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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hotter Then Hot Blog Tour by Milly Silver

Hotter Than Hot 


 Maggie Lee is Space Cadet 69. She begged for a different number. But no can do. She’s stuck with a 69 on her forehead, until she’s vaporized. That pretty much sums up Maggie’s life.

Stuck in a boring job counting cans of meatballs.
Stuck on the dullest space station in the universe, Lanzarote.
And stuck with no hope of achieving her dream of flying scout ships.

Enter hot guy Hunter in his blinged-up spaceship. Things start to get unstuck for Maggie real fast.

Maggie must outwit evil Lord Zagon who wants to kill her for her cherished precognition helmet, find a rare space rock to save her family from suspended animation and flee from giddy space pirates wanting to pimp out her friends to the nearest aliens. Hunter being a sexy space god isn’t exactly helping Maggie’s concentration levels either.

Can Maggie pull it off? If she doesn’t, her family will be frozen forever and Lord Zagon will rule the universe. Then she’ll definitely never get to fly scout ships.

Maggie’s bright ideas, upbeat attitude and perseverance, together with a surrounding cast of characters help her beat all the odds.

HOTTER THAN HOT is a NA romantic comedy. It’s a story of friendship, courage and finding out who you become when pushed to your limits.

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Angie J's Review:

 I received this book from the author for an honest review.

So I have to admit I love Spaceballs the Movie.  It is silly and fun and who doesn't like silly and fun.  So when I was offered a part in this tour I said sure......I planned to read it after I read a gut wrenching, heart breaker of a book.  I figured PERFECT transition book out of sad and into happy.

So this story was cute and funny.  It made me chuckle a few times at the humor of the book  Maggie meets Hunter and he is trying to save her.  He grabs her and her bestie Stacey from their home planet before the evil Lord Zagon can capture them.  He wants a precog helmet that Maggie's grandpa fixed up.  He needs it to rule the galaxy.  Lord Zagon was a funny "evil" character who liked to dress up in space suits and keep alot of pets.  Pretty funny for a "bad guy".    Hunter was also a funny character.  He was a former model who was humiliated by Pirate Rob back in the day.  He is now a hired hand.  He and Pirate Rob have a fun banter back and forth because they cant stand each other but both fall in love with one of the girls.  Stacey with Pirate Rob and Hunter with Maggie.  

My favorite parts were Hunter's spaceship computer who hates Maggie for having Hunters attention.  The way the computer fights with the girls is a riot.   I also cracked up at what the 4 of them (plus the alien dog/bird they rescued) does to win disks/money to buy chell's to save Maggie's planet.

Is this a book I will read again, prolly not but it was a funny, silly read for someone like me who enjoys ridiculous things.  But the funny thing is this : I am kinda curious about what adventures Stacey, Pirate Rob, Hunter and Maggie find in the next book........

About the Author: 

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I'm the British author of the exciting YA series INTO THE DARK #1-4 and a brand-new NA romantic comedy, HOTTER THAN HOT due for release in 2013.

I love writing YA, NA, love & romance, action & adventure, fantasy and sci fi. You know? All the great stuff you love!

I live with my family in Cheshire, in the UK. I'm currently writing my next series, and eating my own body weight in passionfruit sorbet.

Thanks for stopping by.

Milly x

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