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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dimitri, Her Russian Protectors #2 by Roxie Riviera

Dimitri (Her Russian Protector, #2)

Refusing to lose her brother to the violent Hermanos street gang, Benny turns to Dimitri, the dead sexy Russian who lives in the apartment above her family's bakery. He's the only man tough enough to get through to Johnny and save him from a life in prison—or worse.

There's nothing Dimitri won't do for Benny, even if it means dealing with her troublemaking brother. He quickly realizes that it's not just Johnny and his thug friends that pose a threat to Benny. A shady real estate developer needs to buy her bakery to secure a multi-million dollar deal and he'll stop at nothing to make her sell.

Threatened from all sides, Benny finds safety in Dimitri's strong arms—and in his bed. Her big, sexy Russian has no intention of ever letting her go—and he'll brave the fires of hell before he lets anyone harm her.

Reader's Note: Dimitri is an incredibly passionate man with a dominant streak—and Benny is only too happy to indulge his need for a little…restraint

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Angie J's Review;

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

HOLY MOLY IS THIS BOOK HOT!!!  Ok sooo I kinda needed to get that off my chest before I started this review.  Yeah Ivan (my Favorite Russian up til now) was hot but Dimitri put him to SHAME!!  Yes I am still an Ivan girl but I wouldnt kick D outta bed either.

SO this is a really sweet story of  2 people who have longed for the other for 5 years.  They have been friendly but always thinking they were invisible to the other one.  A chance of a life time and Dimitri has Benny up to his apartment and BOOM the sparks ignite.  I loved how alpha he is but also so willing to understand where Benny is coming from.  he is going to do anything to make sure that her stupid gang banger brother's stupid mistakes wont hurt/touch her.

The two face a lot of drama with the DB who is trying to strong arm her into selling her building.  The brother and his stupid gang choices and Benny learning to trust and allow someone to make decisions for her out of smarts and not emotion!!  I have to say,  I loved Benny and her character.  She is smart but just got the short end of the family stick with everything she has to balance.

I loved seeing the other guys getting their book set ups in place for their stories.  I am really intrigued by Nikolai that most I will admit.  BUUUT  Yuri and Lena will defo have a spicey story with all their previous history!!!

Basically, If you like hot alpha men, these are great stories to read!!  I cant wait to start Yuri's book right now!!

About the Author:

When I’m not chasing after my wild preschooler, I like to write super sexy romances and scorching hot erotica. I live in Texas with a husband who could easily snag a job as an extra on History Channel’s new Viking series, a sweet but rowdy three-year-old with Tetralogy of Fallot, and Bosley, our Great Dane with major mommy issues.

I also have another dirty-book writing alter ego,Lolita Lopez, who writes deliciously steamy tales for Ellora’s Cave, Forever Yours/Grand Central, Mischief/Harper Collins UK, Siren Publishing and Cleis Press.

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  1. Wait until you get to Yuri!!! Love, love, love Roxie Rivera and this series.