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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Axel - Blog Tour Kick Off!! -- INTERVIEW WITH IZZY!!!

We have had to many bloggers sign up that Twinsies decided to do a kick-off interview before we take this to the road!!!  Get ready for a CRAZY BUSY WEEK!!! Tons of great reviews and interviews will be posted daily!! 
Hi All – This is Brenda, from Twinsie Talk....Today is an exciting day.  I get to interview Izzy and Dee from the book Axel.  We are having a “Girls’ Day”.  I am meeting them at the beauty shop. Sway is going to do our hair!!!  I’m so excited.  I cannot wait to meet him.  I’m a little nervous, though.  I’m hoping Izzy doesn’t get any crazy idea about us going to get a tattoo or anything pierced!!!  I’m an old woman, I don’t need to have anything tattooed or pierced at my age!!!

Oh well, here it goes. 

I pull up to the strip mall where the beauty shop is.  I park several stores down.  I have to walk by the Corps Security store front.  I try not to gawk as I walk by.  I see several VERY HUNKY men sitting inside.  OH MY LORD!!  One of them just looked my way!!!  I think I may just melt right into the sidewalk!!!  I sure hope I get to meet them.

As I walk up to the beauty shop, I see Dee and Izzy getting out of their cars.  Sway opens the door and almost screams at us!!!  I go to shake his hand and he grabs me and gives me a HUGE hug!!!  I knew I’d love him!!!  He’s got quite the outfit on today!!  I feel very underdressed!!  I hug Dee and Izzy and we go inside.

We are all chatting and Sway looks at my hair.  He says “OH GIRLFRIEND, we need to fix this mess!”  I tell him that I agree and he can have at it!!  He’s now jumping up and down in his high heeled thigh-high boots and jeggings.  I laugh.  Dee and Izzy are now laughing too.  Izzy says we better start this interview before Sway gets ahold of my hair and takes over our conversation.

We sit in our chairs and immediately we all have someone giving us a foot massages.  This is heaven.

So, Izzy, how often do you get to have a special Girls’ Day now that you have little Nathan?  You will need to show me pics, by the way!!

I know, I know!!  And trust me girlfriend, I brought a camera full!  He is so perfect…just like his daddy!  Believe it or not, this is the first time since he was born I came to see Sway.  He was NOT happy about being left out for so long.  If it hadn’t been for your call I would still be at home.

So you’ve got to tell me about that first night you saw Axel after all those years?  I know it kinda freaked you out, but wasn’t part of you so excited to see him again? 

No, oh God no.  I was so out of my mind scared.  Not because of him, but because of the reality of what my life had been without him.  Looking back now I could kick my own butt for acting like that.  So much time had been wasted already and my fit didn’t help matters.

You also mention that Axel was more built and “bigger” that when he was 18.   (giggles)  does that mean that he “grew up” everywhere?!?! (I think I’m blushing)

HAHA!!  Oh girl!!  Alright, since I know this is just between us girls…er, and Sway, YES!  My man, oh girlfriend what he can do with his body.  When I say he grew up, I mean he GREW UP. 

This question is for Dee and Izzy – Just how can you get anything done with all of those gorgeous hunky guys hanging around all the time?  I don’t think I’d be able to stand up my knees would be soo wobbly!!  (I hear Sway squeal and start jumping up and down again!)

(I know Sway has a comment here)

(Dee opens her mouth to speak but…enter Sway) Oh honey! Let me tell YOU!  Sway spends all his time, yes he does, just waiting for one of those hunks to walk past my windows.  Muscles, tight shirts, MUSCLES, and those jeans.  Oh.  My.  Goddess!  What I wouldn’t do to die and come back to life as denim!  (Dee is laughing so hard at this point)

Brenda, I think what Sway so dramatically means is yes, it is very hard to focus with those 5 around!  I have never been more grateful that my office is on the other side of town!  The do not make insurance agents like those men.

Sway asks me if he can color my hair.  I say yes, but it has to stay in the blonde family!  I don’t want any crazy hair color.  I’m a mom and don’t need to look like a teenager.  I see him frown.  LOL  I tell him he just needs to make sure all the greys are covered! 

I then look over to Izzy.  She’s texting on her phone and has a smile on her face and I do believe she’s blushing.  Hey, Izzy, are you texting Axel?

Izzy coughs a few times and quickly shoves her phones away)  HAHA!  Izzy just got busted sexting with her man again!!  Brenda, I promise you those two are like horny teenagers!  Never stop! 

Shut up, Dee!  Yes…that was Axel and he was, uh…asking about dinner tonight.  **blushing**

Izzyyyyy, please let Sway see that!!  Oh honey, dinner!  I bet he was asking about dessert instead!!!

Dee, have you found a new roommate yet, now that Izzy has moved in with Axel?

No.  (She looks over at Izzy with a pained expression)  Just not really ready for another roommate.  Maddox’s apartment complex had an opening so I just moved in over there.  It’s nice and secure.

Izzy, how does it make you feel knowing that there are thousands of women out there drooling over Axel?  I have to admit, I really did have a crush on him!!  By the end of the book, however, I was totally in love with Maddox!! (shhhhh don’t tell my husband!)

I love it!  I honestly don’t blame them…just look at him.  Haha!  I would probably enjoy it a little more if his ego wasn’t about to knock the house down.  I swear that man loves his ‘other women’!

Dee, are you seeing anyone now?  I really hope you find a nice hottie to take care of you!  You really deserve it.  You are a really good BFF!!

I sure am…well, I casually date.  Not really to settle down, if you know what I mean.

Don’t let her fool you, Brenda!  She is running like a scared little chicken!

Speaking of Hotties and BFFs – the door of the shop chimes and I think I’ve died and gone to heaven...In walks 4 of the hottest men I have ever seen in my life (sorry honey, you know I still love you).  I’m glad I’m sitting down otherwise, I may have just passed out!  I recognize them right away.  Axel (I’d recognize those green eyes anywhere), Greg (HOLY BLUE EYES), My Maddox (just WOW – I wipe the drool) and Coop (just heavenly).  I know that Sway is just as affected because he stops doing whatever he was doing to my hair and I think I hear his heart beating from my chair!! 

Oh honey what did I do to deserve this parade of gorgeousness!  Oh my lawwwd!! 

Sway, keeping my girl happy today?

Axel, you sexy man, of course I am.  Doesn’t see look happy?  Well, it might have been your fine ass popping up on her screen.  How many times will it take before you remember her hairdresser will see the message if he is standing behind her.  And, boyfriend…she was not right, grow you did!

OMG, Sway…stop!  (Izzy jumps up and gives Axel a big kiss, interrupting his shocked look of terror)

Izzy introduces me to the “boys”. I don’t even remember if I said anything.  I’m sure they all think I’m acting like a teenage girl!!  I just sit in amazement until I realize I have foils in my hair and must look a fright!  I laugh and giggle and try to put together a complete sentence.  “Hi boys, it is soo nice to see.... I mean MEET you!”

(nods and smiles from all of them and Coop walks over)  Hey there you pretty lady…plans tonight??

COOP!  Leave her alone!!  (Dee pulls a still smiling Coop away)

Sway finally finishes my hair and swings me around to take a look.  I love it!!  It makes me look younger!  He’s pleased with my response.

Could Sway ever do anything other than perfect?  No ma’am he would not!  Just wait until your hunky husband sees you tonight! 

After chatting with the boys for a few minutes, Axel says that he “needs” his princess home.  He said that Nathan is with a sitter for the rest of the day and he doesn’t want to “waste” a minute of alone time.

Well I can take a hint and I hug everyone  ( I may have “accidentally” pinched Maddox in the bootie – hehehe).  I tell everyone Good Bye and tell Greg that I can’t wait to hear his story next.

I get in my car and pinch myself.  I had to be dreaming!!  I really just met all the boys from Corps Security!!!!

Well Twinsie fans, I know that you are all sooo jealous of me right now!!  HELL, I’M JEALOUS OF ME RIGHT NOW!!!  Totally worth it!!

Thank you to Harper Sloan for writing these hotties and bringing them to life.  And to my hubby – I’m on my way home honey!!!  And if I call you Axel, Maddox, Greg by mistake, just know that I still love you!!

oh, and by the way, my husband did NOT notice I had anything done with my hair..... go figure, huh!!!  When I told him about my interview and Sway, he said he'd better stay home, Sway might be into chocolate, and his chocolate self might be too much of a temptation him.  OH MEN!!!!  ~brenda~  thanks for reading my interview.

Here's my review for the book:

I don’t even know where to begin with this book....even “book” sounds too insignificant of a word.  This was a STORY not a “book”.  I was asked by a friend and author if I could help out a friend of her’s and edit a book that she was writing.  I said, of course!  I was a little nervous, as  I’ve never read anything by her.  This was her first book.  What if I didn’t like it? Well, a few weeks later, I received an email with what she had written “so far”.   I read it and from the prologue, I was intrigued.  I was crying in the prologue.  I was so emotional.  I couldn’t wait to read more.  And that is how my love of Axel started. Sigh...

 Yes, I edited this book, so one would think that I am biased.  I might be, but even if I hadn’t, I would love this book.  It’s such a great story about a second chance true love.  It starts out a little “rough”.  Rough, as in I winced and gasped several times.  It was hard to read.  I truly felt for poor Izzy.  Domestic violence is tough to see on TV or in a movie, and that’s what I felt like I was watching......a movie. 

But Izzy is tough and is a survivor!  She comes through very strong.  Her best friend, Denise, moves away with her to start her life over.  That’s a GREAT best friend!!  Izzy has another best friend, Greg, who has been through a lot with her and helps her deal with her emotions from her past.  When her estranged husband contacts her again, Greg contacts his friend to help.  He owns his own security company.  They were best friends in the Marines.  When Izzy meets the man that can help her deal with her husband, she thinks she’s in a horrible nightmare... it can’t be...can it be?  Why is he here, and on her birthday?  Her birthday is an awful day for Izzy.  She just wants to drink to forget and wake up the next day and not have to remember what happened on her birthday. 

True love prevails.......sometimes it’s a rough journey, but true love can survive.  I don’t want to give away too many details.  Just trust me when I say that you MUST read this book.  I cannot tell you how much I loved it!  You may have seen me on facebook pimping the hell out of this book this week.  I’m the type of person that likes to share greatness when I see it.  I am so excited to hear about Greg Cage in the next book in the series.  Believe me, I’m already bugging Harper Sloan to get to writing faster so we can read that story.

Axel is an ex-Marine...that alone puts him up a few notches on the hotness meter.  Add those green eyes and the way he talks to his “princess”, and you will be melting.  There are several scenes (like chapter 13) that I really needed a cold shower after reading.  I have a few pictures that go along with that chapter.  Soon, you’ll be one-clicking, and you’ll also be swooning over Axel.  You may not to read that chapter in a public place!  YEP, it was that hot!!!

There are other ex-Marines in this story and you will also fall in love with them.  I can’t wait for their stories too.  I think one of my favorite characters was Sway..... OMG – wait until you meet him.  I was laughing out loud every time he spoke! HILARIOUS!!!  You will love him!!

Ok, enough of me blabbing about this book.  You’re  wasting time....go, one-click!  You can start reading now!!  Soon you’ll be pimping this story too!! 

Here are a few of my favorite quotes! 

Going to make you scream princess, and then when you can’t take it anymore,” he pushes his denim covered hips hard into mine, his thick erection rubbing my clit in the most delicious way, “then I’m going to lick my way up this sweet fucking body and finally I’m going make you mine.”
“I love you, Axel Reid. 

I have loved you forever and I will never stop. 

Made for me, baby.  You were made for me.  Don’t ever leave me.  Never again.  I would rather die than be without you again.”

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