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Monday, August 26, 2013

Complete Boxed set of Vampire Coalition by J.S. Scott

The Vampire Coalition: The Complete Boxed Set

This complete boxed set of The Vampire Coalition includes:

Ethan's Mate: 
Ethan Hale is a vampire with a mission. Together with his three brothers and a few other unmated members, he fights with The Vampire Coalition to protect humans from fallen vampires. His life is fairly simple. If he has a problem...he solves it. If it's an evil problem...he kills it. But his
uncomplicated life is about to end when his mate unexpectedly calls him to her.

Brianna Cole is weak, her life force fading away. She thinks she is suffering from a rare form of leukemia. Little does she knows that her illness is much more complicated. She's dying because she has not united with her vampire mate and given him his soul that she has been guarding since birth.

Rory's Mate:
 Callie Marks never knew that when she had caught the bouquet at her best friend’s wedding…she would also meet her destiny in the same place. Rory Hale was the nicest, sweetest man she had ever met. He was also the most unattainable. Gorgeous, rich and smart, Rory would never be interested in her. He wouldn’t go for a plump, boring woman that was a chef and suffered from the rejections of her past. Who wanted a foundling that had never even known who her parents were? Little did she know…he was very interested. Unfortunately, he was also a vampire who was ruled by destiny in the mating department. His mate would not be his choice.

Rory Hale had liked Callie Marks since he had met her at his brother’s wedding. Although he couldn’t feel desire for anyone except his true mate, he and Callie had a connection. They became cautious friends and he wished he could offer her more. Underneath his confident exterior, Rory had his own insecurities, but Callie seemed to think he was special.

Nathan's Mate:
 Jewelry maker Sasha Taylor is from an old and aristocratic line of mages and expected to mate with a mage of the same background to secure a continuing pure line of little magic children. She would probably have complied with the old mage tradition had she not had one tiny problem with the plan. She had the mark of the vampire that she had hidden for years and was slotted to be a mate to one of the savage species of blood drinkers. Mage and vampires did not mix…so she kept the secret to herself and avoided a mating until she meets her mate, Nathan Hale…a vampire that saves her life. Nathan squashes every myth she has ever heard about vampires and she soon finds herself drawn to the very vampire she had fought so hard to avoid.

Liam's Mate:
 Liam Hale is a vampire healer with secrets, secrets that he has kept hidden for hundreds of years from his brothers for their own protection. He's resigned to his lot in life, to work only for the benefit of his people...until he meets mage healer Regan Taylor. Regan makes Liam want more, much more than a lonely vampire healer can ever possess.

Daric's Mate:
 Prince Daric Carvillius is the twelve hundred year old Prince of the Vampire Healers, the most powerful being on earth, and very accustomed to getting his own way in every situation. When one of his healers, Liam, finds his mate after an entire millennium had passed without one healer mating, Daric is hopeful that the Carvillius Curse is finally broken; the results of a mistake he made a thousand years ago finally righted, allowing healers to find their mates. The only vampire healer he doesn’t want to see mated is himself, positive that the last thing he wants is a female he has to protect in addition to babysitting his unruly lot of vampire healers. But Daric has a destiny to fulfill, and his fate crashes into his life, literally, one snowy night in Colorado when he rescues a female human, Hannah Temple, from a blizzard.

Note: This book is not intended for YA readers. The book contains graphic language, explicit sex and other material not suitable for YA readers. As noted above, this is an erotic romance.

Melinda’s Review:
I bought this box set on the recommendation of a friend.  All the stories are short but good.  A little back ground, vampires are born and always male.  Their mate is human and born with her sole combined with the vampire’s soul.  She has to call out to her mate before their 30th birthday or they would die.   Once the vampire found his mate his soul would be returned to him during the mating ceremony.   

Ethan’s Mate:  Ethan has such a short time to get Brianna to understand who she is.  He doesn’t have the time like most vampires do to woo their mates.  Ethan needs to get her strong so that she can survive the mating ceremony.  I love seeing the other brothers giving Ethan a hard time.  Ethan cannot stand anyone touching or being around his mate and his brothers know it.  So they try to be around Brianna anytime they can.  It drives Ethan crazy.  

Rory’s Mate: Rory and Callie meet at Ethan and Brianna’s wedding.  Callie is Brianna’s best friend.  Callie has abandonment issues and Rory feels like he walks in his twin brothers shadow. Rory and Callie strike up a friend ship.  They see each other a few times when there are gatherings at Ethan and Brianna’s.  I love the friendship that develops between these two they both seem so shy with each other at first.  Until the day that Callie burns her hand and Rory touches her realizing she is his mate.  Rory is willing to give Callie anything she wants even though it is driving him crazy she hasn’t called to him yet. Here again the brother new it would drive Rory crazy to have them be around or touch Callie so they would hug or put an arm around her whenever they had the chance.  

            My favorite line:  “I want you, Callie. You’re my mate, and I want you. I always have. You’re everything to me now. I’ll never stop needing you, or loving you. You fill the emptiness inside of me. I fell like someone special because you love me.”

Nathan’s Mate: Nathan’s story is a little different than the other two brothers.  You see his mate is a mage and mage hated vampires.  His mate knew she was mated to a vampire but refused to call out to him.  Fate had other ideas.  Nathan stumbled upon fallen who were attacking a woman.  He kills the fallen and realizes the woman is a mage.   He takes her back to his house to try to help her that is when he sees his mark and he realizes this is his mate.  Nathan is persistent in pursuing Sasha.  She wakes up on rose pedals that when she gets out of bed turn into vases of roses covering the entire room.  I loved how protective he was of Sasha.  You get to meet Regan who is Sasha’s sister, a mage healer.  

Liam’s Mate: Liam is a vampire healer and Regan is Sasha’s sister, a mang healer.  Because Liam is a healer he cannot locate his mate like his brother’s, with a touch or hear his mate calling him. The only thing that will release the matting instincts of the vampire healer and his chosen mate is an intimate act.  A Healer has not found his mate in over a thousand years.  I like that they are friends first and their relationship is not rushed like Ethan’s.  However, Liam is reluctant to take Regan as a mate because of what she has been through.  I love that Regan has to convince him to either mate with her or reject her. We are introduced to Daric, Prince of the Vampire Healers.  I loved this book because you can see the love between the brothers.  None of them want to let each other down or burden them with their problems.  

Daric’s Mate: Daric finds his mate when she literally crashes into his front yard.  Hannah is the owner of a pizzeria in a small Colorado town.  Both Hannah and Daric have suffered great losses in the past.  Daric shows Hannah that she needs do what she wants to do be herself and not try to please everyone else.  Hannah shows Daric that he can be loved by others too.  These too had a lot of emotional baggage but it was fun to see how they loved and protected each other.  I love a book when everything comes full circle.  

Although these were short stories and the basis of each book was the same, they were all different and I enjoyed each one.  Each time I finished one of the books I thought that was my favorite, then I would start the next one and that was my favorite.  So to ask which my favorite was I don’t think I could chose.  I do think my favorite brother was Rory, but I liked Daric too.  Daric is awesome (you’ll understand the humor in that once you read Liam’s mate).  

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