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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hrmmm what to read in 2013?

Ok sooooo we are on alot of street teams and have a huge love for reading especially indie authors.  This list is in no way who we like better or anything like that.  We tried to put the books in order of release date but EHHH we couldnt keep to that sooooo we just started writing them down...LOL...yep we are kinda fly by the seat of our pants at times.  Any way, here is a list we made of books we are excited to read next year....unless those damn Mayans are right and then, welp, we would have wanted to read them........
Ok soooo sneaking these end of December releases on here too.....Hey our blog our rules right???  Glad we all agree on that!!
Wounded by Jasinda Wilder (Christmas Day)
Akira Tong by Azure Boone (Christmas Day)
Honey Red by Liz Crowe (December 30th)
2013 Releases:
Healing Hearts by Liz Crowe
Man On (BlackJack Gentleman book 1) by Liz Crowe
Mutual Release (Stewart Realty book 7) by Liz Crowe
Beautiful Lie by T.E. Sivec
Sword’s Call by C. A. Szarek 

Skin (Flesh #2) by Kylie Scott

Bone (Flesh #3) by Kylie Scott

Colonist's Wife by Kylie Scott

Crossing Lines (Heat Wave book 3) by Alannah Lynne

Dorn (Archangels Creed book 2) by Azure Boone
Married to the Devil (Rone book 2) by Azure Boone

 Untitled Double Dare Book Club (book 2-3) by Kenra Daniels

Untitled Blood Dragon (books 2-4) by Kenra Daniels

Untitled Paranormal Romance by Kenra Daniels
Untitled Masters of the Shadowlands book 7 (Master Sam's book) by Cherise Sinclair
Somebody’s Angel (Masters at Arms book 4.5) by Kallypso Masters
Nobody’s Dream( Masters at Arms book 5) by Kallypso Masters
Rock Stars Do It by Jasinda Wilde

Untitled Divine Creek book with Julian Alvarez by Heather Rainier

Untitled Divine Creek book with Lucy Carter by Heather Rainier

Untitled Divine Creek book with The Bears by Heather Rainier

Taming Sage (W.I.L.D. Boys--Special Forces book 1) by Angel Payne

Conquering Brooke (W.I.L.D. Boys--Special Forces book 2) by Angel Payne

Until I Found You (Kinky Truth Kouris Style book 1) by Angel Payne

Until I Had You (Kinky Truth Kouris Style book 2) by Angel Payne

Hot Ticket (Sinners on Tour book 4) by Olivia Cunning

Snared (Sinners on Tour book 5) by Olivia Cunning

Joel (Cowboy Dream book 1) by Sandy Sullivan
Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood series) by JR Ward
Untitled Fallen Angels (book 4) by JR Ward
Entwined into You (Crossfire Trilogy book 3) by Sylvia Day
Untitled Book 7 Night Huntress by Jeanine Frost
Twice Tempted( Dark Prince book 2) by Jeanine Frost
MacRieve (Immortals After Dark book 13) by Kresley Cole
Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed book 11) by Lara Adrian

HOLY CRAP!!!  Sooo we will be needing another job, it seems, with all these books being released this year!!  LOL!!  We hope you take a look at our list.  We have a lot of indie authors because as you know, we love them!!!  Let us know if you have an indie author your love to read as well.  We are laways looking for new authors to promote!!

OK so since you actually read alllll the way to the bottom, how about you get a prize???  Oh do I have your attention again??? Good.  So the first person to post a comment on our blog will get a swag bag from Lexi Blake.  We chose Lexi since we don't have any release dates for her. ( We can't leave her out!!)  The runner up 2 people will get some Lexi swag as well!!  So what are you waiting for....go and leave us a comment and share this posting so our indie authors can get some love!!


  1. So many new books & some new Authors for me to read Thanks Angie, I will be on the look out for when they are released! :)

    1. Yeah you are the BIG LEXI SWAG WINNER!!!! Can you email me at Twinsietalk@gmail.com or PM us on our FB page with your address so I can get it in the mail for you!!! I am going to include some of the above mentioned authors as well for ya!!!

  2. Replies
    1. you won something Melinda!!! I will see you tomorrow and give it to you!!! Congrats!!!!

  3. Some of these authors I've never read. The ones that I have like Lexi Blake, Sylvia Day, J.R. Ward, Kallypso Masters, Cherise Sinclair, Tara Sivec, and Azure Boone, I absolutely Love!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for including my 'Untitled's in your list, Twinsies!

    Azure Boone and I will also have a couple more Archangels Creed books coming after Dorn in 2013, too!


  5. A couple of authors that aren't on your list are Qwillia Rain and Red Phoenix. Their books are worth checking out. Especially Qwillia's "Diablo Blanco Club" series and Red's "Brie" series.

  6. Becki I love Red Phoenix and her Blissfull series!!! I havent read her Brie series YET!