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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Harder to Breathe by Storm Savage

Harder to Breathe

 Sometimes, you just gotta clear the air in order to breathe. Two men—two battles—one love can save them both if they let themselves breathe.

In the underground world of street fighting where rules don’t exist, two men are pitted against the odds by a sadistic boss. Men know the stakes going in and must pass initiation. Winners and losers are paid big bucks to entertain a secret society of extremely wealthy and bloodthirsty spectators.

Volt is fiercely attracted to the only two gay fighters in his circuit. When Raze and Jair fall in love, the ringleader locks them in separate cells out of jealousy. This is one tag team the bossman wants brought to their knees. Volt is taken off guard when his attempt to destroy them backfires.

Rage—Raze fights to kill. Passion—Jair fights to win. Will winner take all when the lights go down

Angie J's Review:

I received this book from the author for an honest review.  I will also state that I LURVES me some M/M reading so if it isn't your thang...just move along :)  i gave this book a 3.5 rating but rounded up.

This is a very short read and I sat down one afternoon to dive into the world of Raze and Jair and theu underground boxing-ish world.Jair was the favored fighter who is secretly gay and being abused by Volt.  Volt is the guy running the underground world.  He is in love with Jair and will stop at nothing to make him his partner......Well he partners Jair up with hottie Raze.  Raze is also gay but keeps it DL because he doesn't tell people about his specifics mainly because he doesnt make friends or do relationships.  The two get paired up and instant chemistry....like WOW Chemistry.  Both men are salivating over the other when they finally decide to "take it to the next level".  Well Volt catches them and Jair is made to suffer for the mens "behavior".  Anyway, Volt makes a deal with Jair, you win this mega million dollar pay out and you will be free BUT you lose and you are mine for 20 years.  A little negotiation to make sure Raze gets our too with the win and the deal is signed.  Raze and Jair train for the days leading up to the fight.  They also get closer and closer.  The night of the fight happens and you find out just how dirty and obsessed Volt is with Jair.  The men are so in sync with each other that it makes them indestructible.

I abso enjoyed the book.  I really would like to see more of the couple or even of the other fighters that we met in the book.  But mainly I want to read more yummy Raze and hottie Jair story.  I could see more......hopefully.

About the author:


Storm is a multi-published author in many different genres with Extasy Books.

Her novels feature her many diverse interests from vampires to rock music to her love for animals, Harleys and whatever else sparks her muse at the time.

Writing has never been a hobby to her. Writing is a way of life and a coping mechanism to deal with what comes her way.

Her wish for you, the reader, is that she can sweep you away to the better worlds she creates in her novels. Her characters are edgy and dark, sweet and hot, tough and full of passion. You just never know what lurks around the corner in Storm's books so prepare yourself for the unknown.

And most of all...enjoy the ride!


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