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Monday, February 18, 2013

GIVEAWAY, Guest Posting and Book Review of An Affair Across Times Square by Rachell Nichole

Book Blurb:
Layla Morgan is tired of getting into trouble, and getting hurt. And she fears her wild nature is going to strike yet again. But maybe this time, she’s finally met the guy that can stand close enough to touch her inner flames, and not get burned. The man across Times Square seems enthralled by her wildness instead of scared in the face of it. He can’t seem to look away as she shows him just how much fun she can have… with herself.

After one glance of silky skin and talented fingers, Tyler Lachlan doesn’t stand a chance of resisting the delicious distraction of the mystery woman from the Marietta Hotel. He’s sure there’s more to her than her sultry voice and mahogany thighs, but he doesn’t know if he’s willing to risk his career to find out.

What begins as a voyeuristic affair across Times Square develops into something more
Angie J's Review:
What would you do if you found out the person you are attracted to was your opponent in a trial...not just a small trial but a huge trial???  Well that is what happened to poor Layla and Tyler.  They both have seen each other and cant stop thinking about each other.  Talk about a big "oh crap" moment!!! 
Layla and Tyler both feel that their side to the case is the winning or correct side.  I like that the trial doesn't overshadow the story too much but it is in there when it was important to the story.  I also loved the amazing, hawt, steamy sex between the characters.  If you haven't' read anything by Rachell Nichole I will say you are defo missing out.  She is a very skillful writer when she gets to the "good stuff" in he stories :)
I found this to be a quick read.  I loved how the characters in the story are now perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  They both had flaws but who doesn't right?  I mean I know I am not perfect at all!!!!!  Another thing I love about this author is her ability to throw a quick twist into the story and them BOOM everything changes.  This book also has a major twist and it leaves you saying "Niiiicely played Ms. Nichole, Nicely played!"
Authors Guest Posting:

Hi Twinsie Talk and hello to your readers,

Thank you so much for having me by today to talk about my first erotic romance, An Affair Across Times Square which came out this past August. This was my first foray into erotic romance, and it was a blast. I’ve always written pretty explicit love scenes in my romances, but they were limited to one or two scenes in the book. With this one, I think there were eight, maybe even nine love scenes. Which is a heck of a lot, for sure. I really enjoyed writing this book, and about eight months later, I wrote my second one, and I just finished my third. I am also now working on the fourth erotic romance of my career, and it’s the sequel to An Affair Across Times Square. The working title is now An Engagement in Paris. What do you think, readers? Is that as good a title as book one? I’m planning on writing a whole series of erotic romances based on An Affair Across Times Square which will be called the Marietta Hotels series. Each book will take place at a Marietta Hotel around the world. Some will focus on secondary characters from the first and second books, and others will be set at the same hotels but with very different characters. It’s proven to be a very interesting set up for me and I’ve enjoyed writing the sequel.

An Engagement in Paris will star Mandy Lachlan, Tyler’s sister, and her French fiancé Julien Chevalier. Here’s the blurb:

All Mandy Lachlan wanted was her own identity. All she had to do was run away to Paris to find it. Instead, she finds love, a baby, and a marriage proposal.

Julien Chevalier needs to be free of Paris and his life there. As soon as he graduates, he’s moving to New York. But when he falls for a young American professor in love with the charm of his birth city, he’s determined to sway her back to the states with him.

But will her lukewarm reception to marriage plans make him run away to New York without her?  

I’d love to add a giveaway to the post – leave a comment with your e-mail address to be entered to win!

Thanks so much for having me stop by and I hope you enjoyed reviewing the book. Readers, if you’d like to pick up a copy of An Affair Across Times Square it’s available at these places…

All Romance Ebooks -  http://bit.ly/T6Drrh

Barnes & Noble – http://bit.ly/SM3DFW

Goodreads - http://bit.ly/12hr8ut 

Loose Id  - http://bit.ly/OALcBV


For more information on the Marietta Hotels series, please visit my website at www.RachellNichole.com


About the Author:

Rachell Nichole is the contemporary erotic romance author of An Affair Across Times Square, Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce, and Queen of Hearts. She currently writes what she likes to call Sizzling Romantic Entanglements. She loves creating memorable characters and putting them through the paces on their discovery for and journey to love. Rachell lives in New York with a mountain of books, a loving family, and an evil cat named Godiva that she adores.



  1. Thanks again for the lovely review, Angie. I'm so glad you liked all three books. :-)

  2. Awesome as always!! look forward to checking these out :)

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    You've won the contest. I've e-mailed you directly.

    Thanks to you both for participating and congratulations LM.

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