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Friday, August 9, 2013

Nicki Sosebee Book 2 - Dead by Jade C. Jamison

Dead (Nicki Sosebee, #2)

Nicki Sosebee's adventures continue...

Nicki’s love life might suck, but her sex life is great. The only way both could be spectacular would be if her best friend Sean would look at her as more than just a friend. Nicki knows she’s stuck in the friend zone, so she focuses her energies on her job. She’s becoming a better reporter every day, so when her editor asks her to interview a local politician, Nicki is thrilled. But when the politician’s secretary ends up dead, it’s anybody’s guess as to who did it. Nicki has a few ideas, though, and finds herself in deep trouble as she pokes her nose where she thinks it belongs.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart! This book contains explicit sex and naughty language. Proceed with caution...if you dare

Angie J's Review:

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

*pulls out Podium and coughs to get everyone's attention* I am proclaiming my love for this series and ESPECIALLY for hottie mechanic Sean   *leans inclose to whisper* but I am also falling in love with his best friend since middle school Jesse....Wha is a book slut like me to do???  AHHHHH!!!

Ok so this book is about Nicki still pining for Sean (and who can blame her!!!)  She is investigating a murder of a beeotch she knew from school named Sara.  While she is investigating the murder, she pushed a few buttons with a high ranking official and gets an invite to A BIG WIG EVENT.  She goes and is miserable but runs in to flirty best friend Jesse.  They share a scorching kiss and she stops thinking about Sean and starts ti obsesses about Jesse.  Jesse will NOT be one of her one night stands because *GASP* he is really into her!!! He is totally gonna take it slow with her which will make her obsess even more and drive her nuts!!!  This is why I am falling in love with him.  He knows Nicki and her patterns.  He is going to be a long term guy if it kills them both...that is his plan anyway in my book.

The other bulk of the novel is the murder plot, totally was blind sided by the who did it and even the why of it.  I was like "holy shit this is the murderer!!!"   Nicki also hangs with a HOTTIE OLDER MAN....She is very sexually free and not the least bit apologetic about it *hi 5's Nicki*  Get you some girl!!!  Plus she is also dealing with her Sean obsession and his new not very nice girlfriend AMBER *Sticks out my tongue at her*.

So peps all I have to say about the series is READ IT!!!  They are funny, sexy and had a great mystery plot!!  I am totally addicted and will not stop until I have finished this series.....

About the Author:

Jade C. Jamison was born and raised in Colorado and has decided she likes it enough to stay forever. Jade's day job is teaching Creative Writing, but teaching doesn't stop her from doing a little writing herself.

Unfortunately, there's no one genre that quite fits her writing. Her work has been labeled romance, erotica, suspense, and women's fiction, and the latter is probably the safest and closest description. But you'll see that her writing doesn't quite fit any of those genres.

You'll have to discover Jade's writing for yourself to decide if you like it


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