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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Meeting My Master (A week with my Romanian #1) by Steffie Dawn

Book Blurb:
Having been dreaming of meeting her Romanian Master since the day they met online Ella is on a trip of a lifetime to Bucharest! Join her & her Master on a journey of discovery & learning. On her arrival Ella is thrown into the deep end with a session in Master’s dungeon & a trip outside the confines of his apartment finds her in some trouble!

Being a twenty two year old student from the United Kingdom Ella doesn’t know what to expect when she boards the jet to Bucharest. Her online relationship has been keeping her occupied for over a year but she doesn’t know how that will fair when transferred to real life. All she knows for certain is in the year they’ve been playing on the internet and web camera, she has fallen head over heels in love with the only man to ever control her in the way she desires and needs. But will love be enough for this duo when their online relationship is played out in real life?
Jo-Anna's Review:
I got asked to do a review of this book by the author and the being a HUGE fan of the BDSM genre, I had to say yes and I'm glad that I did.
Ella travels to Bucharest to meet her Master for the very first time in person and wow...can we say HOT?? I really liked this book and I thought the author did a good job.
It's a short story and you see how them meet in person and they're interaction with each other. You also see Ella experiencing being a submissive in real life, instead of just on the computer.
My only issue is that I want to know more!! I messaged the author instantly and told her I was done and that I couldn't wait to hear more from Ella and her Master.
I really hope that they continue their D/s relationship and I can't wait for the next book!
About the author:
Steffie Dawn is twenty one years old and was born in Bangor in Wales where she still currently resides. She published Meeting My Master, the first in a series of seven books in April 2013 and the second of the series is due for release in May 2013. Steffie is a freelance writer and an award winning poet who works part time in Customer Services at a local supermarket. In her teenage years, Steffie volunteered with a local group where they provided a safe place and activities for young people during the school holidays, she also, with one of the other group workers set up a drama group for underprivileged young people on the estate she lives. After studying Dance for two years at the local college Steffie changed direction and at university studied Education Studies and Sociology which helped her decide to change paths once more and go and study Law amongst other subjects in September 2013. Her hobbies include reading and taking parts in beauty pageants where she has held numerous titles her most prestigious being the national title Miss Braveheart Wales.
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