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Monday, August 12, 2013

Wilder Series Book 1-4 by Sandy Sullivan

Wild Wyoming Nights (Wilder Series, #1)


Abigail Carter lost her firefighter husband on September 11th. On a mission to heal her heart, she starts a new life in the prairies of Wyoming. Her neighbor, hunky rancher and quarter horse expert Chase Wilder, makes her heart race for the first time in years, but will she let him get close enough to warm the cold winter nights? Chase rescues Abby from her overturned car in an accident similar to the one that took his wife. His dormant libido goes into overdrive when he looks into Abby's beautiful green eyes. Unfortunately, she's still struggling with her grief, and Chase doesn't want to push her. Can the two find a way to overcome the past and have a future together?

Melinda’s Review:

I purchased this book along with the entire series when I was at Romfest.  I was able to meet Sandy Sullivan and she signed the entire series for me.  I enjoyed this book. At first Abby being able to see her dead husband an Chases dead wife did freak me out a bit but it made for a great story.  Both Abby and Chase lose their spouses in terrible accidents and then find each other.   They try to fight their attraction neither one willing to admit they are falling for the other, but can you really fight fate.  I give this book 4.5 star rating.

 Abby Carter found the love of her life, her husband Josh.  They had plans of leaving New York one day to bread horses.  However, on September 11th all that changed.  Josh died in the attack on the twin towers that day.  Abby decided to move to Wyoming and fulfill their dream of breading horses.  She happened to buy the property next to Chase Wilder.  Abby woke one morning and saw her dead husband who told her she needed to love again and he was in Wyoming and she needed to find him.

Chase Wilder was married to Krista, who died in a car accident.  Chase bread quarter horses on his ranch and was a volunteer for the fire department and a first responder.  He was working on his ranch when he heard the call come in about Abby’s accident.  He was first on the scene.  When Abby came too in the ambulance she saw Chase and standing behind him was Josh. 

Chase ends up breaking his leg; well one of his horses broke his leg.  So Abby comes over to take care of the horses and him.  One night they are on the couch and they begin kissing.  When Abby hears someone screaming she looks over Chase’s shoulder and sees his dead wife.   Krista does not want anyone taking her place and will do anything to stop it from happening.  She even threatens to kill Abby. 

When Cole, Chase brother, comes for a visit he can see there is something between Chase and Abby but neither one is willing to admit it so Cole attempts to play match maker.  He tries to make Chase jealous by showing Abby some extra attention.  Abby is also dating one of the Doctors this drives Chase crazy but not enough to admit he has feelings for Abby. 

With all the forces against Abby and Chase can they be together or are they doomed from the start? 

Wild Rodeo Nights (Wilder Series, #2)


Carrie's bitter. Losing her parents and finding out her teenage sister is pregnant with no father in sight has just about left her without direction. Running her parent's store dominates her days, until one hunky rodeo cowboy decides to help out. Will she let Cole become a permanent fixture in her life, or will his temporary lifestyle become a wall she isn't willing to climb? Can she convince him to stay? Cole rides bulls. A temporary woman is right up his alley, until he runs smack into one protective Carrie Marsh. When she sticks her claws into him at the bar accusing him of getting her sister pregnant, he's fascinated. Her hazel eyes snap fire as she pins him to his seat. Can he tame the hellcat with the tongue sharper than cheap tequila? Does he want to, or will the call of the rodeo pull him away?

Melinda’s Review:

I purchased this book along with the entire series when I was at Romfest where I meet Sandy Sullivan and she signed the entire series for me.  This is my favorite book of the series so far.  Cole is my favorite Brother.  Carrie is such a strong independent woman.  I give this book 5 stars.

Carrie looses both her parents and had to leave college to take care of her younger sister and run the family store in town.  Her seventeen year old sister winds up pregnant and Carrie mistakenly thinks Cole is the father of the baby.  She confronts Cole in the local tavern one night giving him the third degree about how he needs to step up and take responsibility for his mistake.  Well let’s just say she stirs all kinds of things up in Cole. 

Cole helps Carrie out in the store one day instead of riding in the rodeo.  Carrie has a no Rodeo guys policy, but decides for this weekend she will break that policy.  She decides to have a one night stand with Cole. They go back to her house one thing leads to another and when her sister, Jess, gets home she catches Cole and Carrie in bed together.  Well all hell broke loose in the Marsh household.  Jess thinks Carrie is a hypocrite.

After their weekend together Cole left with the Rodeo and for 6 months never called or contacted Carrie.  Cole shows back up just in time for the arrival of Carries nephew and helps Carrie through a very hard time in her life.  Then he has to leave for because his mom has a stroke.  Only he gets in an accident and is in a coma.  Neither Carrie nor Cole has told each other how they feel about each other and now will they ever be able to or will Carrie loose someone else she cares about.  Want to find out you will just have to read the book.  I know I know I have to leave you hanging this was my favorite one and I want you to read it.

Wild Nevada Ride (Wilder Series, #3)


Katrina Jamieson didn't have time for a man in her life, much less a cowboy. She's not about to give up her career as a fighter pilot for anything. Zipping amongst the clouds at 40,000 feet is her dream and being the best pilot the Force has ever seen encompasses her days. Justin Wilder, cattle rancher and all around gorgeous hunk, doesn't need the feisty Katrina in the middle of his world. He does just fine, thank you very much, taking care of his cows and building his ranch, but he can't seem to forget her after she slams her brand new, Mustang GT 500 KR into the side of his truck. When their worlds collide, sparks fly and these two are so hot, skin sizzles when they touch. Can their attraction stand the test of time or will it burn out faster than the afterburners of her jet? 

Melinda’s Review:

I purchased this book along with the entire series at Romfest this year.  This is the third book in a series of four books.  I read this book first because I read the overview of the books and being an Air Force Brat and having a love for anything fast I couldn’t pass it up.  I didn’t realize it wasn’t the first book until I was on page 133.  This was a great book and I loved it.  I give it a 5 star rating. 

Katrina is a Major in the US Air Force.  She is a fighter pilot and drives a Mustang GT 500 KR.  Justin Wilder is a cattle rancher.  Their worlds collide when Kat runs a red light and rams her Mustang into Justin’s truck.  They run into each other again when Kat’s cousin who is also Justin’s partner invites her to a business meeting with Justin.  Justin saves her from an ass who thinks she is a hooker.  He takes her to the only place he can think of his place and they get to know each other A LOT better (if you know what I mean**wiggles eyes**).   Kat ignores Justin after this so he convinces her cousin, Mark, to invite him to Kat’s grandmother’s birthday party so he can see her again.   I love Kat’s meddlesome grandmother and how she knows what’s going on before Justin and Kat want to admit to it.  Neither Kat nor Justin will admit they want, need or love each other. 

A shocking family secret about Kat comes out that she has to deal with.  She decides to request a transfer to Iraq instead of admit she loves Justin.  Justin is just as stubborn and won’t admit he is in love with Katrina either.  As we all know there is a risk going to Iraq will there be a chance for Justin and Katrina to admit their love and have their HEA or will tragedy strike before they have the chance.

I love women who are stubborn, headstrong and known where they want to go in life.  Katrina did not disappoint me one bit.  She was all of these.  I also like it when the men can handle the women without overpowering them and Justin was the right balance for Katrina throughout the book.  

Wild Rekindled Love (Wilder Series, #4)


Jamie walked away from her love for Wyatt for the sake of his career as a physician, even though she carried his child. When she runs into him at the local emergency room, she can't believe her eyes, but her heart knows she never stopped loving him. Can she let him back into her life for the sake of their daughter? Wyatt knew he would return to Laramie when he finally finished school. He never stopped loving Jamie, but she pushed him away and insisted she didn't love him. He wasn't sure he could forgive her for shutting him out of their daughter's life. When they come face-to-face again, he can't walk away, not from Jamie, nor from his daughter. Will they be able to get past the disappointments and tears to rekindle their love, or will old hurts kill the feelings that still linger in their hearts?

Melinda’s Review:

I purchased this book along with the entire series when I was at Romfest were I meet Sandy Sullivan and she singed all the copies for me.  I give this book a rating of 5 stars.  This was the last book in the series and was about Jamie the “baby” sister of Justin, Chase, and Cole.  Being the “baby” and the only girl you can imagine how over protective the boys were of their sister.   Especial when Jamie got pregnant at the age of 17 and her boyfriend skipped town when he found out. 

Jump ahead 9 years.  Sam, Jamie’s daughter, breaks her arm and ER Dr. is Wyatt.  Who Jamie hasn’t seen in 9 years the same night she told him she was pregnant, that she didn’t love him, and to leave.  Jamie and Wyatt decide to tell Sam the truth about Wyatt when big brother Chase opens his big mouth and does it for them.  Sam is on a mission to get them back together.  Jamie and Wyatt decide to try and give dating a try to see if they can make things work between them. Neither Jamie nor Wyatt wants to admit that they love the other one.  Wyatt is worried about Jamie she keeps getting headaches and passing out but will not go see the doctor.  Will they be able to admit their love and become a family before it is too late? 

I was not able to put this one down after I picked it up.  I loved Jamie from the beginning and Wyatt was awesome.  This book did hit close to home for me and I did cry, but it was a great book.

I read all 4 books in 4 days.  They were all great books and I enjoyed all of them. I enjoyed reading about all three brothers and Jamie. 

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