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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Changes by Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga


The best things come in threes, especially were-creatures. That's the idea behind Changes, a collection of ménage romances from longtime writing partners Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga. Set in the South and West, these erotic romance novellas will get you ready to howl at the moon. In the bayous of Louisiana, a pair of male wolf shifters break down and think they're out of luck. Then they meet Lila, and know they've just had the luckiest break of their lives. In Colorado, wolf shifter Jason doesn't want to date one person, let alone two, especially when they're not packmates. The deserts of New Mexico find Jonah tracking wolves. When he catches one, he has no idea it's a fellow shifter, or that Jesus has the fierce and lovely Mariposa looking out for him. The Bear Facts takes us back to Colorado with werecat Neale finding werewolf Jeanette injured and needing help. Who else would Neale turn to but his bear lover, Zane? Finally, in Las Vegas, Tony and Adam search for their missing lover Vicki, who disappeared after a blow up fight. She may be gone, but she sure isn't forgotten. Travel with the shifters of Changes, and learn all about the power of three.

Melinda’s Review:

I purchased this book prior to going to the Author signing May 2013 in Missouri where both Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga signed my book.   I enjoyed these shifter ménage short stories.  These are quick fun Hot reads.  Ask me which is my favorite I would not be able to pick each one is different and great.  I give this book 4.5 star rating.

The first story Wolf Bayou is about three wolves Jud, Jeth and Lila.  Jud and Jeth’s truck gets a flat and they have to seek help when they find Lila.  Lila is having none of their sniffing around and ready to shoot them.  Little does she know they are ready to protect and fight for her anyway they can no matter how hard she tries to chase them off. I loved Lila’s grandpa, Pere Loupe, who was the king of hoodoo. The best lines came from him.  “Shee-it, Lila. It’d take two to keep up with you.”

Outfoxed the second story is about a fox, wolf, and coyote.   Rob and Lonnie set their friend Jason up on a blind date.  Lonnie sent Scott and Rob sent Rita for Jason’s blind date.  I love how protective Rita is over her boys when she thinks they could be in trouble. 

In the third story Desert Lobo when Mariposa has to save her mate Jesus from Jonah who trapped Jesus not realizing he was also a shifter.  Mariposa seduces Jonah then drugs him.  Jonah realizes they are shifters and has to be with them so he tracks them down.  Jesus realizes Jonah is their mate but convincing Mariposa is a whole different story.  I love how head strong Mariposa is and how protective she is of Jesus.  I love how playful Jesus is. 

Bear Facts is about a wolf, cat, and a bear.  Jeanette decided to leave the wolf pack because she couldn’t sand the macho pack assholes.  Neale, werecat, finds Jeanette when she falls and breaks her foot running in the woods.  Neale takes her to Zane, his bear lover, to help heal her.   You have to love the bears they can be so ferocious at times and then cuddly at other times. 

Ahora is the final story that involved Adam and Tony searching for their mate Vicki who when missing after a fight over of all things an empty jar of peanut butter.  When they find her she has no idea who or what she is she is living is a homeless shelter and is going by a different name.  They are on a mission to get her to remember who and what she is and more importantly that she is their mate.  I love her spunk and fire when she is Vicki and how she handles both boys.  It takes a strong woman to put up with those two guys.  

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