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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Backstage Passion by Jade Jamison

Backstage Passion
 No one writes a rock star book quite like Jade C. Jamison. Four of her rock star novels and one short story are collected together for the first time ever as Backstage Passion. From the local indie band scene to the famous multi-platinum album rock gods, from an innocent young woman playing lead vocalist to a cheating frontman, Jade weaves a story like no other.

Then Kiss Me: Casey Williams has left a loveless marriage and is trying to rebuild her life. She finds that, even though you can never go home again, you can find lust again, and she finds a love interest in Scott, her coworker. She also discovers his secret, that he’s a drummer for a heavy metal band, and falls hard for him…just in time to find that, between his questionable friends and psychotic maybe-ex-girlfriend, he might not be the right guy for her. But her heart beats like a drum for him, and she finds herself willing to play with fire to get closer.

Tangled Web: Katie Logan has had a secret crush on her best friend Johnny Church since high school, but he’s never looked at her the same way. So when Johnny—now a famous rock-and-roll guitarist—comes home to visit, Katie can’t bring herself to tell him she’s engaged to be married. She should have, though, because she soon discovers that maybe the attraction is mutual…

MADversary: Megan Walker doesn’t plan to attend her high school reunion, but her best friend Lisa begs her to come along. Megan doesn’t want to risk running into her old boyfriend Tyler Green, a man who has since become rich and famous as the frontman of a heavy metal band called Madversary. Lisa convinces her that Tyler would never show up for something like a reunion, so Megan gives in, only to regret it. Because when Tyler does show up, the spark reignites, and she doesn’t know that she can bear letting him go again.

Be Careful What You Wish For: Grad student Jessica is given an offer she plans to refuse—hundreds of dollars to try to seduce an angry wife’s maybe cheating husband. But when the price just so happens to cover Jessica’s much-needed car repairs and she finds hot rocker Kage irresistible, she decides to give it a try, no matter the ultimate cost.

Bullet: An Epic Rock Star Novel. What if you discover the man you want is toxic?

She’d tasted a little bit of heaven with him, and now they’ve gone through hell and back, but can their relationship take anymore?

Valerie Quinn is a naïve college freshman when she meets on-the-rise rock star Ethan Richards. He’s an idealistic, handsome, reckless young man, but he’s captured her heart. She doesn’t give up on him and eventually his walls crumble down. By the time Valerie has given herself to him completely, she discovers he’s damaged and may be beyond help. Can she save Ethan and their relationship before he implodes, or will he self-destruct and take her with him?

Then Kiss Me Review by Melinda:

I bought this book just because I loved Jade’s rocker book Bullet and need to read another rocker book. So thought I would give this one a try. What can I say I loved this one too! Don’t get me wrong there were times I was shaking my Nook just wishing it was Casey I was shaking and found myself yelling at her “what are you thinking girl”. Hello Scott, who wouldn’t love him, he can cook, plays the drums in a heavy metal band, and supper sweet when you get to know him.

Casey realizes her she no longer loves her husband gets a divorce and moves in with her parents. This only lasted a few days because she got a job at Bob’s Southern BBQ, rented a 2 bedroom house, and puts some of her art work on display for sale. Enters Scott, who she sees when she is interviewing for the job at Bob’s Southern BBQ. Casey becomes close friends with Scott’s cousin David who also works at Bob’s. Things are going good for Casey and Scott then just like everything else in Casey life it starts to fall apart. So she does what she has to do and runs away, that’s right she runs......Leaves Scott heartbroken and runs. This is where I start shaking my Nook and wishing I could slap some since into Casey. Want to find out the rest of the story you'll just have to purchase the book because I'm not telling. Happy Readings.

Tangled Web Review by Melinda:

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I loved Jade’s rocker series Bullet and Then Kiss Me so it was a no-brainer to follow it up with Tangled Web. This was a quick read and held my attention. I like how it went back and forth from present to past. It is a nice change getting small glimpse of the past from time to time instead of reading it from start to finish. I like the little surprises that you get with each trip back to the past.

Katie has a job, home, and is engaged. When enters Johnny from her past. They have been best friends since middle school and she has had a secret crush on him since high school but Johnny only sees her as his best friend, or more like a sister. Until one day Johnny comes to visit and one kiss changes everything. Katie cannot bring herself to tell Johnny that she is engaged. When her dreams become reality and they kiss and end up in bed. She is happier than she has been in a long time but feels guilty. The next morning Johnny finds out about her being engaged and walks out. Now that Katie realizes her life isn't what she wants it to be she decides to make changes. The question is will Johnny be a part of that or not. Want to know guess you will have to buy the book and find out four yourself.
As for me I plan on reading the second book in this series to find out what happened to Riley, Katie's "first".

MADversary Review by Angie:

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Uhm can I say Tyler is some delicious fun!!!  This story is a fun, sexy read.  It is all about Megan who doesn't want to attend her 10th year high school reunion but her bestie basically pouts, whines and strong arms her into going.  Megan says she will stay but If Tyler shows, she is outta there.  She is still madly in love with her first love and doesn't think she can survive him leaving again.

SOOOOO the weekend arrives and Lisa (the bestie ) says "yeah uhm sooo Tyler is coming!!"  Megan is not thrilled.  She never assumed Mr. Rock Star would come back to town.  Well Tyler strolls in and immediately Megan and him have this instant connection but Megan thinks it is a "friend zone" connection.  Boy is she proven wrong later that night in his room *wiggles eyes*

Sooo Megan gets Fa-Reaked out by the sex and connection so she does what any irrational girl does, she leaves!!!  Tyler is freaked out he did something wrong.  Well Megan doesn't hide anymore and Tyler and her again have a hot and steamy connection after his band performs at the reunion.  All seems to be going great until *insert wicked witch theme song* Tamara arrives.  She was Tyler's Ex before Megan.  She makes Megan doubt Tyler's intentions and fidelity .

Wanna know what happens?  Well People you are gonna have to read.  I will say I loved the ending of the story and the banter between Tyler and Megan.  it made my heart very happy......

Be Careful What You Wish For Review by Angie:

This is a hot and steamy novella for sure.  So what would you do if a girl comes crying on your shoulder telling you that her rocker hubby is cheating?  She needs "proof' so she says if you seduce him, I will help you out with your finances!!!!  So this is the premiss of the story....Jessica shows up at a bar where Kage is having his guys night out.  She sends over drinks and gets ignored essentially.  Does she quit?  Nope she decides to hit on his friend instead.  Well that seems to work but it takes Kage along time to warm up to Jessica's advances.....but when she makes the moves he...rebuffs her??  WHAT!!!  Well Jessica will not take no for an answer...needless to say some hawt, steamy sex happens along with some very big revelations. If you wanna know, you gotta read the story.  I will say that I LOVED the end of the story and what happens.....oh you sooo wanna know dontchya!!  LOL....call me a tease, I dont care but this is a great novella!!!

Bullet Reviews by Angie and Melinda:

I received this book for an honest review from the author and honest you shall get!!!

I am sitting here at my computer sobbing, literally sobbing over this book. I went through a box of tissues and a packet of tums. IN-FREAKING-TENSE was this book.

I am a fan of really emotional, gut wrenching, tear your heart out and stomp on it while it lays on the floor kinda books!! This book sooooooo qualifies.

Val is such an amazing person who is so giving and loving but seems to be stuck in the ever emotional toxic love of Ethan. Ethan is just a true measure of addiction and doesn't appreciate Val for all she is worth. His idea of "chasing her" is screwing everything else that has a skirt on or getting so high he cant even function. This is pretty much their relationship but the addiction continues to get worse and worse as does his behavior and attitude toward her. I think the author did a great job showing the true relationship of a couple when addiction is involved. It is heart wrenching that Ethan has had emotional and physically abusive relationships but he is so self involved he has no idea he is doing the same thing to Val.

There were a few scenes where I broke for Val when she was confronted by Ethan's wondering ways. I feared for her because she knows in her heart he is not a "good person" but the party scene absolutely crushed me along with her. I think, like Val, i wanted him to have some redeeming qualities.....but the party killed me. I broke for her and me at that point. Then I broke for the man I wanted to see Val with. The man who loved her, supported and cared for her even though she was stuck in this web of Ethan lies and betrayal.

Well along the way Val does develop some emotionally sustaining and loving relationships. SOME of the "relationships" I was like "you go girl!!" I loved the men who helped her through tough times with Ethan. However no matter what, she would always return to Ethan. This dance goes on for a few years.

I am not going to talk specifics because I will totally end up giving away the whole story BUT if you love rocker books and you love emotionally raw "real" books then this is the book for you. seriously. i cannot wait to read the books for the other band members!!!!  


Here goes I’m not sure I will be able to accurately write all the feelings I had while reading this book.  I cried, screamed, got mad, swooned, when that was done I cried more, screamed more, got mad again, and then there was more swooning. I cannot tell you how many tissues I used while reading this book or how many times I wanted to toss my Nook across the room.

Val was a naive collage girl.  Ethan was the up and coming rock star.  Val and Ethan become friends and Val becomes Ethan’s muse as he puts it.  Ethan takes her to his home to meet the band.  Enter Brad which is one of my swoon moments and you’ll know it when you read it.  Brad becomes her best friend and Rock throughout, and my tissue box comes out during these times.  Oh, and the band gets Val to sing with them and wow who know the girl has a set of pipes.  Ethan turns out to be a DB and I really could not stand the things he did to Val, the big one that pushed me over the edge was at the party and here again you will know it when you read it.  There was just no redeeming him for me at this point.  However, Val meets Clay/Jet, this was a huge SWOON for me.  I love me some Clay/Jet, I want more of Jet and Clay.  Did I say I loved Jet and Clay because wow yes he is that good?  Ok I know back to the review, but it is so hard once I think about Clay/Jet. 

Val might have been a naive collage girl when this started but throughout the book she out grows that and becomes a strong woman.   She puts up with so much crap from Ethan but she loves him.  Although reading this I would get so mad at her for putting up with his crap, but in the end that is real life.  If you are head over heels in love with someone you want to believe they are so much better than they are no matter what they do until you hit that braking point of I cannot fix what doesn’t want to be fixed, but you are so in love with them you just don’t want to give up on them.  You know if you give up on them they will give up on themselves and you want them to keep trying to do better.

In the end things are how they are suppose to be.  I have to say this was one book where I went back and re-read the last two or three chapters at least 3 times, yes it was that good.  This was a good book but if you have an issue with cheating and dealing with an addict this is not going to be a book you will enjoy.  If you can understand that what happens is because of an addition and a coping mechanism and the love another has for the addict you too will love this book.  Oh and you’ll get to meet Jet/Clay did I mention he is HOT.  I can’t wait to see him again.

Author Bio:


Jade C. Jamison was born and raised in Colorado, moved from one city/town to the next, and she’s decided she likes it so much she wants to stay…although travel is not out of the question.  She lives in a big town in Colorado (not unlike Winchester!) with her husband and four children.  She is working on becoming a crazy cat lady.  Okay, so maybe not.

Still want more?  Jade has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Theater, a master’s degree in English, and a master of fine arts in Creative Writing.  Obviously, she loves school and the student loan folks love her.  She works in human services by day, teaches English and creative writing at night, and—in between playing soccer mom and community leader—writes like a fiend.  Someday soon, she’ll narrow it down to just writing, but let’s get all those kids off to college first.

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