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Monday, July 22, 2013

Enraptured by Mel Teshco

Book Blurb:

Kate grew up knowing how badly bullying could batter self-esteem. That was why she never imagined herself as beautiful and sophisticated Brandy, high-class call girl. She loves sex, loves her job that gives her self-assurance and financial security. Being on the arms and in the beds of the most influential and powerful men in Australia doesn't hurt either. When billionaire philanthropist Blaine starts taking more than a professional interest in her-both in and out of bed-- Kate has to decide whether to run, or stay and risk it all for the man she not only lusts after, but loves. A Romantica(r) contemporary erotic romance from Ellora's Cave

Angie J's review:

 I received this book from the author for an honest review.  My actual rating is 3.5 but I rated up :)

So I talked to Mel after reading and told her I loved her modern day twist on the movie Pretty Woman.

Kate was a battered girl and has been through it all.  She has lived and survived and is a girl who enjoys her sexuality and the freedom being a call girl gives her.  She is in control.  she says who and how much (Sound familiar..snickers)  She has had a few not so great clients but she has worked her way up and has a great clientele of amazing men/lovers.  She has a special emotional connection to Blaine but realizes that he is wanting a mistress 100% of the time and wants that to be her.  She decides it its time to cut ties to him....caring too much is not a good idea.

Blaine wont take no for an answer.  he arranges to get Brandy/kate to go to a fundraising activity with him.  She is run smack dab into the evil client that made he decide to cut some of the guys go and focus on just a few...oh yeah and his wonderful wife is the bully that Kate had to deal with her entire life...ugh right. NOOOOO Worries Blaine is there to save the day but then Brandy/Kate is put in an awkward situation and Blaine lets us...er....her down.  I was sad that Blaine was a jackass to be honest and it hurts Kate.

Well Kate is over with Blaine and decides to move on but he wont let her......

I enjoyed the short novella but found a few of the flash back scenes were out of place a bit so it took me out of the story a little bit but i did enjoy it.  The ending was the perfect HEA and I was loving Blaine' way of smoothing things over....giggle...you know you wanna know what happens......

About the Author;

Mel Teshco

Mel Teshco grew up in Australia, where her seemingly gypsy dad and ever patient mother saw her living in many areas of the East Coast, along with her sister and two brothers.

Each new home stimulated an already over-active imagination, where she spent as much time dreaming about fantasy worlds as the real world - the fantasy sometimes being much better.
Now living on a small rural property with three horses and a handful or two of cats, she is happily married with three children of wide-spread ages and a stepson.

Not only does she adore writing darker-style paranormals, she also enjoys writing paranormal erotica and has some published works with Ellora's Cave.

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