control ~ Puddle of Mud
I Hate Everything About You ~ Three Days Grace

Closer ~ NIN

About the Author:

I have been a teacher for over ten years, and needed a creative outlet for all my naughty thoughts. I received a bachelors degree in History and a Masters in Education, which led me to becoming a high school history teacher.

I love to read, I can devour a book a day, when given the chance or having the time. I can't pick one favorite book, there are just too many that come to mind. I do have favorite authors though. My top five authors are: Colleen Hoover, S.C. Stephens, Tarryn Fisher, CJ Roberts, and Kele Moon. I agonized over the top five. There are so many fantastic Indie authors that help feed my quest for the next best story.

Writing has been a journey unlike; filled with anguish, love, fear, and creativity. I'm excited for the next step and to share Kayden and Sophia.

Contact the Author:
Website: http://authorchellebliss.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @chellebliss1

Wanna Meet Chelle?????  Well you cat at the NOLA Author Event: 

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