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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Draw of the Bane by Amy Bol

About The Author: Amy Bol grew up in Twin Lake, MI. She met her husband, Bryan Dykes, on vacation during her second year of college and moved to Virginia Beach to help him battle Hodgekins disease. Cancer free, the couple went on to have two daughters and eventually return to Twin Lake to raise their young family in her hometown. Bryan was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer in April 2008 and he died three short months later. Her first book, a memoir of non-fiction, short stories entitled "Complements of a Dying Man," started out as a test to learn how to upload her work onto Amazon. The book is currently rated five stars and was described as both humorous and heartfelt. However, her guilty pleasure is writing adult paranormal romance. Draw of the Bane, the first book in The Blueblood Legacy series is her first novel. She is currently at work on the sequel Rise of the Red Wolf. She lives with her fiancé, Nick, and her two stubborn, strong, and infinitely amazing young daughters. www.facebook.com/amybolwrites Email: amybolwrites@gmail.com Twitter: @amybolwrites

 The Book: Mila was use to life on her own. She was done running, and fully expected to face her past alone and on her own terms. That is, until Landon wandered into her life and changed the terms. Now, together, they face a common enemy, one that neither can run from forever. For, even as her enemies exist a continent away, the draw of the Bane in her blood will bring them only a heartbeat from her. But it was the heartbeat beside her that pounded the loudest, and the one that could be her undoing… "So deep was the fine design woven into the very fabric of their blueprint, so precise and sharp were the instruments of Mother Nature, that the danger came not in the divine intention of their form, but in the commune of their unnatural numbers. Dens that size don't exist in nature for a reason. Yet, here one came…" "He was the kind of man that if you saw as a stranger in a room, you allowed yourself that one fleeting moment when you imagine you're flat on your back and pinned firmly beneath him." This is an adult book and is not recommended for young readers.

Angie J's Review:

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Paranormal. Check
Romance. Check
Great Story Line. Check

So when this author asked us to do a promo posting I was very interested in reading.  When she came back later and asked if we would like to review i jumped.  I started reading books that were mainly paranormal but have defo opened up my reading generas to real alot more but I find that paranormal are my first loves.  It can be vamps, fae, shifters, etc...I dont care I just love paranormal.  I will say there are a few books I was like "hey pretty good." or "hey glad i tried it out."  This book I was like "SA-WEET!!!  Glad i read it!!"

So this story is about Mila who is alone.  She lives by on her farm with her wolf and they basically exist.   There isn't anything fancy or exciting.  They just live off the grid kinda thing.  Well Mila is out hunting when she runs into Landon and saves him.  He was bitten trying to hunt some wolves .  He begs her to kill him but she wont.  She takes him to her house (against her wolfs better judgement) and he gets better.  The two begin to do the "love dance" while trying to fight off some bad people.  The story is written so amazingly.  The writing is done so well I was stunned at how fast I was flying through the pages.  I couldn't put it down and when I finished I was sad.  i wanted more and am glad there will be more to this great start to the series.

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