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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Night Terrors: Hallways and Mirrors by Rose Golden

Book Blurb:

I would wake up in the middle of the night; a cold sweat drenching my sheets, gasping for air, my hands racing defensively to my throat. In these brief moments that fallowed, I would always realize two things; one: it all had been a nightmare, a terrible nightmare, and two: the three figures standing at the foot of my bed hadn't disappeared with the scenery, they had fallowed me out. These figures, I knew them too well. Two were men silhouettes and one was female. It wasn't all to surprising how well I knew them, I saw them every night. I would always be running from them in a dark, eerie familiar place. But they would always reach me, pin me down, and begin to choke the life from me. Even after I woke, the pressure around my throat was real and would linger in bruises, and those figures would still be there, staring at me. Doctors called them night terrors. They said they weren't uncommon for children and young teenagers who had recently lost their parents. Only, these started the night of my sixteenth birthday, two weeks before their death.

Jo-Anna's Review:

The main reason I chose to do a review for this book was because it was different and anyone who knows me, knows that I like different.

Kitra has mind numbing night terrors and thinks she just dreams them. Suddenly her world is turned upside down and her nightmares come to life. She has to deal with more then a normal teenager should by losing her parents and others that she has loved. It's almost more then she can handle.

I love vampires and I always enjoy each author's personal view of them. This book also has a heaven/hell kind of storyline as well and is filled with action. It's sure to keep you on your toes.

About the author:

"I live in Tucson Arizona where I was born. when I was 14 i was diagonoised with epilepsy which ultimately changed my life forever. I had my first seizure on the first day of high school and the night I spent in the hospital I had lots of weird nightmares that gave me inspiration to write. For the first 6 months I was unable to attend school, so I poured myself into an alternate reality to achieve some of my ambitions. The way I see it, art is whatever you’re into. If you paint your brush is your tool to put yourself onto the canvas. If you’re a photographer, the picture you take captures a single moment you felt with your heart. If you write, the pen is your microphone recording your emotion. If any of my stories affect someone’s life in a positive manner, I will consider the time I put into writing them time well spent. Overall I wanted to write about strong female characters, and let everybody know just because you’ve been dealt a different set of cards in life, doesn’t mean you have to fold. I know I never will." 

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  1. Thanx for the awesome review! This looks like an awesome read. TBR list for sure!