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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pleasing My Master (A week with my Romanian #2) by Steffie Dawn

Book Blurb:
After Ella was punished for her transgression she knew she had to take the leap to being collared by her Master, a leap he was more than willing to take with her. How will things fair for our submissive now that she has given him the ultimate power?


The second day begins with the newly collared Ella waking in the arms of her beloved Master. Still astonished, the submissive sees the morning through with an abundance of excitement, however, another trip outside the confines of the apartment brings more challenges and emotions than Ella could have anticipated. Meeting Master's friend allows Ella a greater understanding of herself but also leaves her with more questions about her enigmatic, close-mouthed Dominant. Will this unlikely couple make it to the end of the second day with a stronger relationship? Or will Ella’s unbridled curiosity get the better of her?
Jo-Anna's Review:
I've been very blessed in getting to speak with the Steffie about these books. As soon as I finished the first book, I messaged her right away and gushed about how much I love her book. I was lucky enough to get a ARC of the second book and I couldn't put it down.
Ella continues her journey with her Master or my Master as I like to call him. *cough* Don't tell Ella.
Again, he takes her on new heights but still doesn't reveal a lot about himself. He's closed off and I am very curious to find out what's going on in that sexy brain of his.
In this second installment of A Week with My Romanian, we meet Crina....she's another submissive and I don't know about her. She seems nice enough but...my hackles went up for Ella when Master kissed her cheek. I guess I was jealous for her. Gotta watch out for my girl.
Again I say, if you love Red Pheonix's Brie books, then you'll love Steffie's books. They are completely different but both of the authors are amazing!
Steffie had me entranced as soon as Ella stepped off the plane in the first book.
I can't wait to continue Ella's journey with her and learn more about Master. Great job Steffie and keep up the wonderful work!!
About the author:
Steffie Dawn is twenty one years old and was born in Bangor in Wales where she still currently resides. She published Meeting My Master, the first in a series of seven books in April 2013 and the second of the series is due for release in May 2013. Steffie is a freelance writer and an award winning poet who works part time in Customer Services at a local supermarket. In her teenage years, Steffie volunteered with a local group where they provided a safe place and activities for young people during the school holidays, she also, with one of the other group workers set up a drama group for underprivileged young people on the estate she lives. After studying Dance for two years at the local college Steffie changed direction and at university studied Education Studies and Sociology which helped her decide to change paths once more and go and study Law amongst other subjects in September 2013. Her hobbies include reading and taking parts in beauty pageants where she has held numerous titles her most prestigious being the national title Miss Braveheart Wales.

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