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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In His Shirt - Karenna Colcroft

In His Shirt

Karenna Colcroft

Book Review by Brenda Wright

Book Blurb:

Marielle has had a thing for her friend Rory since they met, but has never acted on it. The morning after Rory and his roommate Wayne save Marielle from a jerk at a club and bring her back to their place to sleep it off, Marielle decides it’s time to let Rory know how much she wants him. She doesn’t expect Wayne to walk in and join them—and she definitely doesn’t expect to discover Rory and Wayne have a sexual relationship—and they want to make Marielle a permanent part of it.

Inside Scoop:  Marielle gets not only Rory but Wayne in this delicious m/m/f ménage.

My Review:

This was a very short read… HOT, but short.  The story starts out with Marielle waking up from a night at the club.  She doesn’t remember who she went home with….the room looks familiar.  She looks at the shirt that she’s wearing and then she realizes she’s at her friend Rory’s apartment.  She wonders if anything happened.  Once she realizes that nothing did happen she’s sad….She’s had a crush on Rory for a couple of years.  She’s always been afraid to start anything with him because she’s afraid to lose his friendship.    Little does she know that Rory has also had a crush on her….. one thing leads to another and then they are interrupted by Rory’s roommate Wayne.  Hmmmmm what happens next?  I can’t give it away….but it was pretty hot!!!  Will Marielle say Yes to the proposition?  Can she do what she’s asked?  Better read it to find out!! 

I wished the story was longer so that I could see what happened next……

Overall Rating: 3.5 stars

Hero Hotness:  3 stars
Heroine Hotness:  3 stars
Lovableness of couple:  4 stars
Tearjerker: 0 star
Story Depth:  1 stars
Story Plot:  3 stars

Published May 2013
· Would I re-read this book: No
· Would I read future books by this author: Yes
· Was there a cliffhanger:  no
· Do I love the characters: I could – need to know more about them
· Do I want more of their story:  YES!!!  What happened a month later?
· Is this part of a series:  No

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About the Author

I began writing at age five, because I wanted to see my stories in books like the ones I read. I wrote children's and young adult stories from then through college.
In 2006, a friend of mine challenged me to write a story that presented sex in a positive way. The scene I wrote surprised me, and it hooked me on writing erotic romance. Since then, I've written over a hundred short stories, most of which appeared online, and in 2009, I began submitting stories to e-publishers.
I live in the northeastern United States with my two children, my real-life romance hero husband, and a pair of cats.

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