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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Review and Interview for Second Bite by Lauren Stewart

Second Bite
Book Blurb:
A second lifetime…

Party planner, Olivia, would rather be getting a root canal than be surrounded by vampires at the 1500th Re-Birthday party of their leader. With access to synthetic and donor blood, vampires are out and proud, living amongst the humans they used to secretly feed upon. And no one besides Olivia seems to have a problem with them.

As if her trust issues aren’t enough to cope with tonight, she also has to deal with her co-worker Daniel. Gorgeous, kind and honest, he’s the perfect guy . . . except for the fact that he’s dead and his diet consists solely of blood. Oh, and those long, romantic walks on the beach that women fantasize about would turn him into dust.

Daniel hates who and what he is. There is no redemption possible, no way for him to be the man Olivia deserves. But, damn it, that’s exactly who he wants to be.

Just when she finally accepts him for who she thinks he is, everything she fears becomes real. How can Daniel overcome two lifetimes of guilt and be the man she needs?

Angie J's Review:

I am a big fan of Lauren Stewart and was excited when she sent me this book for a review.  I am a big Paranormal reader and so a vampire novella is totally up my alley.  This book is pretty much told in 2 parts....part one is the party and part two is after the party.  Part one is hot and sexy but part two is emotional and full of longing.

Where do I begin?  Oh I know it is  to tell you that this author is amazing!!!  I loved this book.  Daniel is a hot vampire who works for a party planners.  Olivia is his boss and he is totally hot for her.  They are planning the first ever Happy Re-Birthday Party for the leader of all vampires named Magnus.  She is a closet bigot and hates vampires BUT at the same time has naughty thought about Daniel.  Well the two of them end up making a "non-date" (by the way my favorite scene how he goes about asking her out) but decide to just skip to the sex....lol.  Anyway, while they have slipped  away for naughty time, some bad things happen. Daniel makes a huge sacrifice to keep Olivia safe.  Daniels sacrafice allows him a second chance of life.  The second part of the novel Daniel is searching for his way back to Olivia while she is searching for Daniel.

If you haven't read anything by this author I would recommend it 100%.   I have appointed myself President of her fan club....let's be honest ! am sooo not a secretary kinda girl :)  I have her books on auto buy at this point.  She writes hot scenes, emotional longing and amazing characters with depth.  She also had a knack for throwing in the amazing twist, to make you, the reader scream~!!!!  Any who if you read this blog you must want me opinion....so buy the book peps!!!

Interview with the Author:

Hello and thanks for answering a few serious and silly questions for us....First question, Do you plan to write more vampire novels or was Daniel your only novel as of right now?

Before I wrote this, I never thought I’d write a vampire novel. I love them and think there are some amazing ones out there. But because there are so many of them, unless a writer tackles them in a totally different way, they all blur together.

That being said, I’ve been working on the plotline of a series of books that would include a lot of paranormal critters. And the hero of the first book is a vamp.

What are you currently working on? 

I’m in the trenches with the third book in the Hyde series. And I’ll be there until it’s done. There’s still a lot of finagling to do on that one.

When you write do you plot or seat of your pants write?

I do a mixture. With a complicated series, I have to know where I’m going, where I want the series to end with. But one of the biggest thrills of writing is not knowing exactly how I’m going to get there. My characters are such fully-formed people in my mind, they tend to determine their own paths, regardless of where I want them to go. When I allow them to stay true to their personalities, they often make choices that make my life harder. That doesn’t make me sound crazy, does it? If not, I’m sure another one of my answers will. *giggle*

Silly and random question time......

Ok so looking at all the characters of your other novels I had read...what celebrity would you say was Daniel and Olivia in Second Bite?  Mitch and Eden?  Carter? from Hyde/Jekyll.

Matt Bomer would make a great Daniel. He’s superb-looking, but still manages to have a ‘normal’ guy attitude.

 Olivia could be played by any number of actresses, but not a starlet. Olivia balances being a mom with having a career, so I picture her as someone like Christina Hendricks.
As I wrote Mitch, I pictured Bradley Cooper. I have an unnatural obsession with Bradley Cooper—he’s sarcastic, gorgeous, but can also do tortured really well. But he’s too old (Dang, I hate that I said that). So my first choice would be Ian Somerhalder. Stephen Amell would also be a good choice.
 As for Eden, I’d love someone like Natalie Portman, although Evangeline Lilly was born to be an urban fantasy heroine.

 As for Carter, I’d go with someone like Hunter Parrish from Weeds.

Who are your favorite authors?

In terms of PNR/UF, I have to go with JR Ward and Karen Marie Moning. Those women get so deep in their characters’ heads, pull no punches, and really know how to break the rules. Plus, they create the hottest men ever. They taught me a lot.

If you could pick the book that would put you on the NYT Best Sellers list what book would it be?  Past, present or future novels can be discussed.

Wow, great question! I have a special relationship with Hyde. It breaks a lot of rules, has a lot of subtext, and was almost permanently put on a shelf to gather dust. So it would be especially profound if that was the one to go ‘mainstream’. My dream is that when people are done reading the story, they think about their own lives, their own sense of ethics, as well as the morality our society dictates.
About the author:



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After earning degrees in Fine Arts and English, Lauren Stewart wanted to see the world. A lack of funds meant that she didn’t get far. She spent two years traveling around Mexico, the Caribbean, and Canada—first as a choreographer and then an English teacher—meeting folks from all the places she couldn’t afford to go to. But that time was highly useful—she learned about herself, other people, and how insane life actually is.

Lauren reads in almost every genre. So naturally, her writing reflects that. With every book, every story, you'll find elements of other genres--fantasy, mystery, romance, paranormal, suspense, YA, women's literature, all with a touch of humor because what doesn’t kill us, should make us laugh.

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  1. I loved Seconed Bite. Hyde series is next in my list.

    1. yes Hyde is a great book with biting sarcasm and the fact Mitch is crafted after my V...well says alot!!!!

  2. Thanks, Melinda! I hope you enjoy it!

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed Second Bite, Twinsies!

    I love Daniel too. He's so sincere, honest, and different than most of the male characters I write. Plus, he came to me in a dream. I saw him and this story from start to finish (even the naughty bits). So all I can say is that it was a wonderful dream. Lol