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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Having It All by Troy Storm

Having it All

A CoveHaven ménage 

SYBLE’s lovelife with STEVEN has been fraying for a year as he struggles to save his job and their suburban home. CHAD, the handsome assistant high-school coach unknowingly bursts into the sexually charged situation and Syble succumbs. Rapturously responding to the sexy young man, Syble realizes she will no longer accept compromise in her love life and will not give up either one of the men. Nor are they about to give up the woman they love. But Steven and Chad are oil and water: a solid failed businessman vs. a young man stuck in a job he despises. Can they become friends? Will they all become lovers? The road to happily ever after is a bumpy and exceedingly sensual one. Come along for the sophisticated, occasionally outrageous and always sensuous ride

Angie J's Review"

I won this book from the author so I am giving it an honest review.

Before you even read this review, if you are not a menage reader then walk away!!!  This is a uber hot menage with alot of angst...sooooo be warned!!

Sooo the book starts out with instant chemistry with Syble and Chad...so instant that they "have fun" in the back of the library.  Chad flips when she says she is married but refuses to let her go.  He hasn't had this type of connection with a woman EVER and will not give her up.    I will say I am not a FAN of cheating is stories and it was a little hard to get past that point BUT the story and the intimacy the characters have is essential to the story line.  You have to "feel" what they feel for one another to be "ok" with what happened?  Does that make any sense to you????  I know, I know......I ramble but whatevs!!  My blog so I can :)

Syble doesn't feel bad at all about cheating on her husband with the hot soccer assistant coach.  She still is supporting her husband through a long distance relationship.  She just doesn't think but the "thing" with Chad wont go away.  Needless to say she is stunned silly when Chad barges in on her in her house and proceeds to basically beg to see her again......oh youth :)  I found it kinda of refreshing to see a MAN throwing himself at the older woman because it is usually the other way around.  When he is talking about "making love" and she looks at him like he is nuts...hello just met like 2 hours ago........

The enter the saddened and unhappy hubby.  To finds out your wife is cougaring it up with the town stud doesnt go over too well with him...would it with you???  Again, I think the author did a great job letting you into the "head" (snickers) of the characters to see what they are feeling and what they are thinking.  i will say i was laughing and giggling at the SCENE when it alll comes out and everyone knows everything.....very very funny.......

Anyway, if you are looking for a good read, you like menage and dont mind the cheating aspect then this book is a great read for you.

I am looking forward to reading another book by this author very soon!!

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