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Friday, July 26, 2013

His Embrace (Sensual Erotica #7) by Red Phoenix

Book Blurb:

His Embrace (#7 of the Sensual Erotica Series)

A sensual "quickie" about two lovers finally coming together - (Approx. 4800 words) Perfect for mobile eReaders - have access to a quickie whenever you need a fix.

First time lover sex is oh so satisfying! Amy leaves Brad to be in Troy's arms. Unfortunately, two hurdles stand in their way. Troy is moving overseas and Amy has a sexual secret that threatens their future as a couple. Troy must find a way to overlook her past and Amy to accept that Troy won't be there for her. A night of sweet passion hinges on the depth of their love and forgiveness for one another.

Amy is thrilled when Troy confesses his love, but her joy is crushed when he explains he is moving to India. Troy wants to make love to Amy, but struggles with the choices she made in his absence. Amy is desperate to love Troy, but must find it in her heart to forgive him for coming back only to leave her again. Will two weeks together be worth the complications their love will create?

Jo-Anna's Review:

Another wonderful installment about Amy and Troy.

Finally we see them back together and they admit their feelings for each other. They come to terms with their past relationships (Kate and Brad).

Unfortunately it's like fate doesn't want Amy and Troy together. Troy has to move far away for work but they spend some time together before that happens. It was sweet and tender and I'm just rooting for these two. I know they end up together but how they end up together is killing me. Lol!

Great job again Red!!!


 She looked up at him, barely able to voice the question that had been plaguing her ever since that horrible night. "How did you feel?"

"Amy, I've loved you since the moment we first met."

Tears spilled down her cheeks. "All that time?"

Troy nodded and then shrugged his shoulders. "You were Sam's girl. What could I do? I'm not the type of guy to screw over my best friend."

"I didn't admit it to myself until Sam and I broke up, but I've loved you for quite some time."

"Damn it, Amy. That night I should have come back to bed and taken your face like this." He took her face in both his hands. "I should have kissed you." He pressed his lips against hers." And then I should have looked you straight in the eye and said, 'I love you, Amy Garner.'

She looked into his dark brown eyes, searching for any deception. She found none.

Adult Reading Material (18+) This book is for mature audiences only and contains sexually explicit content.

* If you enjoy this erotic story check out the series, Sensual Erotica. The short stories are stand-alone scenarios made to excite and titillate, but all are interconnected. Enjoy the palate of sensual experiences contained in the series as Amy and Troy make their way in the world. Pick and choose the situations that arouse you, or be a little naughty and sneak a peek at the ones you've always been curious about.

Author Information:

I am a happily married woman who believes (based on personal experience) that love conquers all. It is a running theme in my writing.

One thing you will notice about my work, I'm all about variety. If a character beseeches me to write his/her story, I willingly give myself over no matter the genre or subject ~ as long as it includes hot, steamy sex. ;)

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