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Monday, November 11, 2013

Jo-Anna Walker gives Twinsie Talk EXCLUSIVE Novella to Shattered Series

Twinsie Talk is Proud and Honored to announce that Jo-Anna Walker has given us the EXCLUSIVE Novella to the Shattered Series!!!  AND we can give it to YOU, the best FANS EVER, FOR FREE!!!
You heard it right!!  FREE!
Now, here's the deal..... You MUST read Break Me and Always Me first.....this novella comes after that! 

go read them first.....then read this Novella!!!
Happy Birthday
Jo-Anna Walker

"Are you sure he's going to like this?" I asked, looking down at the red satin covering my torso.
"Tor, if he doesn't, he's fucking blind."
My gaze flicked to Keisha's in the dressing room mirror. "Isn't it a little much? Sebastian doesn't really go for the sexy lingerie."
She rolled her eyes. "Has he seen you in sexy lingerie before?"
I thought a moment. "Um...no. I guess he hasn't."
"Exactly. Once he sees you in this, he'll be begging you to buy more."
I lifted the price tag that was attached to the panties and gasped. "I can't afford this."
Keisha took a step towards me and placed her hands on my shoulders. "I'll chip in."
"Why? I mean thank you but—“
Keisha smiled. "I want to. It’s the least I can do for all the shit you’ve helped me with.”
“Okay, thank you.”
She cleared her throat and clapped her hands together. "Now change, so we can pay for this and do some more shopping."
I laughed and shut the dressing room door. After taking another look at myself in the mirror, my cheeks heated. The vibrant red of the satin lingerie made my pale skin glow. The snug corset hugged my curves, enhancing my full bust. Red thigh high stockings revealed just enough skin between the soft material and the lace panties. Was it too much? I had wanted to do this for Sebastian's birthday but nervous butterflies flew through my stomach. Maybe this was a bad idea.
I quickly got changed and left the change room. "Keisha, I don't think this is a good idea."
She huffed and grabbed the items out of my hand and brought them to the cash register. "Ring these up, please, and if my girl here says otherwise, ignore her."
The lady at the cash smiled at me and rang up the items.
I had two days to prepare for Sebastian’s birthday. I had planned a couple of weeks ago what I wanted to do for him but now, I wasn't so sure.

"So Sebastian. Got any plans for the big day?"
I shrugged and lifted the weights above my head.
Garrith spotted me and after ten reps, placed them back on the rack. I sat up and ran a towel down my face. "Not sure. I think Tori and I are just gonna veg or some shit."
Garrith smiled. "Veg, huh? Is that what we call it now?"
I rolled my eyes and threw my water bottle at him. "Veg or fucking, works for me. Either way, as long as I get her for my birthday, I'm good."
Garrith laughed and grabbed a skipping rope. "True."
We continued our workout as I thought over what Tori had planned for me. Her wrapped in a red satin bow, tied to our bed, would be the best birthday present ever. My dick twitched in my pants at that image. So not the time to be getting a woody.
I cleared my throat and shook myself, ridding those delicious thoughts from my mind. "How are you and Keisha doing?"
Garrith stumbled and glared at me. “Fine. Why?”
I chuckled. “Our girls are best friends, my man. They talk.”
He sighed. “We’re fine.”
“Good,” I said and headed for the change rooms.
"Dude, we're not even done yet," Garrith called after me.
Yeah well, I had a better workout planned. "Something came up. I'll see you tomorrow."
"Fucker," Garrith mumbled under his breath.
I laughed and shook my head, quickly getting changed. I headed home in hopes that Tori would be done her shopping with Keisha.
The closer I got to our place, the harder I became. Luckily, Susan was watching Antonio because I needed my girl, hard and fast.
I smiled to myself. I didn't think Tori would have any complaints.
The nipple clamps I had given her for her birthday worked very well.
I pulled into our driveway just as Keisha's car drove down the road.
As far as I knew, neither Tori nor I had any other plans today and we still had a couple of hours before her mom would drop off Antonio. My cock jumped happily. Oh yes, my girl was in for the ride of her life.

I heard the door slam shut and I quickly put my present for Sebastian under the sink in the kitchen. Knowing he would never look in there, it seemed like the best place for it.
The back of my neck tingled when a warm body leaned against me. "I missed you."
Sebastian ran his fingers along my nape and over my shoulder, then down my arm. "Did you?"
"Oh yeah."
My pussy clenched at the deep husk of his voice. “How much did you miss me?”
He pushed his hips against mine, slowly circling his erection against my ass. "This much."
"Mmm...I don't know. I think you need to show me how much you've missed me." I enjoyed the teasing games we played. It built the anticipation and left me begging for more.
He ran his hands up under my dress, his fingers digging into the flesh of my ass. "You're not wearing any panties,” he growled against my neck.
I ground against his hips, rubbing myself over the hard cock in his pants. "I took them off when I got home."
"Did you? Were you expecting something from me when I got home, Tori?" Sebastian asked, grazing a finger over my core.
I moaned and leaned my head against his shoulder. "Maybe."
He thrust his finger into me and wrapped his other hand around my neck. "God, you feel good."
My hips moved back and forth as he fingered me, reveling in the feel of him pleasing my lower body. "Oh...my..."
His finger picked up speed, pumping into me.
I licked my lips and rocked against him. "More, please."
"I'll give you more, baby." He removed his finger from me and ran it over my clit to the area in between my ass cheeks making me jump and squirm. Lubricating me with my own juices, he pushed a finger into the tight opening.
My body burned. Heated with desire for him. "Oh God."
"Breathe little one." He licked my neck and slowly thrust his finger into the tight opening. "Do you want more?"
I swallowed. "Yes."
"That's my girl." Continuing his thrusts of his finger in between my ass cheeks, he inserted two fingers into my pussy.
I gasped, the pressure in my lower belly rising as he filled me.
"Ride my hand. Come for me."
I moved my hips back and forth as his fingers penetrated me everywhere. A slow tingle built from deep within and I wanted...no, needed more. "Sebastian. I need...I need...oh God..."
"What baby? What do you need?"
"Your cock. Now. Inside me,” I breathed.
"So demanding. Come first." Sebastian thrust his fingers into me as deep as they would go and I cried out, as an explosion set off deep in the pit of my core.
Still shaking through the after effects of the release, he removed his fingers from me and took a step back. "Strip."
Not even hesitating, I lifted the summer dress above my head, leaving me standing naked before him.
He grunted with approval and ran his fingers lightly down my back. "You're so beautiful."
My cheeks heated at his compliment and I arched against his touch when a swat landed on my ass, making me squeal.
"Stay still." His tone took on a hard dominant edge, sending shivers down my spine. I loved when he controlled me, dominating our lovemaking.
Feeling defiant, I leaned into him, rubbing my ass against his cock. The soft material of his sweat pants, ran over my skin, igniting tingles through me.
He swatted my ass again and I moaned. He fisted my hair in his hand and pulled my head back. "Keep your hands on the counter. And...Do. Not. Move."
I smiled. "Or else what?"
He nibbled my shoulder. "I won't let you come."
Oh God.
Sebastian chuckled and released me. When he came back against me, he was completely naked, his hard cock pressing into my ass. "Do you know what I want for my birthday?"
I shook my head. I had ideas. "I could take a guess."
He kissed my neck. "Go ahead."
"Well, I already asked my mom to watch Antonio for a couple of days. She'll pick him up the afternoon of your birthday and then we'll be alone."
He kissed my shoulder blade and ran a hand down my side. "Go on."
"Well, we could go out for dinner or..." I gasped when Sebastian moved behind me and nibbled my ass cheek making me buck against him.
"Keep going."
What was I saying? "We...we could go see a movie."
Fingers spread me apart, a warm tongue licked up my core to my tail bone. "What else?"
My knees quaked at the amount of pleasure coursing through my body. "I don't...oh God."
"Keep talking or else I'll stop."
He wouldn't. Not wanting to test that theory I cleared my throat and continued. "I bought something for you."
The tongue licked at my labia and a finger thrust into me. "What did you buy?"
I moaned and slowly moved my hips. "Something for you to take off of me."
"Yeah?" Two fingers pumped into me and he kissed up my back.
"Yeah," I breathed.
"I love taking things off of you." He removed his fingers and rose behind me.
I panted in anticipation. Oh please don't make me talk any more. My brain was fried from pleasure and lust and I didn't think a proper sentence could form on my tongue right then.
"Lean over the counter far enough so your feet aren't touching the floor."
I did what he said, my sex clenching at the unexpected, waiting for him.
His finger grazed over my soaked core. "Ready, baby?"
"Yes. I'm always ready for you."
He grabbed my hips and thrust his cock into me, filling me.
I cried out as he grunted, impaling me against the counter. Not waiting for me to get used to his size, he kept going, pumping faster and faster. Oh God, he felt good.
My feet dangled against the counter as he drove his hard cock into me. I couldn't move and it was exhilarating. "Sebastian."
He wrapped my hair in his hand and turned my head, kissing me hard on the mouth.
I gasped against his lips when he pushed his thumb into the puckered opening between my ass cheeks.
"Oh God."
"You're so tight, baby." He pulled his cock out completely and drove back in, slowly driving an orgasm front and center from my core.
I panted, my body shaking with the need to come again. "Please."
Sebastian pulled my head back. "What do you want?"
I panted and licked my dry lips, pushing back against his thumb. "I want to come."
"Do you?"
"Yes. Please," I begged, wiggling my hips.
He removed his thumb from me and ran his finger from my core to my tailbone, igniting shivers over my body. "I love it when you beg."
"I know." I smiled at him.
He put his hand in between my shoulder blades, gently pushing my upper half onto the counter. He kissed my cheek. "Are you okay?"
"Oh yeah." It wasn't comfy but I was so ready for him I didn't care.
"Eyes on me baby."
I licked my lips and nodded.
His face didn't leave my field of vision and I gasped when he thrust two fingers hard into me. "Oh..."
He smirked and kissed my arm, still pumping his fingers into my pussy. "You're so hot."
Our eyes locked and he watched me come undone. I cried out as a fast explosion of ecstasy hit my core.
I lifted my head and he covered my mouth with his. It was like our bodies were in tune with each other. We knew what the other wanted before the words left our mouths.
Sebastian placed one last kiss on my lips and moved behind me. He grabbed my wrists in one hand, holding them behind my back. He squeezed my hip and thrust his cock into me, pounding into me against the counter. He grunted, filling me completely with each hard thrust.
"Sebastian," I cried out, unable to move as he pinned me down.
"Come. Now." He thrust in so hard, I came instantly. Euphoria and bliss rolling as one through the core of my being. I screamed as it crashed into me, shaking through my bones.
"That's it. Come again."
Sweat coated our bodies as the sounds of our lovemaking filled the room.
"Sebastian." Oh God, my muscles burned and my pussy throbbed but the pain, it felt good. Oh did it ever feel good.
"Fuck." Sebastian grunted and grabbed onto my shoulder, digging his fingers into my flesh as he impaled my lower body.
"Oh...my..." An orgasm washed up through my body from my toes to my head, hitting me so hard, I saw stars.
"God." Sebastian thrust into me again and stopped, shuddering through his own release. He came hard, the warmth of him filling me as he pulsed inside of me.
We were both panting, satiated and spent.
I shivered as Sebastian pulled out of me and sighed. I never thought having sex against my kitchen counter would be so hot.
He released my arms and ran his hands over them, rubbing the feeling back in them. "How are you doing, little one?"
Sebastian chuckled. "Good. Now let’s move you to the couch. We still have an hour before your mom is supposed to drop Antonio off."
"Okay." My eyelids felt heavy and I tried lifting myself off the counter but nothing would move. "I'm stuck."
"I think I worked you out too much, too quickly." Sebastian lifted me off the counter and cradled me in his arms, walking us to the couch.
"Never too quickly or too much." I ran a hand down his chest, grazing my finger lightly over his pierced nipple. His pec twitched under my touch.
"Baby," Sebastian said in warning.
I giggled and snuggled against his chest.
He sat us on the couch and grabbed the back of my neck, crashing his lips to mine. He shoved his tongue between my lips and pulled me closer, deepening the kiss.
My body buzzed, surprisingly so soon even though I was sore and well used. "Sebastian," I breathed against his lips.
He released me and kissed my nose.  He wrapped a blanket around me, pulling me closer to him. "Sleep."
I leaned my head against his chest as darkness took over.

Watching Tori sleep was one of my favorite moments of the day. Besides playing with our son.
After pleasing both of our needs, she curled against me. Her curvy soft body fit perfectly against mine.
I ran a hand down her hip, my cock twitching at the contact. I was so ready to go again but I had to give her a break. As much as I didn't want to, I had to ease her slowly into the true nature of my desires.
I knew she had something planned for me on my birthday but unbeknownst to her, I had something planned as well. She would be in for a surprise. My dick hardened at the thought.
I wonder...reaching my hand in between her thighs, my finger slicked over her wet core. She whimpered and moaned against my touch. Ah yes, always wet for me. It had amazed me, even in the beginning how responsive her body was to me. I reveled in it. I slowly inserted my finger into her hot pussy and rubbed her g-spot.
Her eyes shot open and she gasped, arching against me. "Oh God."
"Not quite but Sebastian will do." I pumped my finger faster into her and she moaned.
"You're a God in bed," she panted.
My finger slowed and my cock jumped at her words. "That was the hottest fucking compliment I've ever been given, baby."
"It's true." Her eyes were dark with desire as she looked up at me.
She nodded.
I removed myself from under her and turned her so her head was against the arm of the couch. I kissed her hard.
She curled her fingers in the hair at my nape, thrusting her tongue into my mouth.
God, I loved kissing her.
I wrapped a hand around her neck and pushed against her mouth, our tongues dancing and my dick became hard as a rock.
I released her mouth and kissed her chin, moving to her full breasts. I covered a dark nipple with my mouth, sucking and pulling at the nub, my skin tingling as it hardened under my touch.
She arched under me and grabbed my head, instinctively pushing me lower.
Oh baby, you are so going to enjoy this.
I kissed her belly button and ran my tongue in circles inside it and around.
Tori giggled at the ticklish feeling.
I smiled and moved lower, kissing the soft skin above her mound, loving the fact that she shaved.
"Sebastian," she breathed.
My dick twitched at the way she said my name. "Baby, I'm gonna make you feel good."
She moaned and squirmed under me. "You already have."
I smiled smugly and laid down on the couch. I placed a wet kiss on the inside of her thigh. The sweet smell of her pussy invaded my nostrils, making me almost come right then.
I cleared my throat and forced the impending orgasm back.
Tori’s sex was soaked, glistening, aching for my touch. I ran a finger down through her folds to her opening and thrust two fingers into her hard making her cry out.
Her core clenched around me as I continued pumping into her.
I smirked and ran my tongue over her clit. The soft nub, salty with her juices, hard and erect. Oh God, she tasted good. Like honey. I loved eating her pussy. Probably more than I loved sex.
I covered her clit with my lips and decided to give her what she needed. I sucked and pulled, feeling her writhe and move under my face. I held her hips with my arm, fucking her with my fingers and devouring her clit.
"Please. Oh God, let me..." she whimpered, mewed, begged for me to let her come.
I lifted my head and removed my fingers and covered her core completely. I thrust my tongue into her sex, the acidic juices flowing down my throat.
I groaned and rose to my knees, wrapping my arms around her hips. I lifted her, diving my face into her pussy as deep as I could go, eating her hard.
Our eyes locked. She was panting. Sweat coated her smooth soft skin. Releasing her with a smack, I licked from in between her ass cheeks to her clit making her jump. Her eyes were dark with lust. She wanted me badly but I wasn't done.
I placed my hand on her tail bone and lifted her, holding her in place as I dove back in between her legs.
She screamed and came hard around my mouth. I smiled and continued sucking her clit making her come again for a second time.
"Sebastian, oh God. I can't take anymore."
"Yes you can, baby." I didn't let up.
Fisting my cock in my hand, I started stroking myself. Her eyes caught my movement and they dilated.
"Come again and I'll give you what you really want."
She shook her head. "I can't."
I loved sure loved a good challenge.

Oh God, Sebastian was on fire as he continued sucking my clit. The animalistic hunger in his eyes as they bored into mine, was so intense, I thought I would erupt into flames.
I watched his bicep bulge as he stroked his hard cock. "Are you thinking of me?"
He lifted his mouth, his lips swollen and glossy. "You know it baby."
"I need..." I panted.
I watched as his velvety tongue made a long stroke from my opening to my clit. "Please."
He smirked. "What do you want baby?"
"Fuck me," I begged.
His eyes blazed but he didn't budge, just continued stroking himself.
I wiggled my hips and sat up.
He smiled as I pushed him back. "You want my cock, Tori?"
I covered his mouth with mine, shoving my tongue in between his lips, the taste of myself on his tongue, making my core ache.
He cupped my ass and lifted me into his lap, thrusting his cock into me. "Ride me."
I lifted myself up and down his cock, hard and fast until we were both breathing heavy from exhaustion. My muscles burned at the over use, my pussy throbbed from the extra attention but I reveled in it.
I did as he said, confused as to why and pouted.
His cock twitched inside me. "Get up."
I lifted myself off of him and stood a foot away watching him grab his hard rigid length with his large hand. My mouth watered at the way his cock fit perfectly in his hand. He stroked himself from base to tip, paying extra attention to the head. "Like what you see, baby?" His hips bucked as he pinched the tip and all I could do was nod.
I knelt in front of him and looked up into his dark eyes.
"I want to come in your mouth."
I nodded, licking my lips.
"Would you like that?"
"Good. Now suck my cock."
He didn't move his hand as I lowered my mouth onto him. He grabbed the back of my head and thrust his cock between my lips at the same time as he stroked himself.
I lowered my hand and ran my fingers through my wet sensitive folds, moaning.
"Oh fuck," he groaned and thrust harder into my mouth.
I breathed through my nose, relaxing my throat and took him all the way in.
He cupped the heavy sac beneath as I sucked his cock and then he bucked, pushing into me, his warm release shooting down my throat.
I swallowed the warmth of his essence and lifted my head, licking my lips.
Sebastian pushed me back gently, lying me on the floor and was in between my legs before I knew what was happening. I went to move my hand when he grabbed it. "Don't stop."
His tongue mixed with my fingers on my clit had me coming hard in a matter of seconds.
He kissed my lower belly and helped me to stand. He placed a hard kiss on my mouth, trailing kisses down my jaw. "Now that is a great start to a birthday weekend."

A couple of days later, I woke to a warm hand running small circles around my nipple. I opened my eyes and looked into Tori's smiling face.
"Happy Birthday, baby."
I grinned and pushed her onto her back. I leaned down and snarled into her neck, nipping and biting her soft skin.
She squealed and ran her hands around my shoulders.
I lifted my head and smiled, kissing her on the nose.
"You're in a good mood this morning." She cupped my cheek and I bit her palm, her brown eyes dilating at the contact.
I kissed her mouth and turned her onto her stomach. "I have no reason to be in a bad mood."
"No? And why not?" She squirmed under me as I ran a hand down her naked back.
"It's my birthday. The first one in many years that I am actually looking forward to celebrating." I kissed her shoulder and lightly grazed my fingers down her side.
"Mmmm...what else?"
"I woke up to the woman I love who is just begging to be fucked." I swatted her ass and she cried out and then sighed, snuggling into the pillow.
Usually in the morning, we took it slow but this time, I wanted her hard and fast. It was my birthday and all.
I sat back on my hunches and spread her legs before running a finger over her already drenched core. Her pink sex clenched, waiting for me to take her. The tight opening in between her ass cheeks tempted me but that would be later.
She wiggled her hips and gasped when I bit her ass. I loved the plush flesh. She was curvy and sexy and all mine.
The husky sound of her voice let me know she was ready for me and what kind of man would I be if I didn't give her the pleasure she deserved.
I fisted my cock, giving a couple strokes and impaled into her hot pussy. Her sex clenched around my dick, sucking me as I pounded into her.
"Oh Sebastian," she cried out and pushed back, meeting me thrust for thrust.
I loved that about her. She never held back. Showed me exactly what she wanted with her body and she definitely wasn't quiet, letting me know when something felt good.
Her pussy tightened around me and her body shook. "Come for me."
She screamed a moment later, biting the pillow. God I loved the sounds she made when she came.
My balls tightened. "Fuck." Tremors tore through me as I released into her, her sex milking me dry as I slowed my thrusts.
My chest rose and fell and I pulled out of her, spreading myself over her slick body.
She moaned, sighing peacefully.
I grabbed her hand and linked our fingers, curling my leg over hers. "I love you."
She kissed my wrist. "I love you, Sebastian."

"You have to wear the hat. It's the rules."
I giggled as Garrith placed a birthday hat on Sebastian's head, making sure to snap the elastic against his chin.
"Ow, shit."
"Language," Keisha said.
Antonio was at the age where he was picking up words and his third word being fuck was not a good sign.
"Wait, we need a picture," I said and snapped the camera before Sebastian could protest.
He glared at me. "You will regret this, baby."
I giggled. "Whatever."
"Dude. She just whatevered you."
Sebastian punched Garrith in the arm and grabbed a beer from the fridge.
I smiled and jumped when a cold bottle was placed against my neck.
"Remember how cold these can be baby?" Sebastian asked as he sat down.
My cheeks heated, remembering the time he had placed an iced cold beer bottle against my nipples. My core clenched at the thought of what came after.
He smirked and took a pull from his beer.
Garrith looked between us two and smiled smugly.
I frowned. "What?"
"Oh nothing."
"Keisha, come outside with me?" I asked her.
She nodded and followed me out onto the deck as I let Malvado out to run around the yard.
We sat on the swings and both sighed at the same time.
We talked about my upcoming wedding and how she and Garrith were finally working through their shit. After a little bit, we went back inside.
Sebastian and I had had breakfast with Antonio and then my mother had picked him up, giving us time alone for the rest of the weekend.
I was nervous and excited for that night, knowing I would be giving Sebastian his birthday present. He had been acting sneaky all morning. Giving me little hints that he had something up his sleeve for me. It was his birthday but it looked like we were both in for a surprise.
Sebastian and Garrith both stopped talking and looked at us. Sebastian's heated gaze, drank me in, pulling me towards him. He smiled smugly when I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his waist. He pinched my chin and placed a hard kiss on my lips. "I cannot wait to rip my birthday present off of you."
I smiled. "You can't rip it."
"And why not?" He kissed my forehead.
"It was expensive." I grabbed his hand and we moved to the chaise.
Garrith and Keisha sat on the couch, talking quietly.
"How expensive?" Sebastian asked, pulling a blanket over us.
"A couple hundred." I put a movie in and turned it on.
"You spent a couple hundred on a present that would end up on the floor in minutes?"
Garrith and Keisha laughed.
My cheeks heated and I smiled. "Well, I was hoping it would last a little longer than a couple of minutes, but yes."
Garrith laughed harder.
Sebastian frowned, glaring in his direction. "You know what I mean."
I giggled and kissed his cheek, snuggling into his side. "You'll like it. Don't worry." I lifted my knees to my chest and leaned against his shoulder.
"I really want to see it now," he whispered, placing his arm in my lap. He wrapped a hand around my thigh, his fingers grazing under my dress.
My skin hummed. "Sebastian."
"Shhh..." His fingers walked up my thigh to my pussy. He grunted with satisfaction that I wasn't wearing any panties.
Biting my lip, I waited with baited anticipation. I couldn't believe he was doing this when our friends were a few feet away. It was naughty and exciting.
I turned the volume up on the TV, thankful that we were watching an action film. "No sounds, little one and do not move."
Oh God.
I turned to face him and grabbed a throw pillow, placing it in my lap. I leaned against the back of the chaise and crossed my legs.
He grinned. "That's my girl."
I giggled and gripped the pillow tight.
"No moving, baby and definitely no sounds."
I nodded.
Sebastian grabbed my chin and placed a hard kiss on my mouth before leaning down to my ear. "Your cries of passion are for my ears only."
"Okay." I bit my lip as he thrust a finger into me.
His thumb moved over my clit as he penetrated me and I had to force myself not to rock my hips.
"Tori? Did you want a beer?" Keisha asked me.
Sebastian's eyes blazed mischievously.
Swallowing hard, I cleared my throat. "Yes..." Two fingers thrust into me and I jumped. "Please."
He chuckled and I glared at him. Maybe a beer would help me not lose control.
A brown bottle was held out in front of me a moment later and I grabbed it, taking a long pull.
My body burned, skin buzzing from passion as his fingers pumped into my soaked pussy. God, it felt good.
I drank the rest of the beer, when his thumb moved from my clit. I almost whimpered. He wasn't going to let me come.
I stretched a leg over his lap.
"You're not supposed to move."
"If you're not going to let me come, then I'm not following your rules."
His head turned to me and his eyes looked past me.
I followed his gaze and saw that Garrith and Keisha were no longer sitting on the couch.
I smiled and turned back to Sebastian.
"Baby, don't even..."
I rose to my knees and grabbed onto his shoulder, riding his fingers. I ran a hand down his cheek and reached under the blanket, squeezing the bulge in his jeans. His lips parted and he smirked, thrusting his fingers into me.
I reached into his jeans, fisting his hard cock, making him buck against my hand. I cupped his heavy sac and squeezed, letting him know that I wanted him badly. His eyes darkened and his fingers thrust harder into me.
Rolling my head back on my neck, I stroked him and rode his fingers.
“Look at me.”
I did as he said and our eyes locked.
“Eyes on me baby. I want to watch you come.”
His fingers roughly pumped into me and his thumb flicked my clit as I stroked his thick cock.
Watching him watch me was intense and a moment later, we both came at the same time. I cried out softly as his warm release coated my hand while I continued stroking him. He grunted and I kissed him softly.
I moved to kiss him again when he released me and hopped off the chaise. I pouted.
Handing me a towel, he headed up the stairs and chuckled.
I frowned. “Why…?”
He smirked.
“You had this all planned didn’t you?”
He winked and took a step further up the stairs.
I made a move to follow him when he stopped, giving me a look of warning. "Do not follow me."
I stuck my tongue out at him and flopped back down on the chaise, sighing in frustration and cleaned myself up. My body ached, needing more from him. Sitting there by myself while Sebastian did who knows what and Garrith and Keisha were outside, I thought, screw it. I hopped off the couch and ran up the stairs, bumping into Sebastian as he left our bedroom.
His dark eyes drank me in and a wicked smile spread on his face. “You don’t listen well, baby.”
My breathing picked up at the intense gaze in his eyes as he stalked towards me. “You’re just learning that now, Sebastian?”
The corners of his mouth turned up as he continued to follow me. Shoving past him, I headed into our bedroom when he grabbed me from behind and pushed me up against the wall.
He breathed against my neck, lowered his zipper and wrapped a hand around my middle. A moment later, I felt his cock running over my core, teasing me. “Is this what you wanted, Tori?”
“Yes,” I breathed.
“Spread your legs, baby.”
I did as he said and cried out when he thrust into me. I slapped my hands against the wall and pushed into him as he penetrated my sex. “Sebastian.
He gripped the inside of my thigh and squeezed, letting me know that he was close again. I clenched around him, milking his cock as he filled me completely with each hard thrust.
Shivers ran over my body at the deep impact and a fast orgasm slammed into me as ecstasy flew through my body. I cried out as his movements lengthened the release. “Oh…my…”
Sebastian grunted, a deep growl coming from his chest as he pounded into me one last time and stopped, gripping my thigh, shaking through his own release. “Fuck. Me.”
I sighed, peacefully as the euphoria simmered and rose to my full height.
Smiling down at me, he placed a hard kiss on my lips. “I can’t get enough of you baby.”
I deepened the kiss, licking my way into his mouth and released him. Placing a light kiss on his lips, I watched him pull up his pants.
“Go downstairs.” He smacked my ass and I squealed, leaving the bedroom. I headed downstairs and sat back in the chaise, wanting him again. It had amazed me how I was always ready for him. God, I couldn’t get enough of him either.
At that moment, Garrith and Keisha came back inside and were laughing.  
I smiled. It was nice to see them getting along.
"How's the movie?" Garrith asked, grabbing a beer from the fridge.
“Good.” I sighed, even though I had no idea what was going on in the movie.
Sebastian came back downstairs and sat in the chair across the living room. Oh he was going to be that way was he?
Keisha looked between us. "Is everything okay?"
"Yes," Sebastian answered at the same time that I said "no".
"Okay, well..."
"Have a beer and cool off." Garrith handed us both beers and I grumbled.
"We should head out," Keisha suggested.
"No, stay," Sebastian insisted.
I gaped at him. He was going to make me wait.
"We still have to have cake," Garrith reminded me.
"Oh right. I forgot. Someone distracted me." I glared at Sebastian and rose from the chaise. Stomping into the kitchen, I brought the cake out of the fridge and opened the lid. Being funny, I had the baker several pieces on the cake that reminded me of Sebastian. She told me that she could make anything as long as she had a picture.
"Do you have thirty candles?" Keisha joked, coming up beside me.
I laughed. "No. I have only one."
"Are those what I think they are?" she asked, pointing to the items on the cake. "Yup."
Sebastian was going to love it.

Watching Tori move around in the kitchen while I drank my beer was kind of surreal. I still had moments where I would wake up and expect her not to be there. A man who lived the past I had, didn't deserve happiness.
"What's wrong?"
Snapping out of my self-pity, I looked up into Tori's big beautiful brown eyes. They were filled with concern. Concern for me.
I sighed and grabbed the hem of her dress. She held a large cake out in front of her with a glowing thirty candle. I smiled. She had done this for me. Garrith and Keisha stood on either side of her. This was my life now and my past was my past. God, turning older made a guy sentimental.
Stop being a pussy, Sebastian.
"Nothing's wrong...is that what I think it is?" Clothes pins, a beer bottle, a book with a sex cover on it and nipple clamps covered the cake. With, Happy Birthday, Sebastian written in the middle.
Tori grinned. "Blow out your candle, baby."
I did as requested.
"Did you make a wish?" Tori asked me.
"I don't need to." I rose to my feet and cupped the back of her neck before placing a soft kiss on her mouth. "I'll help you cut the cake."
She nodded and headed into the kitchen.
Garrith clapped a hand on my shoulder as we both watched our girls.
"Don't lose her, Bass."
"Dude, you have not called me that in years," I chided.
Garrith chuckled and squeezed my shoulder. "We'll have cake and then leave. Give you guys some time alone."
I smiled. "Stay as long as you want. Trying to build anticipation."
"I've taught you well," Garrith said, proudly. Yes, he did. "Love the nipple clamps by the way."
I laughed.
"Baby, here's your...what's wrong?" Tori came up to me and stopped, holding out a piece of cake with the book on it.
"Is this all edible?"
She nodded. "The baker's amazing."
Interesting. I'd have to go see this baker.
"Is everything okay?" she repeated.
I nodded and pinched her chin, placing a kiss on her forehead. "Yes, we were just talking about how amazing you are."
Her cheeks colored and I grabbed the plate from her hand. "How much cake is left?"
"A bit. Why?"
"Is there enough for Antonio to play in?"
She laughed. "Yes."
"Good." I walked by her and heard Garrith chuckle behind me.
We all sat at the table, eating the sweet goodness of the cake.
"We're gonna have to work this off," Garrith mumbled, shoveling a forkful of cake into his mouth.
I laughed. I had other ways of working it off in mind.
Tori grabbed my plate and I watched her walk to the sink. My cock twitched at the way her hips sashayed from side to side.
"Keisha, we should go."
I turned to Garrith's voice and he smiled knowingly at me. I nodded in thanks.
Keisha and Tori said their goodbyes and I stopped Garrith before he stepped out onto the deck. "Thank you for your help."
"Tori has no idea, does she?"
"No and she's the one that makes the bed. You hid them well."
He squeezed my shoulder. "Have fun."
“We will."
Garrith walked down the steps and headed to his SUV. I waved to Keisha and walked back into the house. Reaching the kitchen, the cake on the counter lifted my mood. I grabbed a chunk with my hand and waited for Tori.
"So are you having a good..." Tori came into the kitchen and saw me locking the icing off of my fingers. "...birthday?"
I nodded.
"There are plates for that." Her eyes moved from my face to my hand and back. She was nervous and she didn't trust me.
I smiled and continued eating the cake off of my hand.
She drew in a breath and walked to the sink, filling it with water.
I turned and leaned against the counter, grabbing another chunk of cake.
Before she could get my name out, I smashed the cake against her neck.
She squealed, gaping at me with wide eyes. "What the hell, Sebastian?" Her eyes danced with amusement.
I watched as chunks of icing and cake fell down the top of her dress, going to places that I planned on being soon.
I grabbed another chunk and moved to smash it against her again when she darted away from me. My dick jumped, happy that she was playing along. This was going to be messy and fun.
She ran around the table and I followed her, slowing when she dove her hand into the cake. "Food fight? Really?"
I shrugged, smirking. "It's my birthday. I make the rules."
She took a step towards me. "Do you now?"
I nodded and took a step in her direction. "What are you going to do with that?" I indicated the blob of cake in her hand.
She grinned.
My eyes widened when she rubbed it against the top of her breasts.
She licked her fingers and stuck one and then two in her mouth, stroking them with her lips.
My cock went hard at that image. Oh she was playing dirty.
I took a step towards her and wrapped my hand around her neck. "Was this dress expensive?"
I smiled and with two hands, ripped it off of her.
She gasped as the fabric fell, pooling at her feet.
The cake covered her neck and chest. Reaching behind her, I stuck my finger in the icing and cupped her ass, pulling her against me.
I ran my finger around her nipple and drew a circle with the icing, covering the hardening nub. She watched as I leaned down and took the sweet bit into my mouth. I licked off the remnants of the sugary goodness. I sucked, pulled and bit, making her arch against me.
I licked up her chest to her neck, and dove my tongue into her mouth before she had a chance to react.
She moaned against my lips and grabbed onto the waist band of my jeans.
I released her and took a step back. Her chest rose and fell as she licked her lips.
"I want you to start a bath while I clean up the kitchen."
She nodded and walked by me.
I grabbed her arm and squeezed her ass. Her breath came out in short gasps. "Don't plan on going to bed anytime soon, baby." My fingers roamed lower and thrust into her.
She moaned and whimpered when I stopped.
Swatting her ass, I turned to the kitchen. "I want you in the tub before I get up there."
"Okay," she breathed.
I cleaned up the kitchen quickly and headed up the stairs, giving Tori a couple of minutes to draw a bath. I heard the water running when I walked into the room and the bathroom door was closed.
I turned on the light and found Tori lying on the bed. White rose pedals covered the comforter and she was wearing something that I never thought...oh God...
"Fuck. Me."

I frowned. When I reached our bedroom, I quickly cleaned the icing off of me and changed into the lingerie. Maybe this was a bad idea. I tried to be sexy but I didn't do sexy.
I sat up and hopped off the bed. "Sebastian, I'm sorry. I—"
I stopped dead in my tracks at the look in his eyes. They were dark and a huge bulge sported in his jeans. Okay, maybe he did like—
"I want you on the bed. Now. Face down."
Oh God.
Whenever his voice took that commanding tone, it's like my body went into hyper drive. I did as he said, my pussy clenching and my heart thudding with anticipation.
Lying on the bed, I played with a soft rose pedal, waiting as he turned off the water.
The hair on the back of my neck tingled and I turned, watching him walk around the bed, grabbing something from each corner.
"I was going to make you wait. Build up the anticipation but seeing you dressed like that...fuck Tori, I am so hard for you."
I smiled, quite proud of myself. "I take it you like your present?"
"Like? Oh baby, you have no idea. I have one birthday request though." He wrapped a hand around my ankle.
"Oh? What's that?"
"I get to do anything."
My stomach flipped at the suggestive tone of his voice. "Okay," I said before I could change my mind.
"You'll enjoy this just as much as me, baby." He placed something on the bed in between my legs and before I had a chance to see what it was, my vision went black.
Something cool and silky covered my eyes. Not being able to see made the rest of my sense aware of my surroundings.
"Do you trust me?"
"Of course," I said without hesitation.
"I'm going to touch your ankle." He wrapped a hand around my ankle and something soft took its place. Keeping his hand on me as he moved around the bed, he continued putting something soft around my second ankle and my wrists.
"Try moving."
I did as he said but I couldn't. I was spread out like a star, restrained. Open for him to do whatever he wished.
"Can you move?"
"Does it excite you?"
I thought a moment. "Yes. It does."
His hand moved up the backs of my legs and pulled down the stockings to my ankles. The bed lowered with added weight as he knelt in between my legs. "How expensive are these panties?"
"Um..." I gasped when they were ripped off of me.
He leaned over me and kissed my cheek. "I'll buy you a new pair."
I nodded and heard him shuffling through something. A moment later, a warm liquid dropped onto my tail bone. I jumped when it flowed down between my ass cheeks and to my core. A finger grazed over my opening, spreading the warm liquid and my juices over me.
Something hard took its place. I didn't know what it was but I moaned when it rubbed over the tight opening. Sebastian slowly pushed it into me and I gasped. It felt bigger than his fingers and it burned.
"Push out baby and relax."
I took a deep breath and did as he said, the object going deeper and deeper before settling inside me.
My eyes watered and then the object started moving in and out of me. I moaned unexpectedly, surprised at how good it felt.
The object slowed, pressing into me again and stopped.
The weight lifted from the bed and I heard the sound of a belt buckle, zipper and clothing being removed.
My skin buzzed at what was to come.
Sebastian ran his hands over my calves, the back of my thighs and my ass.
My skin tingled under his touch. "Sebastian."
He grabbed my waist and lifted me onto my knees, the object in my ass moving, igniting sparks inside me. Well that felt different.
Sebastian ran a hand down my tailbone and pressed on the object.
I cried out at the intense pressure I felt in my core and gasped when he slowly lowered his cock into me. I felt full. Completely and utterly. "Sebastian. Ohhh..." The object started vibrating and I cried out again as his thrusts sped up.
"Come for me," he grunted, pushing the object into me in time with his hips.
The vibrations hit the nerves inside a place I never thought would be touched. The different sensations built an orgasm so quickly and with a hard thrust from Sebastian, I screamed, my body shaking from the powerful release.
He pulled out and turned off the vibrator, gently pulling it out of me.
A moment later, the warm liquid oozed over me, in between my ass cheeks again. I moaned, arching as he ran a finger over my core again.
"Can I see you?" I asked him.
He removed the blind fold and I blinked a couple of times. The lighting in the room was dim but light enough that I could see the look of lust and desire on Sebastian's handsome face.
Holding a bottle, he squirted what I now knew was oil, onto me and into his hand.
He fisted his hard cock, smoothing the oil over him.
My stomach flipped.
He ran his cock over my pussy up to my ass, lubricating me more. He slowly pushed at the tight opening and I bit my lower lip.
"Breath baby. Push back."
I did as he said and felt him sink into me, an inch at a time.
"You're doing good."
I breathed through the burning and pushed back more.
"That's it," he grunted in approval. "Take all of me."
Warm liquid ran over me again and I pushed harder.
"Good girl."
I let out a breath and cried out when he started moving slowly. It was a sensation that I never knew was possible to feel from an area I never dreamed of using for pleasure. "Oh God."
"I love your ass, baby. You’re doing wonderful."
His compliment made my heart swell and I pushed back, meeting him thrust for thrust.
Sebastian picked up speed, pounding his cock in between my ass cheeks. He grunted and squeezed my hips.
I panted and shock tore through me as an explosion slammed into me full force making me scream his name.
"Oh fuck. Yes, Tori, come for me."
He thrust harder into me and I gripped my restraints as he pounded into me one last time and stopped, shaking through his own release.
I shivered and moaned as he slowly pulled out of me and flopped down onto the bed.
I watched him move around the bed, undoing the restraints.
"How are you feeling?" Lying beside me, he rubbed my arms and placed a soft kiss on my lips.
My skin tingled. I could still feel him everywhere. "I feel good. Relaxed."
"Good." He smiled. "Did you like that?"
My cheeks heated. "Surprisingly yes."
His smile widened. "Would you do it again?"
I grabbed his jaw and licked my way into his mouth, igniting a growl from him. "Any way you want to fuck me, I am all yours, birthday boy."
A smug smile formed on his handsome face. "Happy Birthday to me."


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